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Injured Rabbit (Draco x Slytherin!Metamorphmagi!Reader)

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Request: Could you write a Draco x metamorphmagus!reader? The reader loves animals so when she finds a injured animal she brings it to the slytherin common room to show Draco and have him help her take care of it. I hope that’s not a lot😅  

The information on Metamorphmagi might be inaccurate oh well

Also this is trash heh bye

You were a metamorphmagi (like Tonks).  Not an animagi.  Metamorphagus skills were not acquired through a series of events like animagi, they are inherited.  You got yours from your mother.  You could transform into any animal (full form or just partial), change your hair color as you please, and you had a strong love and passion for almost any animal.  Oh right, you were also a Slytherin, and a proud one at that.

You didn’t exactly have any friends in Slytherin, though.  However, Draco Malfoy took an interest in your love for anything furry or scaley.  Whenever you snuck down to the forest to observe the animals, Draco would sometimes follow you and watch you with curiosity.  He thought he had always gotten away clean without you noticing him, but you had the ears of a hawk (sometimes literally), and would always hear him behind you no matter how far.  But you didn’t find it creepy, you were glad someone had taken an interest in your skills.  You were far too used to being called a ‘freak’ by other Slytherins.  Draco was fascinated by the way you cared for even the smallest critter.

One day as it was nearing curfew and you were walking past the forest to go back to the Slytherin common room, you heard the whimpers of what had to be a small animal of some sort.  You frantically searched behind some large trees and soon found a tiny snow-white rabbit, a bite mark with blood seeping out on its side.

You knew you didn’t have time to heal it then and there, or else you would get in major trouble for being out after curfew, even more by the forest.  You also knew there was no way you were going to leave the poor thing to die.  So you carefully picked it up, being careful not to harm it any further, and you rushed back down to the Slytherin common room, successfully not getting caught.  You uttered the password and quickly walked into the room.

Everyone else had retreated to their beds for the night.  All except for Draco, who was sitting on the couch and immediately looked up when he heard you enter.  “Y/N?” he said confused when he saw you rush to your bag by a table.

“No time, Draco, I need you to help me with something,” you muttered as you grabbed a pillow from a chair and set it on the table, gently laying the rabbit on it.

Draco was quickly by your side.  “A rabbit?” he said as he watched you lay it down.

“Yes, and as you can clearly see it’s hurt.  Get that fizzy blue potion from my bag,” you instructed.

Draco opened your bag and sifted through the potion bottles, and soon found the blue potion with bubbles fizzing around inside.  He handed it to you, and you opened the bottle and gently poured a small amount on the rabbit’s wound.  It began to calm down, and stopped wiggling and whining.  Next, you whipped out your wand and held it over the bite mark and muttered a quick healing spell for animals, the bite closing shut.

“Draco, there should be a tiny purple blanket in my bag, can you get that?”

He nodded and knelt down to go through your bag again, pulling out the purple blanket and handing it to you.

“Thank you,” you said and wrapped up the sleeping rabbit in it, picking it up and cradling it to your chest and walking over to sit on the sofa.  “Hey, Draco,” you began.

“Yes?” he replied and sat next to you on the sofa.

You stroked the rabbit’s ears.  “Why were you the only one down here when I got back?  Normally you’re one of the first people to go to the dorms.”

Draco blushed.  Like.  He.  blushed.  “Oh… uh…. I guess I just wanted to make sure you were safe…?”

“Aw, the Malfoy boy does have feelings after all.  Also, I know you follow me to the woods sometimes.”

His eyes widened.  “H-how do you know that?”

“Ears of a hawk.  Metaphorically and literally.”

“Well then…”

“Here, pet the rabbit,” you said out of nowhere and held the rabbit out to him.

Draco wasn’t really used to animals, but held out a hand and lightly pet the rabbit’s floppy ears.  “It’s very cute.”

“Very,” you answered.  “We’ll return it to its home tomorrow, in the meantime…. I’m really tired.”  You set the rabbit on the spot next to you and transformed into a black cat.

Draco jumped a little, forgetting you could do that.  “Y/N, what on Earth are you doing???”

You ‘meowed’ and padded onto his lap, curling up.  Draco didn’t really know what to do, so he pet your furry body as you batted at his arm with your tail.  You purred and eventually fell asleep, Draco still petting you.

In the morning, a lot of people were confused as to why there was a cat on Draco’s lap and a rabbit wrapped in a blanket next to him.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

Yoon Jisung Teacher AU

Righty ho, here we go~

• Your relationship with Mr. Yoon Jisung is a mixed bag let me tell you that,
• Jisung’s class is across the hall, and it just so happens that you and your class can see straight into his classes,
• Both of you are science teachers, Because blowing stuff up is cool and you have no idea how the maths or language teachers don’t get bored where they can’t burn things,
• Yeah, your school spares no expenses when it comes to fueling the pyromaniac in the teachers and kids,
• Growing up as a kid, science was your favorite subject,
• Purely because your teacher was a little bit crazy and that was what you needed in a role model,
• So you got all that student debt and rock up to school everyday like you’re 14 again,
• Jisung is lovely,
• To kids as well as the other teachers,
• Except that one history teacher because she’s scary,
• He’s one of those teachers that’ll stay after school to help his students with one problem but then they start chatting too much and wow, has it been 2 hours?
• His desk is next to yours in the science teachers’ office and omg he’s a chatterbox,
• “Jisung we both have a class in exactly 50 seconds please stop telling me about your run in with a spider last night,”
• Pupils have to remind him to check that experiment because it looks like it’ll explode any second,
• (You’d be heartbroken if he left but you think he has the job purely because the students love him),
• And this is where your problems start,
• Jisung is a brilliant teacher okay,
• And he loves practicals to pieces,
• A little too much?
• He seems to do practicals every other lesson,
• And this ain’t no relaxed practical either,
• None of that swabbing your cheek and putting it under a microscope,
• Nothing as easy as making electromagnets,
• Jisung only seems to do experiments if it offers some sort of danger of killing or at least injuring someone,
• You have to admit the excited shine in his eye is a little scary but also increasingly cute,
• And thinking that it’s cute is saying more about you than him really,
• Since your class is opposite his, you can see right inside and it’s very distracting,
• For you as well as your pupils really,
• I mean who can look away when the schools resident crazy scientist is stood on a table with his class and blue looking sparks fizzing like a fountain from an opposite table,
• It’s more common than not to watch your class scream, fall off their chairs, and gasp in surprise because it sounds like a gunshot has been set off next door,
• But you refuse to let him win this crazy scientist position,
• So you take things into your own hands, and in no time your class has pink flames and fire in water (a few tame examples),
• It becomes the highlight of your day to watch the class next door jump in surprise and your class giggles,
• Sometimes you catch eyes with Jisung and wiggle your eyebrows at him, as if in challenge, to ignore the butterflies in your stomach as he smiles and nods at you, acknowledging your move,
• And this is the part where you admit you have a huge classroom crush on the engaging and creative teacher next door,
• Because his smile sets off butterflies,
• And his laugh makes your heart feel full,
• Because he’s quirky and kind and always willing to help no matter how much it puts him out,
• Because he encourages you to persue the thing you love,
• Because he makes you love science like never before,
• The competition is honestly the most fun you’ve ever had at work,
• And you always overhear students talking about looking forward to your classes,
• The whole school knows about your mini competition, so you often see teacher on free periods just ‘going to stretch their legs’ down your corridor,
• Because who doesn’t want to see you and a few kids blow stuff up to see which has higher flames?
• Yeah, you and Jisung are as bad as each other,
• But it’s also great because the kids want to learn and their grades have never been so good,
• You’re packing your bag to go home when Mr. Yoon himself slides into your class, and you grin at him,
• It’s not an odd situation, the two of you normally pop into each others classes after school to talk over the curriculum, or to discuss a student, or walk to your cars together or ask how your day was,
• Throughout your unofficial competition, the two of you haven’t said a word about it, keeping it to glances and smiles and smirks, although you usually talk quite a bit,
• Because it’s unavoidable with Jisung,
• “Your experimental with the socks today was totally original, my whole class couldn’t take their eyes off you,”
• Jisung’s words make a wave of pride and joy and confidence ripple through you,
• “And you?”
• You mean it playfully, with a smile, but the next sentence from Jisung makes you nearly choke,
• “I can never take my eyes off you,”
• He’s blushing and you’re blushing and he’s SO E X T R A and you’re suffering 2nd hand embarrassment from his cringy one liner but it makes the butterflies in your stomach change to fireworks,
• “Well I’m glad it works both ways then,”
• The two of you stand there for a minute, eye to eye, all of the awkward embarrassment or playfulness disappearing in a matter of seconds,
• You take in his soft looking hair, slightly singed at the edges from yesterday; his delicate hands used to quickly mix chemicals then retreat before they reacted,
• And his eyes, so often filled with a joyous, curious, creative, passionate, wild look: now filled with an intensity that would, any other day, feel intimidating,
• And he leans over and kisses you,
• Simple as that,
• Except it’s not really that simple,
• Because the fireworks are now a new year’s show and your cheeks are warm and your head is fuzzy and his lips are soft and you can feel him smiling,
• You feel like someone just put francium with water in your heart because, damn, it’s reacting,
• (You’re a science teacher you’re aloud to make bad element similes),
• And then you’re just smiling at each other again like total dorks,
• And that is the beginning of the schools most infamous couple,
• You’re infamous because you often join classes to do massive practicals,
• You’ve had approximately 7 near death experiences since you started working together,
• But then Jisung’s had 12 so we can tell who gets a little t o o engaged,
• You share each others’ test subjects to discuss new experiment ideas,
• The competition does not end there,
• Oh no don’t worry about that,
• It gets BIGGER and BETTER,
• Oh boy, the students ship you just for the intense things you do now,
• Jisung creates a cloud in his classroom and it starts to rain?
• Your class almost floods the room with individual mini clouds.
• Jisung changes his massive fire green?
• Your class puts all of the Bunsen burners together to make a rainbow.
• And it really works because the grades are creeping up and everyone knows it’s a competition between the two classes,
• You and Jisung ride to work together and sing along to all the cheesy songs and memorise the periodic table song together,
• Low key start an unofficial science choir with science songs and meet ups after school on Thursday,
• PDA low-key at school, but with the joint experiments you manage to sneak your arms around each other;
• For safety of course, don’t want Mr. Yoon to burn his eyebrows off again.  . .
• But that doesn’t mean that you don’t sneak off at lunch,
• You’re on each others level, you understand when someone wants to rant about dark matter and understand each others goofy science jokes,
• “Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are Cu-Te ,”
• “Oh lord Jisung please stop this is only second period,”
• And jibberish like,
• “Hey baby, will a little more alcohol catalyze this reaction?”
• “Y/N, these are year 9’s, they understand that line, please,”
• “Jisung.  . . That wasn’t a pickup line that was just a question,”
• They’re really awful but you both giggle like goofs,
• So yup, great teachers, but even better together because the passion is overflowing

fantastikobskurials  asked:

re: crewt I'm new to fandom and lots of crewt I've read is v fluffy, which is great! but i just really want sth where newt gets close & personal with the wild, darker side of credence, and he's just so turned on. like, newt *loves* things that other people shit their pants at, he's nurturing but also mad as all shite - then along comes credence and newt's like 'omg my precious baby roll is also fucking terrifying this is hitting all of my kinks like wow'

GET THE BREAD AND KNIFE OUT BECAUSE THIS IS MY JAM AND I GONNA SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE. That is entirely my jam and jelly and marmalade man i GOT this. Ok so here is a drabble that only….LIGHTLY touches on that. And I may continue it. No promises. But here is a hint of “Credence has some DARKER urges going on and Newt is INTO IT”

Please note this was written mostly on the phone and is not proofread.


“You don’t have to hold back, you know.”

Credence’s hand pauses mid-grind, the pestle stopping against the unidentifiable blue and purple leaves that are halfway to a paste in the stone bowl. He tilts his head, frowning as he thinks the words over.

Newt had said them very casually, and with no prompting on Credence’s part. They hadn’t been talking for quite some time, both focused on the work of trying to make a cheering potion based on the billywig venom. Or more, Newt is working on the potion while Credence grinds, chops, and decants as he was directed to.

The pause continues with no further clues, and Credence looks up. Newt is bent at the knees and back so his face is level with the woodless fire, prodding at the base of it with his wand. His shirt is untucked and stained here and there with plant material, and the sleeves are pushed up carelessly so one is bunched around his bicep and the other is folded at the elbow.

This is all normal, along with the fact that Newt is behaving as if he didn’t just start a conversation in the middle. He often forgets that it helps if everyone around knows what the topic is.

Finally, after being sure that Newt wasn’t going to give any clues, Credence asks “I’m sorry?”

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writegowrite  asked:

An obikin prompt idea, since you asked! 🌸 How about their reactions or maybe winning/losing bets the first time Knight Skywalker beats Master Kenobi at lightsaber sparring? (I don't imagine he was likely able to do it as a Padawan.)

Thank you for the prompt, it’s a very good one! I’ll try to do it justice ❤ (P.S. sorry this was so late, I’ve been out all day until like now lol)

They’d done this thousands of times. Always the same result. Anakin lost. Period the end. Sparring was one of Anakin’s favorite pastimes, and he excelled at it against practically everyone in the Temple, except Obi-Wan it seemed. The older man was the expert on Form III in the Temple, everyone knew it, even Master Windu had sent praise his way. Despite the unsavory result, Anakin loved it. Sparring did more for his focus and emotions than meditation, and Obi-Wan was more than happy to oblige. But today, today was going to be different. Anakin could feel it. The Force sending whispers his way.

“Come now, Knight Skywalker. Are you sure you want to embarrass yourself yet again?” The older man smirked.

“I will beat you, Obi-Wan.”

“Do not whine about this when you lose, young one. I don’t want to hear it.” He quipped.

“It looks like your arrogance will be your downfall, old man.” Anakin teased in return, adding a sly smile for emphasis. Obi-Wan’s mouth well into a pout, feigning hurt.

“Well then.” His former Master gestured in front of him, ready to begin their session.

Both men thumbed their sabers, bringing up the hissing blades parallel to their bodies. They bowed, and Anakin made the first move. Anakin lunged towards Obi-Wan, bringing his blade down with a swoosh, only to be blocked by the older man. Typical, Anakin thought. Anakin swung his fizzing blue sword around his head, and spinning it in his hand as it made its way back in front of him. The Jedi began their usual routine. Falling into sync as they had done time and time again. Anakin’s aggressive Form V trying to exploit any opening and weakness in the older man’s defenses, but as usual, he could find none. Obi-Wan’s parries and counterattack impeccable, and could scarcely be broken through. They danced in circles around the vast chamber, easily groomed to each other’s preferences, ready for the next blow before it came. Obi-Wan’s Soresu perfectly capable of dismantling Anakin’s Djem So strikes. Frustrated, Anakin pushed off Obi-Wan and heaved in breaths, filling his lungs. His brows furrowed in concentration.

“Had enough already, dear one?” Kenobi mocked, raising and eyebrow.

“Quite the opposite, Master.” Anakin eyed the beads of sweat spilling down his Master’s fair skin. The perspiration pooling in the dip of the man’s collarbone. Anakin licked his lips, gaze retreating to the man’s face. “I’ve got you right where I want you.” He answered, a false confidence exuding from his lifting of both eyebrows.

Anakin closed his eyes, letting the Force swim through him, letting it wash over his conscious, and intertwine with the blood in his veins. Satisfied with the answer it provided, he gave a coy smile before he lifted his saber and stood in a Shien stance. He watched gleefully as the confusion flickered over Obi-Sean’s face, even if only for a second. Anakin jutted forward and bombarded the man with Ataru acrobatic combinations. Twist, strike, turn, strike, flip, strike. He’d never thrown these moves to Obi-Wan before, and he could feel the uneasy tension grow between them. Once Anakin could feel the weekend defense of his former Master, he reverted back to his Djem So attack style, and went after his Master with reckless abandon.

Unable to fend off the attacks, Obi-Wan faltered, and Anakin was inches away from his face. The azure blade hummed near his shoulder, and he craned away from it. Both men panted, eyes wide. Obi-Wan stared into the bluest eyes he’d ever seen. A controlled frenzy bouncing beneath their surface, fighting for release. It was in that moment that Obi-Wan saw the man Anakin had become. How the Wars had changed him, molded him into the leader he needed to be. Adaptable, the session having proved that, strong, and courageous.

“Well…” Obi-Wan whispered. He reached up and tucked a stray blonde lock behind Anakin’s ear. “Very well done, Anakin.” He grasped onto the younger man’s bicep for support. The solid muscle tensed underneath his grasp.

“Thank you, Master. I learned from the best, after all.” Anakin offered the man a smile, and pulled him upright, his touch lingering on Obi-Wan’s waist.

Obi-Wan’s cheeks flushed at the complement, and the fingers resting on his waist. He cleared his throat and averted his gaze to the floor. He stepped out of the newly appointed Knight’s grasp and sheathed his saber, clipping it back to his belt.

“How about we go to Dex’s? My treat.” He offered.

“I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.” Anakin smiled.

Cleansing and Energizing Bath

Fun and easy way to charge yourself if you’re a sea witch or strongly connect to water!

I use this whenever I feel wrung out and need a good long energy charging, it’s best to do this at the end of the day before bed or maybe before working a spell or something that requires a lot of energy. Almost all of the ingredients are replaceable for anything you think will work best for you, you can also add things you feel will work to make it more relaxing/powerful.

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Intruder Alert (S.Coups)

Originally posted by memesol-choi

Word Count: 2k

Summary: tmw a burglar turns out to be someone you know….

Requested by: A shy cloud! Thank you so much for asking, I hope you like this!

You were walking through dreamland when you heard the noise. The sweet tranquility that rang through every room in your apartment was disturbed as the loud clanging of pots falling onto linoleum ripped through the air. Your eyes popped open as you’re yanked into reality, your body jolting up in surprise.

You listened closely, staring up at your dark ceiling. In that timeframe, all you could hear was the white noise of the fan and you wonder if you had been imagining it. You’re about to roll over and sleep again when the sound of a bag being tossed to the ground caught your attention.

Someone was definitely inside your house.

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