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Renji on BLEACH GreeCard!!why he didnot wearing scarf insted ichigo who wearing matching scarf with Rukia?ichiruki will always be OneTrueLove((o(^∇^)o))(*≧∀≦*)(/≧◇≦\)

I didn’t notice it before but you’re right, they do have matchy scarves!! :O

Renji didn’t manage to coordinate wardrobes because no one taught the 6th Squad how to use phones. 

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My daughter's birthday was yesterday and she would like some trivia on her fav tribe, angels. Thanks

Angels have shown up in the following 13 color combinations:


Happy Birthday!

How To Study and Take Notes

This is T., with some tips on studying and taking notes.

-Pens: A bunch of them, black for regular notes, information, and different colors for standouts, titles or subtitles.
-Paper: Any kind, lined paper, graph paper, blank paper, craft paper, whatever kind of paper you prefer.
-Post it notes: Page markers, page flags, sticky notes, memo pads.
-Pencils: Some people like to use pencils, for making graphics, drawings, or taking notes.

1. Have a plan.
Yes, I know that I said that have a planner is an opcional thing to have, because you can use a notebook, post it notes, or even a chalkboard for that. But you need to have a plan, so you know what to do and when to do it.
That way you are not stress about don’t know what you need to do, and your due day is next week or the next day.
I just a Bullet Journal, a simple Journal where I write my plan for the week, usually I write there every night, what I need to do the next day. On Sundays or the day, that they give me the assigment I write a simple plan, that then I transfered to my Bullet Journal.
2. Make some flash cards.
This one is an easy way to learn and study everywhere, because your flashcard don’t take so much space. You can carry them in your purse, backpack, even to the gym.
You can make them simple, or really colorfull. I used them more, when i have a vocabulary test.
3. Organize your notes.
You really need to hava your notes organized, folder, notebooks, binder, journals, theres a lot o thing you can use to have organized notes. Is better if you have a section or a notebook where you can write everything you need of that especific subject. If they are messy don’t worry, my notes are never pretty, just if I make them pretty later.
I see on some blogs, that they have just one notebook for summaries, thats a good option to, because ther you have in a small and colorful way all you need to know about that lesson, and you can use it for study and carry it everywhere, because I don’t think so that you like to carry a lot of notebooks and papers everywhere you study.
If you use a binder, is good if you have one section for the subject, and everyday organized everything. Because if you are like myself, I usually forgot about them, and later I lost half of the semester, and thats really bad. I’m trying to be more organized.
4.Color code:
Pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, color pencils, crayons, whatever you have to make information, keywords, or little notes to standout, use them. This help you to want to read your notes, to used them, because sometimes, you really don’t want to read all black boring notes.
I know a lot of stublyrs have really colorful notes, to be honest, their real notes, maybe can be boring and black, mine are, leater I make them really colorful and pretty, well if you consider pretty with a lot of black. I love my notes with black ink.
By the way, to the point, you can create your own color code, different color pens, for especific notes, different hiaghlighters for especific things.
The Basic are:
-Black: for notes.
-Red: for titles.
-Blue: for keywords, subtitles.
-Gree: for extra little notes.
-Yellow highlighter: for standout information.
5. Take notes.
I already told you about things you can use, but if you don’t use them, is not really worth it. Create your onw way to take notes, some persons like to write everything, then tod summaries, somes like to use Cornel Notes (I’m learning how to use them), them re-write them with extra information, some like min-maps (the look so pretty, even that I like drawing, and I want to be a graphic designer, I just can’t make them, they are so hard for me, please someone show me how), or take pictures, record your lectures. There are a lot of different ways, try them, and use the one that work the best for you.
6. Read.
One thing you need to do, is actually read your information or textbook, just don’t stare a it, for hours pretendng you are studying, that doesn’t work (believe me, I do it for the most part of my highschool years).
Read until you understand the information, if you don’t put a post-it there so you can ask later about that part or do a research. have a pencil, pencil or a highlighter with you when you are reading, so you can mark important information, that maybe it’s on a test, or later in your life you need it (I know, a lot of stuff we learn at high school, we don’t se them, until your older sister ask you “if theres not enough fresh water to drink, why they don’t use water from the ocean?” and you stare at her for an hour with a blank face, trying not to slap her… true story).
You have notes, handouts, textbooks, internet, pdf documents, to read, so actually read them.
7. A study aera.
Your bed, even that theres people who said is not a good idea, all my study I do it on my bed… and my desk is next to it. I’m lazy ok. A desk, living room, a coffee shop… ok whatever place you can have everything you need, ant you can feel confortable.
Even when I’m out on vacation or going to my grandparents’ ranch, I look for a place to study, where I can have some background music, and a table to put my stuff, even a the beach, I use a tote with my stuff, a confortable beach chair, a towels for my legs, and a parasol for the sun, (I’m really pale the palest one in my family, I need to cover my self from the sun, I know probably a look ridiculus, but they understand and they love me.)
8. Snacks, breaks and drinks.
Yes you can be 8 hour straight, but you at least need a 30 minutes break in between, or going insane. Drink water, tea, juice, hydrate yourself, more if is hot, is the worst thing in the world, you can go even 3 days without food (don’t do it), but not without water, you need your body need it, your brain need it.
Eat something, yeah probably a lot of people told you, to eat healthy, and it’s true, but, those days when you have test, finals, projects, papers, a lot of stuff to do, and probably you are sobbing and even maybe dying because you don’t do your work when they told you, you don’t want to waste some time on makeing some healthy food, so eat a pizza, pizza is good, pizza is heaven (I love pizza and tacos, real mexican street tacos), pizza is the best thing in the world, and someone is doing it for you.
9. Ask for help.
Yes, if there is something you don’t understand, or don’t know how to do it, ask for it, your classmates, are good because they can explane you everything on ther own simple words, but if you still don’t understand, ask your teacher, they are for helping us, like really, they like to help, is their job. Never doubt about asking them.
And probably you can do a study group, where everyone help everyone, because you don’t understand physics, but you are good at english, and another classmates is the worst at english, help eachother, but really study, and don’t end doing nothing and eating pizza (even when pizza is the best thing in the world)
10. Background music.
Some persons like realxing and classic music, I’m one of them, but theres times, when I put some realxing playslist, and I end up sleeping for like the whole day.
There’s people who like everything on silence, I personally can’t do it in that way, or I freak out (thanks anxiety for be with me when nobody else is… sarcasm), I need to have, music, a movie or a TV show, so i can concentrate.
If you like pop music, rock music, indie, alternative, country (i love those two) put on, not to loud, but put it on, you need for concentrating, if you thing is insanity to have, you are insane. there’s people who need it, and there’s people who doesn’t, so please, never be like “I DON’T WANT TO HAVE A SHOW ON, BUT IF I DON’T I CAN’T STUDY”, you have it because you need it.
Like myself, when I’m at school, and everything is really quite, I star feeling bad, so I crack a joke, or star singing in my mind, I need some noise so I can still feel alive.

So I hope all these help you, it help me when i was on my last year of high school (four years ago), and I hope it help me when I star University (maybe on the summer).
Have a nice day.
A lot of Love.
T. xxx