blue fishy

okay but. something that bothers me in season six is this scene when the meta gets delta. 

from left to right we have (i’m guessing) eta, theta, sigma, gamma, delta, beta, and omega.

number one:  eta is. not looking so great wtf happened there?? is that just how eta appears or what

number two: where the fuck is iota

He’s not normally so clingy.

You suppress a groan as shift, his arm wrapping around your middle, fingers curving around your side and holding you in place. A strong leg is slung over your hips, pulling you just a little bit closer. His face is buried in your hair. You struggle for a few moments, attempting to turn slightly so you could face him, without waking him up.

After several long minutes you succeed. wiggling underneath his weight until your nose brushes against his. A hand crawls up, fingers brushing back the inky black hair that lingers before his eyes. Your index finger brushes against the bags under his eyes. Violet hues lingering above thin green veins.

He must have had a day.

Or night really, maybe a few nights, even an entire week isn’t out of the question. You can’t blame him. From the news, a lot of people in Gotham have been having a rough week due to Joker’s antics. You suppose that goes double, on account of being both Bruce Wayne and the Batman. When he’s not getting torn up by the public for being privileged and irresponsible, he’s getting ripped apart as the batman by Gotham’s criminals. 

Even the Batman deserves some affection.

You nuzzle your face into his neck, throwing an arm over his chest. You pepper kisses all along his jaw, lips sinking to his neck. Your heart swells, and you feel like no matter how tight you hold him, or how much you kiss him, you’d never be able to convey your adoration for him.

His eyes crack open, eyes stinging from lack of sleep. But that’s nothing new really, he’s done more with less. He feels the rather pleasant sensation all along his left shoulder. A corner of his mouth quirks up, teeth gleaming behind his slim red upper lip.  

He moves to shift his leg off of you, and the kisses stop almost immediately.

“It’s fine Bruce, go back to sleep.” Your voice is hushed, your face pressed into his neck, arms curling around him a bit tighter. 

“I’m bigger then you, I’m sure-”

“I like it like this Bruce.” You interject quickly, backing away slightly to glance up into his eyes. His fishy blue eyes lack a certain vitality, but they still sparkle as they take you in. A soft smile curling onto his lips.