blue frills


Got bored, here’s a sailor inspired dress, I think it came out really cute!

- Also *** If anyone is selling Mermaid items for bells, please contact me! I can pay well. :) 

1/26/17 Update

MN4-2 1/26/17
340 Grams
Classic Old Frill
Blue Lace Satinette Cock
NPA 16 9 COF 1157
Metin X Nuray 5/28/16
Bred by Ramsey Ringncks

Ankhou 1/26/16
6 Months Old
244 Grams
Feral Pigeon
Blue Bar Cock
Estimated DOB 7/26/16

Picked up from Wildlife Rehab 8/23/16.
Ramsey Ringnecks Feral Ambassador.

RV1-2 1/26/17
7 Weeks Old
264 Grams
Classic Old Frill
Blue Lace Satinette
NPA 16 9 COF 1164
Richard X Victoria 12/8/17
Bred by Ramsey Ringnecks

2/12/17 Update

Nixon 2/12/17
1 Year Old
358 Grams
Clasic Old Frill
Blue Lace Satinette Cock
NPA 16 9 COF 1151
Metin X Nuray 2/12/16
Bred by Ramsey Ringnecks

PD1-1 2/12/17
5 Months Old
232 Grams
Classic Old Frill
Red Lace Satinette
NPA 16 9 COF 1161
Poorly Made Plush Toy X Darla 9/12/16
Bred by Ramsey Ringnecks

JB24-1 2/12/17
11 Weeks Old
128 Grams
Ringneck Dove
Blond Pied Hen
ADA 16 869
Jack-Jack X Bunni 11/27/16
Bred by Ramsey Ringnecks

MJ2-1 2/12/17
9 Weeks Old
149 Grams
Ringneck Dove
Ivory Cock ADA 16 870
Marcus X Josephine 12/11/16
Bred by Ramsey Ringnecks

RV2-1 2/12/17
2 Weeks Old
166 Grams
Classic Old Frill
Blue Lace Satinette
NPA 17 9 COF 1075
Richard X Victoria 1/29/17
Bred by Ramsey Ringnecks

The older of the two Luscerne babies unfortunately lost its fight today.  Rest in peace, little peep…


Alright. So, This is about  3 weeks of work/laziness, but I got it done! Fan Art for an Awesome Artist, kindaherny! The dud has inspired me to find my own art style, work harder at shading/coloring, and not be shamed for nsfw art. Also he’s super funny!

One the Right (the pink-ish one) is kindahernyart‘s Audrey, an adorable little Lizard. 

One the left (the blue frilled lizard) is my own Argonian, who at the moment is nameless. 

Also I Totaly support his change to make Audrey breast-less. Argonians are Lizards, they don’t need boobs. So Enjoy the Flat-chest-ness that is argonian beauty!

We got textless and transparent versions too.