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Prompt: Derek, master of tight black jeans and tight dark henley's, shows up to a pack meeting wear a soft blush pink sweater and light faded blue jeans and he just looks so soft Stiles wants to touch.

Stiles had learned a lot of things about Derek Hale, Beacon Hills’ very own grumpy werewolf with a dry wit and a heart of gold, over the years of knowing him.

For one, Derek Hale was a nerd behind the walls he had put up to protect himself – his feelings, his heart – after everything he had been through. He owned so many books, that they couldn’t even fit onto the many, many shelves he had put in the loft after he returned to the town the year before.

He had a movie collection that easily beat Stiles’ own, and he could talk for hours and hours about pretty much any historical event. Stiles knew from personal experience, had listened to him go on and on for a seemingly endless time, and he hadn’t been bored for a single second of it.

For another, Derek had incredible, although slightly boring, taste in music. Incredible because the music he did listen to was good and calming. Boring because there wasn’t a lot of variety, the same songs playing on repeat.

Stiles had only complained about it once (okay, maybe three times) but then he’d seen the relaxed expression on Derek’s face while the music filled the loft and he’d promptly stopped.

For a third, Derek had pictures of his family stored away somewhere. None of them were put up when the loft got redecorated, and no one in the pack had asked. Not even Cora.

For a fourth, Derek was a damn good cook and an even better baker. Stiles could eat his own weight in his cooking, probably more than.

For a fifth, Derek was as much of a big brother as he was a little brother. He could tease and annoy in his own way as much as he could protect and glare away anyone coming anywhere near the people he cared about.

For a sixth, Derek looked amazing in dark colors, and his typical tight black jeans and dark henley combo constantly made Stiles drool. Dark colors, Stiles had learned over the years, were Derek’s color. Stiles hadn’t seen him in any actual colors since that one blue shirt that was ruined in a fight all those years ago.

Stiles hadn’t even realized how much he had missed seeing Derek wearing colors. Not until Derek walked in through the door wearing a soft blush pink sweater that fit him perfectly and faded blue jeans that hugged his thighs in all the right places.

So really, he couldn’t be blamed for stopping mid sentence to turn and gape and stare.

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Whiskey and Rose Perfume

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Genre: Angst, fluff

Rating: PG

Characters: JayxYou

You were getting ready to go watch Jay perform at a club here in Hongdae. It had been awhile since he’d performed locally and you were as giddy as a young child. You hadn’t seen him perform in so long that you’d almost forgotten how he sounded live, so you were in no way going to pass up this rare opportunity. Jay always figured you didn’t want to see him live while he was in town because you had never brought it up in conversation with him, but the truth is, you wanted to surprise him. It was a secret that you were going so you didn’t tell anyone that could possibly be able to tell Jay. You liked surprising him and he absolutely loved when you surprised him. It seemed to make him happy, so why not?

You put on something simple: just a plain black tee and a pair of faded blue jeans with a messy bun to go along and a pair of old gray boots. He thought you looked your most beautiful when you didn’t dress up anyway, and truth be told, you didn’t want a bunch of drunk, horny guys hitting on you and trying to get laid while you were there to see your boyfriend.

You hurriedly got ready putting on a light pink eye shadow, one layer of black mascara, and a soft lip balm. Considering you had a little time to kill before you had to leave, you contemplated posting a photo on twitter or Instagram but decided against it not wanting to risk getting caught trying to surprise him.

You slipped out the door of your’s and Jay’s apartment while trying to put your boots on, making sure the door clicked so you knew it was securely locked.

You were already shaking with nerves as you pulled up to the club, smiling broadly and shaking your head in your hands trying to hopefully calm the violently fluttering butterflies within your stomach. You gave your cash to the cab driver and stepped out of the car.

Walking into the club, you handed your ticket to the bouncer outside and stepped inside the already crowded room. Of course the first thing you did was make your way over to the bar to order a drink because you knew that your nerves would control you for the rest of the night if you didn’t. Jay had already started performing with some others from AOMG, which was intentional. You didn’t want him to see you before the show. You wanted to enjoy the show and not have him worry about you while he was working.

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taehyung and jungkook look so great in faded blue jean jackets. my eyes are blinded by beauty.

They’re still not talking about it, not really. The locker room is neutral: don’t look. (Or rather, don’t get caught looking.)

Haus parties are not neutral. Not when Nursey wears a crop top and faded blue jeans with a thick leather belt. Not when Dex rolls the cuffs of his shirt up above his elbows. Not when they’ve started growing their playoff beards.

They dance together. It’s crowded and hot. The bass is low, bone-rattling. They think no one sees them in the crowd. Dex presses his fingers to Nursey’s hipbones and pulls him back against him. 

They’re of a height: Dex can hook his chin over Nursey’s shoulder as they grind.

“Upstairs?” he asks.

They’re pressed so close together Dex feels Nursey shiver. “Yeah.”

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2 Poor Kids

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Summary: Song fic with “2 Poor Kids”

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1414

A/N: Tried a new thing with this….

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I don’t want no time on the big screen.

I’m okay with me and my ripped jeans and you, and you.

Messy hair, that’s what he likes on me.

I don’t care as long as we’re happy and free

To be just you and me, and free to be just you and me.

I never wanted my name in lights. Never wanted more recognition than I deserved. I was okay with my blue jeans and faded t shirt. Okay with the fact that I couldn’t afford all this fancy clothes and shoes. None of that bothered me very much.

I had the chance to live my life besides Steve - whom I loved -  and honestly…? That’s more than I could ever ask for.

They think it’s a shame

That the world will never know our names,

But I think that’s okay,

‘Cause love gets ruined by money and power and fame,

Everyone kept saying how lucky I was to be dating captain america. But in all honesty I could care less what Steve’s title was. Captain America. A police officer. A school teacher. A businessman. It didn’t matter to me. Steve was just Steve Rogers to me. Captain America didn’t matter when it was just me and him. It was always Steve and Y/N. Nothing else was needed. All that mattered was me and him.  

And we’re just 2 poor kids from a really rich city.

My oh my, what a pity.

'Cause we’ve got a love story unlike the rest,

No fancy suit and no fancy dress.

Just us, just us, just love, just love

Just us, just us, just love, just love

“I hope you like it… I … We wouldn’t be able to afford much more and -”

I leaned upward and kissed Steve lightly before resting my hands on his chest his a smile, “Steve I don’t care what it looks like. It could literally be the inside of cardboard box and I’d still be happy living here with you.”

Steve chuckled lightly and opened the door to the apartment letting me walk ahead of him inside.

I moved into the apartment, silently walking around it before stopping in the center of the living room.

“Well…?” Steve stood in front of me shuffling his feet anxiously waiting for my answer.

I threw my arms around Steve and laughed, ‘I love it!”

Steve chuckled softly spinning me around in his arms before gently setting me down.

“I’m glad doll. I’m so happy that we’re doing this. Finally getting our own little place and settling down.”

I grinned and nodded wrapping my arms around Steve’s neck loosely and smiling, “There’s no one else I’d rather be doing this with.”

Steve smiled and brought his lips down to meet mine muttering, “I love you.”


He picks her up in a Benz but

my lover comes by himself and a dozen roses,

He probably stole 'em.

He’s got a smudge of mud on his eye

Here to make me break into smile,

'cause he drives them mad, oh, he drives

them mad

Steve didn’t have to try very hard to make me smile. Simply being around him made me want to smile. The small things I got to do together with Steve brought me joy. Like right now.

Us just sitting under a tree together was the best part of my day. It didn’t matter how shitty the rest of my day was or what I would have to deal with when I got home. All that mattered right now was that I could have this moment of peace with Steve.

“You okay doll?”  Steve chuckled wrapping his arm around me and pulling me close.

I nodded and smiled up at him, “Yeah why?”

Steve shrugged gently, “You were just so quiet.”

I chuckled and nodded, “I was just thinking…”

“Penny for your thoughts then?”

I grinned slightly, “Thinking about us. Just… how nice it is to have someone like you in my life.”

Steve laughed softly and gave my arm a small squeeze, “I think about that all the time. I will never be sure of how I got you in my life and why you fell in love in me but I will never - not even for a moment - regret it.”

I smiled kissing him softly before pulling back and holding out my hand, “Pay up.”

“What…?” Steve looked at me confused.

I smirked and wiggled my fingers, “Penny for my thoughts. I gave you my thoughts now give me a penny.”

Steve sighed dramatically showing me his empty pockets, “You see… now I would… but I’ve got no money…. Will this do?”

I watched curiously as Steve pulled a small velvet box out of his pocket before widening my eyes in realization.

Steve helped me to my feet before getting down on one knee smiling at me, “Y/N Y/L/N, you make everyday of my life worth living. You make coming home from a rough day easy. You make my whole world the best I could ever ask for. You’re everything I could ever need. And though I know we don’t have much money… I want you to know I will do anything for you. You’re my whole world…

So would you do me the honors of becoming, Mrs. Y/N Rogers, my wife?”

I grinned extending my hand to Steve, “Yes! A million times yes!”

Steve chuckled sliding the ring onto my finger before standing up and pulling me into his arms kissing me, “God I love you.”

I chuckled wrapping my arms around his neck before giving him another soft kiss, “I love you too.”

Dollar signs all around us,

We sneak onto the city bus.

Too blinded by what we have

To notice your mean old laughs.

I pulled Steve under the awning outside one of little shops on the street to shield us from the rain, as we both laughed.

“Guess we picked a bad time to go out then…”

I smacked Steve’s chest playfully, “Shut up smart ass.”

Steve laughed pulling me to his chest and holding me close, “I’m kidding! It really isn’t that bad!”

I scoffed pouting, “Steve this super bad. We’re stuck in the rain! The rain! We’re going to get all wet and just… ugh.”

Steve smiled and pull away extending his hand, “May I?”

I sighed gently and gave Steve my hand allowing him to pull me back into the rain as we started to dance.

“You’re so cliche…”

Steve chuckled spinning me, “You love it. Just as much as you love me.”

I sighed but smiled looking up at Steve, “I do… I love you so much.”

Steve placed his hands on my waist and kissed me, before smiling, “I love you too doll.”

At this moment the people walking by didn’t matter. The cars driving down the other streets weren’t important. It was just me and Steve.

Just us, just us, just love, just love,

Just us, just us, just love, just love, love, love.

I sat on the big chair in the corner just silently taking everything in. Everyone who had ever told us we wouldn’t make it. Everyone who had ever told us we were too poor to make it out alone on our own. All of those people. Where were they now? Where were they now that we had finally proven that no matter how much money we had we could have done it?

“Hey babydoll. I was looking for you… I thought you left me.” Steve chuckled at his own joke coming over and wrapping his arms around my large frame.

I rolled my eyes and looked up at his big blue eyes, “That would be the day. Did you need me for something?”

Steve smiled and kissed the top of my head, “No i just wanted to see how my two favorite girls were doing.”

I smiled as Steve placed his hand on my stomach and started rubbing small circles into it.

“We’re both fine. I’m growing impatient but fine otherwise.”

Steve laughed softly looking at me, “Almost love. Not much longer till we get to hold her in our arms…”

I grinned and nodded, “She’s going to be a little princess.”

“Oh yeah… I still can’t believe this is all happening… it’s all so surreal…”

I kissed Steve lightly and nodded, “I know… But i’m glad we made it.”

Steve rested his forehead gently against mine, “I’m glad we made it together.”

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Red Goes West

Anyone who knew Ivy McKenna well enough knew that she had a tendency to get lost. Not simply in the wrong part of London, but also in the deeper places of her head when she let her mind wander off for too long, letting it go too far. And perhaps, that’s precisely what had happened today.

This had not been her scheduled day to work at the Auror Office, but just as she had been about to sit down to her morning coffee, the howler came through with a summons. Another raid, followed up with a prison outbreak. Situations like these were becoming all-too common, and Ivy was coming closer to admit her burnout. As the situation was emergent, she didn’t bother changing into her uniform; the grungy flannel and faded blue jeans would more than suffice for what would no doubt turn into a day of chasing Death Eaters around England.

She had gulped down her coffee, gratefully that she hadn’t loaded it down with sugar and creamer, before grabbing her satchel and heading into the old fireplace in her home. With a load sigh, she gave her black cat, Marlowe, a quick pat goodbye with the promise of some treats when she got home if he hadn’t torn up the curtains.

What she hadn’t been anticipating was to be overcome with a series of sneezes as she attempted to use the floo network. Half of the floo powder ended up getting all over her jeans, and she was so busy managing her sneezes that when she finally opened her eyes again, it took her several blinks to realize that she was not, in fact, at the Ministry of Magic.

The surroundings before her resembled that of a pub, or dare she say it, saloon. “Bugger.” She grumbled, pulling her satchel across her body self-consciously as several pairs of alarmed, unfamiliar eyes took in her sudden appearance.

when i think of the signs, i think of...

aries: matches, leather jackets, skater skirts, skulls, knives, red lipstick, roses, roller skating, standing up for their friends

taurus: warm coffee, cozy sweaters, bikes, greenhouses, marshes with cattails, binge-watching tv shows, dark indie chill music, calming others down, bringing world peace

gemini: circle sunglasses, jump ropes, vintage telephones, little sketchbooks, colorful mismatched socks, twinkling eyes, typing, running through meadows, chasing their dreams

cancer: light wash faded blue jeans, nintendo ds’, sea foam, white beaches with pastel skies, baking, delicate paintings, baby animals, cuddling, protecting, never letting go

leo: neutral eye makeup, iced coffee, the warmth of the sun on skin, open fields with little yellow wildflowers, gold jewelry, gothic architecture, red wine, theater curtains, giving life all they’ve got

virgo: clean linen, grids, succulents, art museums, organized notes, collared shirts, hand holding, haiku poems, making those around them feel safe

libra: heart shaped glasses, chokers, snow cones, mascara, dimples, charming smiles, fancy dinners, carnations, dancing, old movies, musical riffs, getting along with everyone

scorpio: smoke, doc martens, ouija boards, graveyards, powerful slam poetry, night swimming, sad songs, angel wings, the most beautiful and deeply felt emotions for the ones they love

sagittarius: amusement parks, forests, fog, beautiful mountain views, long and winding roads, laughter, hair flowing in the wind, vintage guitars, the 70s, exploring, spreading knowledge and awareness everywhere they go

capricorn: old books, heavy coats, pen and ink, the shade of trees, the deepest depths of the ocean, folk music, pianos, dark tea, sarcasm, ambition that gives life meaning

aquarius: ufos, pills, thunderstorms, neon signs, macbooks, holographic clothing, weed socks, graffiti, doodling, questions, passionately advocating social change 

pisces: stargazing, pink and purple colored skies, clouds, earbuds in with the volume loud enough to isolate themselves, watercolor paintings, fluttering eyelids, dreaming of a better world


Anon request: Stevie Nicks and Dave Grohl photographed by Danny Clinch.

Grohl arrives first, dressed in a long sleeve, blue and black plaid button-down with faded blue jeans and black Doc Martens. Nicks arrives a short while later, again in black, and retreats to freshen up before the photo shoot. When the shoot begins, there’s a palpable affection on display as they find themselves in the continued honeymoon phase of newfound friendship.” – Josh Baron, 2014.

I just like imagining Phil and Clint in college together, okay?

Phil has two bottles of Starbucks Frappuccino in one hand, and his umbrella in the other, and about forty pounds of textbooks on his back when he shoves his way through the small study room door. He’s not quiet about it, and a librarian walking past gives him a ‘please be more careful, sir.’ He ignores her, because he has an agenda, a goal, and three hours to meet that goal, and nothing standing in his way – except a body slumped over the faux wood table in front of him.

He stops short and stares.  

There is a set of broad, muscled shoulders in a tight-fitting red t-shirt with the sleeves torn off and a mess of dirty blond hair resting on tanned arms. Phil leans over and sees faded blue jeans leading to purple Converse crossed over each other on the floor. The guy is wiped out. He’s not snoring or anything, but his breathing is deep and even, and the papers he’s lying on have a tiny pool of drool on them in one spot. Phil moves closer and sets his drinks carefully on the table. He stares at the side of the guy’s tanned face, a deep tan to match the arms, and Phil wonders about the few scars crossing his cheek.

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**Grunge Fashion Aesthetic**