blue faded jeans

surround me (m)

◇ pairing: yoongi x reader
◇ genre: smut, fluff, comedy, best friends to lovers
◇ word count: 10k+
◇ summary: after a very unfair and unjust firing from his bartending job, yoongi just wants to soothe his sadness by spending some quality time with his best friend - who he is very much in love with.
warnings: surprise piercings. slightly drunken and unprotected sex. netflix and chill, so kind of but not really spoilers for stranger things and good morning call and OITNB. a lot of hand holding.

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Wow it’s been awhile. I’m so terribly sorry!! Hopefully this very long fic rec list will make up for it and you guys won’t all hate me :)))))

There are some AMAZING fics in here!

I’ve been thinking ‘bout it all day - LSFOREVER (7k)

Harry gets a job in Perrie and Louis’ potion shop.  He wasn’t planning on the huge crush he develops on his boss.

Ever Since - letsjustsee (10k) @letsjustsee

Or, a very fluffy AU where Louis finds a lost dog that he wishes he could keep –until he meets his owner, who he wishes he could keep more.

Now That It’s Over - lululawrence (8k) @lululawrence

or the one where Harry and Louis broke up two months ago, and Harry just might be sabotaging Louis’ dates.

Ain’t My Fault - afirethatcannotdie (6k) @afirethatcannotdie

Liam posts an ad on the wrong section of Craigslist, Louis is pretty sure they’re gonna get murdered as a result, and Harry’s missing an avocado.

Prom Promise - youbeyou (6k)

It’s two weeks to prom and Harry needs a date.

Penny For Your Thoughts - rainbowsandlove (Larry_trueluv) (9k) @rainbowsandlovehl

Louis wishes he could read minds, and to everyone’s surprise he gets it granted.

The Sweetest Incantation - smittenwithlouis (40k) @smittenwithlouis

Harry is a witch who’s still working on developing his powers and Louis is a werecat who falls into his life and turns it upside down.

More than a bet - larrysbitchx (13k)

Or the one where Louis makes a bet to date the art freak, Harry Styles, for a week and dump him. But what happens when he ends up falling hard for him?

Fool’s Gold - tvshows_addict (55k) @tvshows-addict

Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

I Always Get Lucky With You - phdmama (7k) @phd-mama

When Louis complains that he’s been single too long, Niall decides to help him out by signing him up for Gaydar, a “dating” app.  What happens when a great guy messages him?

Just remember, not everything you read on the internet is true.

In This Light - kiwikero (4k) @icanhazzalou

Harry gets a position on the school yearbook staff, which is fine until he falls in love with Louis Tomlinson through the lens of his camera.

I’ll Be There - allwaswell16 (5k) @allwaswell16

On Monday, Louis thinks Harry’s a twat. By Friday, he’s thinking of reasons for him to stay.

Summer Starlight - LadyLondonderry (3k) @londonfoginacup

Only of three things is Harry Styles certain of.  First, that this is his first summer in the large city and he must make the most of it.  Second, that his parents are pledging to have him married off to a wealthy benefactor by the end of the summer. Third, and this is the most important of all, Harry doesn’t particularly care for the notion.  In fact, he rather has his eye on a very different sort of prospect.

From Wrong to Right - SexyAssWoman (3k) @thesexyasswoman

The first date AU where everything goes wrong, to be just right.

Wanna Wake Up and See Your Face - dimpled_halo (2k) @dimpled-halo

Harry snores and Louis helps him find a remedy.

fake it ‘til you make it - tempolarriefics (13.9k) @tempolarriefix

the onee where Harry and Louis are seventh years at Hogwarts and while trying to make Liam jealous, fall in love along the way.

The Moments When My Good Times Start to Fade - paintsplatteredteardrops (23.8k)

Where Harry is a flower child who works in a bakery and Louis is a guitarist who has no idea what it is he wants.

Barefoot in Blue Jeans - idiaalphawhiskey (24k) @indiaalphawhiskey

Louis Tomlinson is trying desperately hard not to fall for his son’s au pair, but he can’t, for the life of him, remember why.

Little White Lies - xxSterre (13k) @goodmorningtoyouuniverse

The AU based of that one Craigslist post - how a little white lie takes on an enormous snowball effect, that might accidentally include a Tomlinson too.

Between Me and You - stylesforstiles (1k)

Louis wants to see more of him on Harry’s instagram account.

He comes up with a plan.

Shut Up and Wink at Me - kikiryslee (14k) @flamboyantommo

The one where Louis wants to go away to college to get away from everything having to do with his hometown.  So when he finds out his roommate will be Harry Styles, perfect school athelete and the exact opposite of what Louis wants in a roommate, he’s not happy about it.

And i know ive rec’ed this before but i just reread it for the first time in a long time and the writing still amazes me!! if you’re in the mood for a poetic like fic, DEFINITELY check this out (though it is quite angsty and check the tags)

The People He Touched - alwaysinmyheartlarry (34k)

or an au where louis loves painting, but hates the silence and harry giggles at seemingly nothing all the time.

I think that’s all folks!!

And as usual, you can find all of these fics and MORE (woahhhhh!!!) right here!!

Happy reading!! There are some great fics in there :)))

Movie night

Pairing; Park Jimin x Reader

Words; 3.2k

Genre; Angst (if you squint), PURE SMUT, Fluff (if you look real closely)

Summary; You and Jimin have been in a 6 month long relationship and the most you’ve done is make-out. During a movie night you deicde to push the boundaries but things don’t go as planned.

A/N; I’m still low-key sick so this isn’t perfect but I tried!

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I’ve been back a couple times since then. I didn’t look you up cause some trains you cant catch again, you gotta leave it as it was. But when you think Tim McGraw, I hope think my favorite song. The one we danced to all night long. The moon like a spot light on the lake. When you think happiness I hope you think that little black dress, the one you said you always like best. And my old faded blue jeans, when you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think me.
—  Original lyrics to Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Derek, master of tight black jeans and tight dark henley's, shows up to a pack meeting wear a soft blush pink sweater and light faded blue jeans and he just looks so soft Stiles wants to touch.

Stiles had learned a lot of things about Derek Hale, Beacon Hills’ very own grumpy werewolf with a dry wit and a heart of gold, over the years of knowing him.

For one, Derek Hale was a nerd behind the walls he had put up to protect himself – his feelings, his heart – after everything he had been through. He owned so many books, that they couldn’t even fit onto the many, many shelves he had put in the loft after he returned to the town the year before.

He had a movie collection that easily beat Stiles’ own, and he could talk for hours and hours about pretty much any historical event. Stiles knew from personal experience, had listened to him go on and on for a seemingly endless time, and he hadn’t been bored for a single second of it.

For another, Derek had incredible, although slightly boring, taste in music. Incredible because the music he did listen to was good and calming. Boring because there wasn’t a lot of variety, the same songs playing on repeat.

Stiles had only complained about it once (okay, maybe three times) but then he’d seen the relaxed expression on Derek’s face while the music filled the loft and he’d promptly stopped.

For a third, Derek had pictures of his family stored away somewhere. None of them were put up when the loft got redecorated, and no one in the pack had asked. Not even Cora.

For a fourth, Derek was a damn good cook and an even better baker. Stiles could eat his own weight in his cooking, probably more than.

For a fifth, Derek was as much of a big brother as he was a little brother. He could tease and annoy in his own way as much as he could protect and glare away anyone coming anywhere near the people he cared about.

For a sixth, Derek looked amazing in dark colors, and his typical tight black jeans and dark henley combo constantly made Stiles drool. Dark colors, Stiles had learned over the years, were Derek’s color. Stiles hadn’t seen him in any actual colors since that one blue shirt that was ruined in a fight all those years ago.

Stiles hadn’t even realized how much he had missed seeing Derek wearing colors. Not until Derek walked in through the door wearing a soft blush pink sweater that fit him perfectly and faded blue jeans that hugged his thighs in all the right places.

So really, he couldn’t be blamed for stopping mid sentence to turn and gape and stare.

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Whiskey and Rose Perfume

Originally posted by aomgwithkids

Genre: Angst, fluff

Rating: PG

Characters: JayxYou

You were getting ready to go watch Jay perform at a club here in Hongdae. It had been awhile since he’d performed locally and you were as giddy as a young child. You hadn’t seen him perform in so long that you’d almost forgotten how he sounded live, so you were in no way going to pass up this rare opportunity. Jay always figured you didn’t want to see him live while he was in town because you had never brought it up in conversation with him, but the truth is, you wanted to surprise him. It was a secret that you were going so you didn’t tell anyone that could possibly be able to tell Jay. You liked surprising him and he absolutely loved when you surprised him. It seemed to make him happy, so why not?

You put on something simple: just a plain black tee and a pair of faded blue jeans with a messy bun to go along and a pair of old gray boots. He thought you looked your most beautiful when you didn’t dress up anyway, and truth be told, you didn’t want a bunch of drunk, horny guys hitting on you and trying to get laid while you were there to see your boyfriend.

You hurriedly got ready putting on a light pink eye shadow, one layer of black mascara, and a soft lip balm. Considering you had a little time to kill before you had to leave, you contemplated posting a photo on twitter or Instagram but decided against it not wanting to risk getting caught trying to surprise him.

You slipped out the door of your’s and Jay’s apartment while trying to put your boots on, making sure the door clicked so you knew it was securely locked.

You were already shaking with nerves as you pulled up to the club, smiling broadly and shaking your head in your hands trying to hopefully calm the violently fluttering butterflies within your stomach. You gave your cash to the cab driver and stepped out of the car.

Walking into the club, you handed your ticket to the bouncer outside and stepped inside the already crowded room. Of course the first thing you did was make your way over to the bar to order a drink because you knew that your nerves would control you for the rest of the night if you didn’t. Jay had already started performing with some others from AOMG, which was intentional. You didn’t want him to see you before the show. You wanted to enjoy the show and not have him worry about you while he was working.

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It Suits You - Part 1 - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 19,043 (Whole Story); 6,498 (Part 1); 12,545 (Part 2)

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Toys, Oral (both receiving), multiple orgasms, bondage, riding, 69, doggy over a desk, shower sex, Dylan in a suit multiple times.

Notes: OK, since the mobile app is a little shit, I am breaking this into two parts. PLEASE READ BOTH IN CONJUNCTION WITH EACH OTHER. It was written and intended as one giant read. Sorry for the hassle y’all. Lemme know your thoughts!

Part 2

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Craig and Those Guys Headcanons

These are just random headcanons I thought of about Craig, Tweek, Jimmy, Clyde and Token. Enjoy my brain vomit!

*BTW they’re in ninth grade in these headcanon*

- Craig and those guys (Craig, Tweek, Token, Clyde and Jimmy) hang out just as much as the boys do

- even though Tweek and Craig are in a fake relationship Tweek has a crush on Craig and Craig does too but doesn’t know it yet

- Tweek has always known and excepted he was gay and has had a crush on Craig since “Tweek vs Craig”

- Token and Bebe both throw really good parties

- Clyde, Kenny and Butters are on the cheer team

- Clyde shaves

- Token is the mom friend, Clyde even calling him mommy or daddy from time to time

- Token pretends to hate it but secretly loves playing mom

- He gets way to into it sometimes

- they always have sleepovers together at mostly Token or Clyde’s place

- they all like to watch horror movies because Jimmy dubs over them and tells jokes the whole time and they all just end up laughing

- Tweek still clings to Craig and Token the whole time (usually snuggling up to Craig with token on his other side with a protective hand on his back like a true mom)

- Tweek still has his baby blanket “green” (dark green, knit wool and smells like coffee) that he always has stuffed into the bottom of his backpack

- Tweek brings his backpack literally everywhere he goes

- Craig and those guys are the only ones that know about green, which Tweek brings religiously to sleepovers (especially in scary movie night)

- Jimmy and Clyde are usually the ones to come up with stupid ideas which they drag the others into

- Craig’s hat is way to big for him and always slides down over his eyes

- Jimmy can beat everyone in the school at arm wrestling (giving​ his extreme​ upper body strength from using his crutches all the time)

- Jimmy trys to make people feel better by trying to make them laugh, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

- Token by going full mama bear, arm around the shoulder, full “what’s wrong honey?” “show me where they are!” “I’ll kick there asses!”

- Clyde sucks at making people feel better, never really knowing what to say and usually falling back to “that sucks,” or “that’s terrible” then going to find Token

- Craig lets the person vent while he sits in silence, letting out soft grunts or hums to show he’s still listening but will usually just stare at the ground

- Tweek is surprisingly very talkative with the other person, wanting to let them know that they’re not the only person that feels that way

- Tweek has a soft spot for stuffed animals

- he’ll give them all names, personalities and different voices and play with them like he’s 5

- Craig will play along with Tweek, thinking his huge imagination is almost cute at times

- Craig brings Stripe almost everywhere

- he brings a container of pellets and water, a little collapsible cage and a piece of that reptile fabric stuff for the bottom (which works surprisingly well) when he hangs out with friends (normally at sleepovers) but usually just holds Stripe

- Tweek was the only one who couldn’t hold Stripe (for fear of accidentally twitching and dropping him) but has worked up the courage to hold and feed him

- Tweek is short af

- shortest to tallest is Tweek, Clyde, Jimmy, Craig and Token

- Token is so done with everyone’s shenanigans

- he’s usually the peace keeper most of the time, though him and Clyde butt heads more then anyone

- Craig and those guys are a lot more lax then the boys, not as much bullying, but still some teasing

- when asked if they thought Tweek and Craig should date, Clyde replied with “arn’t they already?” Token with “Yah, they’re really bad at hiding that they want to.” and Jimmy with, “Y-yes. T-they will get n-n-n-nothing but su-su-support from us!”

- Tweek and Craig cuddle all the time, especially while watching horror movies

- it’s usually just Tweek curled up in a ball in Craig’s lap with green wrapped around him while Craig absent mindedly runs his hand through Tweek’s hair, or rubs his back

- the others used to tease them for it but ultamitly gave up when they didn’t care (and it stopped being funny)

- Jimmy does the morning announcements

- Clyde likes to pretend that Craig and those guys are his family and often daydreams about them all living together

- Token has OCD in the form of hating crumbs or spills or messes like that in general

- they have all grown up from 4th grade, with Token, Clyde and Craig realizing they acted like assholes back then and wanting to change

- Clyde has grown into a confident guy who’s really quite goofy, funny and charismatic at heart

- he’s also a total jock, being on the cheer, soccer and football teams at his school along with just random games of basketball among other things

- Clyde is still chubby tho, not fat but chubby

- Tweek usually wears black and green winter boots, tight black leggings, and an olive green pull-over hoodie that is infinitely too big for him (and maybe a brette or a bobby pin in his hair if it’s just him and the guys)

- Craig always wears his blue hat, only taking off to sleep and shower. Also wears a thin blue coat over a black t-shirt, baggy dark blue jeans and simple black and blue runners

- Jimmy wears a yellow long sleeved shirt, faded blue jeans and really tight black boots that help keep his ankles straightened

- Token still has his classic purple and yellow knit sweater (purple with a yellow T and yellow around the wrists and neck and bottom part (Idk what to call it lol)). Also usually wears black skinny jeans, purple, yellow and black Nike’s and a simple gold chain

- Clyde unusually sticks to his normal outfit of a red football blazer over a blue t-shirt, gray sweatpants and classic red Converse

- nobody even notices Jimmy’s studder anymore

- Clyde is kinda dumb, but he means well

- Jimmy is always with Timmy when he isn’t with the others

- Jimmy can walk on his hands

- their group is one of the more open and accepting one’s in school

Might post more in the future if I can think of anymore ;)


hey !! hope you don’t mind that i reply like this, it bugs me when the photos are not high-res.

honestly, if louis’ chosen music style leans toward that very 90s / 00s punk pop (that’s iconic and suits his voice so much), i would definitely style him to match. i mean, i probably would anyway because i can so see him looking like that. a lot of tartan, ripped jeans, statement t-shirts… honestly, variety would be my main goal. a style that’s recognisable, but also switches it up a bit. i like the windbreakers and baggy tees and sweatshirts, but sometimes i’d opt for a bomber. yes to cool sneakers, but also bringing in the classics: vans and dr martens. jeans everywhere. baggy, skinny, blue, black, faded… jeans jeans jeans. i wouldn’t completely stray from the road he seems to have taken, there’s no need for him to be all posh and proper, but i would want him to look iconic and unique while also showing off his body. 

i hope you like these !! xx

BTS Having a Chubby Girlfriend (4/7)

This one has a different format than the others, it has more of a plot to it, and its long.  I’d apologize but i really love J-Hope okay?

Genre: Fluff and Smut 

Rating: 18+ please and thank you!

J-Hope Having a Chubby Girlfriend 

Originally posted by meanyoongis

-Hobi doesn’t get enough love, so this one is gonna be pretty long friends. 

 -I hope you’re ready cuz I’m not, anything about J-hope makes me pretty goddamn emotional. 

 -But he is the light of our lives so we must stay strong for him.  

-stay strong for j-hope 2k17 



-alright, lets get down to business.  

-You and Hobi met when  you were an intern for Big Hit, working behind the scenes on marketing and advertising for their international fanbase. 

 -And Hobi was just so soft and sweet towards you, but you didn’t see it as anything different.

-To you it was just another boy being nice to you, and there was no way someone like him would take any romantic interest in someone like you.

-You are all hip and soft edges

 -You knew you were chubby and that was that.

-But one day, you found Hobi actively seeking you out to spend time with you. 

 -Late nights after his practice and you were still working on deadlines

-he’d bring you a coffee or milkshake, and try to make you laugh since you were so stressed out. 

 -You guys would order pizza, and watch youtube videos of cats doing stupid things during breaks in working

-and soon your breaks became longer in comparison to how much you’d actually get work done. 

 -and the nights he’d visit you became more often, starting from once or twice a week to nearly every night. 

 -he would get texts from the boys asking where he was, and he would ignore them, or tell him he was working on the new choreo. 

-And then he stopped lying to them and told them that he was spending time with you. 

 -and it made you happy inside that he was wanting to spend time with you, and actually telling the people he was closest to about it.  

-So you developed a crush, I mean who wouldn’t? 

-It’s J-Hope we’re talking about. 

-But again, you figured it wasn’t reciprocated.  You were fine with just being friends 

-And one night, someone took pictures of you two leaving the building together.

-And the internet exploded.  

-Some people were supportive of the rumor you two were together, 

-but most were livid.  

-People were harassing you, about your body, about how you looked in comparison to Hobi, how you weren’t good enough.

-you weren’t allowed to be seen with the boys til it all died down.

 -It was upsetting but you were able to work from home.  You’d lost your dignity but you hadn’t lost your job at least.  

-And you sit and eat ice cream and pizza and attend meetings via skype, and you have literally no contact with the J-Hope and you try to forget about him and your late night talks  

-Then, one night at like, 10:30, your doorbell rang.  And you were binging on Descendants of the Sun alone in your panda PJs that were just a little too small on your waist

-And you were positive that you didn’t order any food 

-But you were also sure that a murderer wouldn’t ring your bell to kill you

-So you open the door

 -And its fucking Hobi 

-Wearing a leather jacket, a white t-shirt, blue plaid, and faded jeans.  

-His hair’s all messed up and wet from the rain 

-Did I mention it was raining?  Well it is. 

 -And you have no idea what to say except “I’m in my fucking pjs Hobi”. 

-Because what are you supposed to say when J-Hope of BTS shows up at your door looking all hot and bothered at 10:30 at night.  

-And he smiles at you, and tells you he misses you-He can’t stop thinking about you

-That the boys told him to let it go at first

-But then Namjoon got reaaaaal tired of him moping around the dorm looking at pictures of you sadly on his phone 

-And finally told him to get his shit together and confess to you 

-So that they could have their sunshine back 

-Let’s be real sad J-Hope would be a real downer all the time 

-Sorry back to you and J-hope.  

-He told you he missed how you laughed, deep from your stomach with little snorts mixed in 

-he missed your hair, how it would frizz out after a couple of hours of working 

-he missed talking to you, and having you teach him english phrases.  

-He missed being able to see you, and your eyes, and your curves and everything about you everyday. 

 -He missed all of you and everything he loved about you.  

-And he didn’t care what people were saying.  

-Because he thought you were beautiful inside and out.  And that your relationship was about the two of you.  Not your size, not his size, not whether or not it felt right to the fans. 

-But about whether or not it felt right to the two of you.  

-And when he stopped, he just stared at you with those big doe eyes of his, and chewed his lip because he was so scared of your answer. 

-But you didn’t have one, so you just kissed him.  

-And his arms locked around your waist, and he molded his body against yours

-He pulled back and gave you the goofiest smile you’ve ever seen on him and said “really?”

-And you just smiled back and said “Really.”  and then kissed him again and again.  

-Next thing you knew, he had walked you backwards into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind him.  And you asked him if anyone saw him come in between kisses, because if they did you were for sure fired.  

-And he said “fuck that, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen”.  And pressed you against the wall, kissing you solidly. Licking your bottom lip, asking for permission to keep going.  

-And boy did you let him keep going.  

-You two were basically made for each other.  

-He fit so perfectly against you, and you fit so perfectly against him.  

-You two would make-out for a while, but stop just before you went all the way.  And then he lay his head in your lap and the two of you would just talk for a while.  

-And you’d lean down and kiss his forehead, and he’d sit up and pull you into him

-Things would heat up again,

-until, finally, Hobi asked if you wanted to go to your bedroom.  

-And you nodded shyly, and you took his hand and led the way. 

-He laid you softly on the bed, and took his clothes off.  

-You then remembered you were wearing your too small panda pjs, and flushed all over your body.  

-Hobi loves when you blush, and act shy, because it allows him to touch you and to tell you that you’re beautiful and that he’s falling for you, has been falling for you, and to never doubt the way he feels about you. 

-and you nod, and slowly undress for him.  

-and he is in awe, he can’t stop looking at you.  Your breasts, your stomach, your hips, your legs

-all things that you hated and felt self conscience about, suddenly feel beautiful and perfect. 

-you feel wanted.    

-Hobi wants you alright.  

-He shows you how much he wants you in every way possible. 

-He touches every part of your body with his lips and tongue.  

-And your body flushes again but not from embarrassment or shyness anymore.

-But from longing 

-Hobi takes his sweet fucking time.  With his hands, with his mouth, with everything except his cock.  

-But when he finally does, he goes so slow its almost unbearable.  

-He brings you to the edge and back over and over again until you are so sensitive and begging him to let you go 

-And he smiles down at you, pecks you all over your face and picks up the pace.

-You come undone like you never have before.  

-Hobi comes quickly after.  

-When you’re cleaned up, you wrap your arms around him, your head tucked into his shoulder, his lips in your hair.  

-You hear him say “I love you, y/n. We will figure this out.”  

-So you nod, warm, comfortable and safe, with all of your faith placed in this angel, this hope.  

-Your J-Hope.  


SPN FanFic

~ You stumble home drunk one night with plans for the younger Winchester, but your stomach, and his feelings, have other ideas…~

Reader x Sam (ish), Dean

2,581 Words

Warnings: Excessive drinking, Cussing, A Wee Bit O'Angst, Vomit, Fluffy Finish.

A/N: This is my entry for Ang’s 1K Celebration! @atc74​ Congrats Ang! My prompt was a line from one of my fave songs, “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger. It’s in bold.

It was late. Or possibly it was early. It really depended on how you looked at it and on which side of sleep you found yourself. All you knew as you walked up the hill towards the Bunker entrance was, the sun hadn’t come up yet so there was a good chance you would find your friend tucked into a big, dusty book in the library.

The bar had been a bust. You’d gone out in search of a few drinks and a strapping lad to spend the night with. The drinks you had definitely found, in large quantity, but the choices on the male front had been less that appealing. After the fourth not so nice guy had grabbed your ass on the dance floor, you’d given up and set off back home. For some reason you couldn’t get your key to fit into the lock on your car, so you decided that walking was a better idea. It was a long walk back and most of it uphill, but the air was fresh and warm and you were drifting in a cloud of drunken happiness, swinging your arms and dancing most of the way home in the dark.

You were still feeling a little frisky though, and thoughts of the younger Winchester blossomed in your tequila soaked mind about all the ways you could release some tension with him. OK, so you’d never done more than flirt with Sam, but he was hot, and you were hot, maybe tonight you could be hot together. Hell, it was worth a shot.

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Early October, Gotham City

Early October. Sunday morning.

It happens a few times a year, mostly in the summer and fall. He’ll send Clark out to patrol in his place and go to bed early so he can wake up in the morning, ready to go.

“You’ve taken in a baseball team,” Barry once commented, years ago. “I don’t know why you don’t take advantage of that.”

So he started to.

He doesn’t bother showering. He pulls on a pair of faded blue jeans and a t-shirt, and the black hoodie Damian had given him as a birthday gift that year.

“This is for days off, Father,” his son had ordered. “Do not take this undercover.”

Sometimes Bruce listens to his children.


Amongst the dozens of pairs of shoes in his closet, amidst the soft leather and suede, are a pair of old cleats. He grabs them and pulls them on,

“Good morning, Master Bruce,” Alfred says as he steps into the room. “Up already, I see.”

Bruce grins. “It’s baseball day.”

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The First Time {Chaorene}

So this is Part 2 of the mini-series @tacmc and I have started for Chaorene. You can find the index with the link to Part 1  HERE!

I feel like the title speaks for itself, but, uh, NSFW WARNING, just in case!

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Yrene stood outside his apartment door, second-guessing herself for the first time in the short month that she’d been seeing Chaol.

From that first night, he’d been all that was on her mind. She would find herself thinking about the curve of his lips or the way his fingers felt trailing along her skin while she was doing her clinicals. While she was walking to class, she would be thinking of the sparkle in his eyes as he laughed at one of her corny jokes. As she studied for her exams, all she could think of was the way he kissed her, how he held himself back, not wanting to push her too far, until she was ready. She could only think of his lips leaving her own, kissing a soft path, down her neck, lingering on the pulse point there. Only think of the soft growl from deep within his throat as he calmed himself.

With a midterm in two days, she knew that he would be holed up in his apartment studying, as she should also be doing, but couldn’t concentrate with him on her mind. So 45 minutes and a trip to the market down the street later, here she was.

With a hesitant hand, she reached up and lightly knocked on the door.

Chaol swung the door open without even looking through the peephole and his breath caught in his lungs.

Even with her hair piled on top of her head and in an oversized t-shirt, Yrene was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Her backpack was slung over her shoulder and she had a canvas grocery bag hanging from her arm. He took the bag from her and leaning down, gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Well, this is an unexpected surprise,” he said, as she stepped inside and he shut the door behind her.

“I thought maybe we could have dinner and study together.” She smiled up at him and he could feel his heart contract.

In only a few weeks, he had never felt this way about anyone. Whenever her name lit up his phone, he - a grown, adult male - got butterflies. When she sent him a random selfie (which he had received one every single day since the night they went to the street fair), he saved it, loving the fact that his camera roll was filling up with pictures of her. When he kissed her, the world was as it should be and he was where he belonged.

She set her backpack on the floor next to his, his notes and study materials spread out all over the kitchen table. He winced as she headed toward the kitchen. “Of course, we can study together, babe, but we don’t really have anything to make for dinner here. We can always order something.”

With his midterms quickly approaching for Criminal Justice and Dorian’s in Poli Sci, they’d mostly been subsisting on Chinese takeout, delivery pizza and beer the past few weeks. There’d been no time to go to the store, so aside from the go-to condiments that were in every fridge, there was an expired gallon of milk, a half-full carton of eggs and a few packets of string cheese.

Not even pausing to be appalled at the man-children that he and his best friend were, she waltzed into the kitchen and began unpacking the contents of the canvas bag into the fridge. “I know,” she said and he made his way into the kitchen.

Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, fresh chicken breasts, spices and seasonings, salad dressings; one by one, she pulled the items out and put them in their home. She looked up at him with a quirked eyebrow and shooed him back over toward the table. “Go study. I’ll cook dinner and then we can eat and take a study break.”

His heart was so full he thought it might beat right out of his chest. He smiled, pressing a soft kiss to her temple and murmured, “I love you.”

It wasn’t until he leaned back and saw the surprise in her gold-brown eyes that he realized what he had just said.

Chaol scrambled. “I don’t- What I meant to say is-.”

“I love you, too.”

The whispered response was so quiet, he wasn’t sure he had actually heard it.

“What did you say?” He asked, taking a small step closer to her.

Her eyes, lined with silver, bore into his own. “I said, I love you, too, Chaol Westfall.”

It was as if something snapped between them. Before he could stop himself, Chaol had gathered her in his arms and was kissing her as if his life depended on it. His hands knitted into her hair, cupping the back of her head as her lips devoured his own. His tongue danced along her bottom lip, and with a quiet moan, she granted him entrance.

Hoisting her up, he rested her on the counter and her legs wrapped around his waist. There was no space between them, no place they weren’t touching. Chaol decided that was how he wanted to be for the rest of his life.

He could feel how tight his pants were getting, how he was straining against his zipper. Yrene squirmed, rubbing against him and he fought the groan that tried to escape from low in his throat. He pulled away. Yrene’s usually golden-brown eyes were nearly wholly black, her pupils dilated like he’d never seen before; her lips kiss-swollen and red. “What are you doing?”

He tried to find the words, wanted to explain to her that he wanted nothing more than to worship her body the way she deserved, the way he’d wanted to since the moment he first saw her on her morning jog.

When only his ragged breath warmed her face, she asked, “Is Dorian home?”

He shook his head. Yrene’s cheeks were stained red and the delicate tips of her ears were pink. “He and Manon had a study group in the library.”

Without another word, she grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head.

Soft, cream-colored lace greeted Chaol. His tongue darted out of his mouth, wetting his lips.

“Yrene…” It came out in a gravelly whisper, and Yrene felt the tone on her core. “We don’t have to, not if you aren’t ready.”

She answered by removing her bra and letting it fall to her lap.

He’d never seen anything more beautiful than the sight of his girlfriend’s gorgeous body. There had been lingering touches and occasional rubs here and there, but it was better than he could’ve dreamed of.

Lifting a hesitant hand, he ran a thumb over her nipple and she arched into him. He kissed her as she began to whimper and moaned as he rolled the pebbled flesh between his thumb and finger.

Dropping his head, he took the other into his mouth and she moaned, her fingers diving into his short hair and nails scratching lightly. He groaned against her breast and bit lightly.

Her hand slipped between their bodies and cupped him through his faded blue jeans. Before he could pull away, her lithe fingers were working the button and pulling the zipper down.

He leaned back and looked into her eyes. “Bedroom?”

“Bedroom,” she agreed, breathlessly.

She moved to hop off the counter but he scooped her into his arms and tossed her over his shoulder. Her laughter filled the quaint two bedroom apartment he’d shared with his best friend since their freshman year of college. “Chaol!”

He headed straight to his room, pausing to scoop her shirt off the kitchen counter. Kicking the door shut behind him, he tossed Yrene onto his bed and pulled his shirt over his head before crawling on top of her.

He kissed her, deeply, lovingly, his tongue exploring and memorizing her mouth, that wicked mouth that he loved so much. She began to shimmy out of her shorts and he helped her, catching another glimpse of cream lace.

“I’ll need to see those later,” he growled, kissing a path down her body. She was completely bare to him and he relished in the feel of her skin on his. He sat up and looked her up and down.

“What?” She whispered, her voice lower than normal. “What are you looking at?”

He pressed a soft kiss in the valley between her breasts. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Heat flared on her skin and Yrene could feel the path it took, from her toes all the way up to her flushed face. She couldn’t wait anymore. Grabbing him by the waistband of his unzipped jeans, she pulled him forward, onto her, and freed him. She stroked his cock, spreading the pearl of wetness from the tip over his length as he buried his face in the side of her neck and groaned. He pressed open-mouthed kisses to her skin and bucked into her hand.

“Someone’s eager,” she cooed into his ear, and was rewarded with a growl before his lips were pressed against hers again, the need coursing through him causing him to kiss her more fiercely than ever before.

His hand danced down her side, gliding over the smooth planes of her stomach before it reached the light dusting of hair at the apex of her thighs.

“Open up for me,” he breathed against her lips, and she obliged him.

His fingers touched her, feather-light at first, sliding against the warm wetness of her entrance. He slipped one long finger inside of her. They both groaned; she from the feeling of him finally inside of her; he from the way she clenched around him, how tight she was for him. Moving slowly, he let her adjust to the feeling before carefully adding a second finger. Her arms wrapped around his back as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. She moaned quietly, a noise Chaol knew he’d never tire of. Pulling his fingers out, he circled one around her clit, oh, so slowly, and her hips bucked against his hand. She whimpered and whispered, “Chaol, please.”

That was all he needed. He kicked his jeans off and reached into his nightstand, grabbing a condom. He ripped the corner of the foil packet open with his teeth and was about to put it on when Yrene’s slim hands stopped him. “Let me,” she said, her eyes sparkling in the setting sun streaming through the window.

She took the condom from him and pumped him once, twice, three times. His head rolled back and a quiet “Fuck,” tumbled from his lips. He felt her slip the condom over the head and then a wet warmth was around him. He glanced down to see her mouth on him, slipping the condom on with her lips. He groaned and fought the urge to grip the back of her head and pump into her mouth.

Once he was covered from base to tip, she laid back on the bed and spread her legs for him, showing him the perfection that was her pussy. She was practically dripping for him.

Crawling over her, he positioned himself at her slit, rubbing the head over her entrance and her clit, causing her to squirm impatiently. “I love you,” he whispered, pressing into her, farther and farther into her wetness. “More than anyone has ever loved before.”

Soft gasps left her lips as he pushed inside of her. She couldn’t form a coherent thought as filled her up. And kept filling her up. She was sure she wouldn’t be able to take it all. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” was all she could say.

As he settled fully between her legs, pressed in to the hilt, he let a soft groan fall from his lips. She was so gods damned tight, but he fit inside her perfectly. It was as if he were made for her, and she for him.

Chaol pulled back and pressed into her again, eliciting a moan from her lips. He circled his hips and pushed back in, harder than he had and repeated he motion. Yrene’s soft cries turned into moans and whimpers and she hooked her legs around his waist. Her feet dug into his backside, urging him onward; harder; faster.

As he thrust into her, they stared into each other’s eyes. The love between the two was clear and no words were needed; their heavy breathing and the sound of slapping skin the only noises.

Chaol leaned down and took a pert nipple between his teeth, lightly tugging, causing her to cry out in pleasure. He felt her clench around his cock and sucked it into his mouth. She squeezed him even tighter and he moaned onto her breast.

Without warning, she pressed a hand to his chest and pushed him back. He leaned back in alarm. “Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?”

Without a word, sat up, rolled over and sat up on her knees. She glanced at him over her shoulder, tendrils of loose curls in her eyes that had fallen from her bun. The primal, male feeling that coursed through Chaol’s veins was so strong, he couldn’t have stopped the growl that ripped from his throat if he wanted to.

Gripping her hips, he pushed into her wetness roughly and as one, they moaned. The new position allowed him to fuck her harder, deeper. Yrene could feel every solid inch of him pulsing inside of her, and she knew it wasn’t going to take her long to finish at the rate he pounded into her. She felt his hand loosely grip her hair and she tipped her head back for him. He pressed kisses down the length of her spine and as he pumped into her, she felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge.

As if he could sense it, his other hand slipped between her thighs, rubbing the sensitive nub and causing her to cry out.

“I’m close, baby,” she whimpered, her arms quivering beneath her.

He responded with a gruff whisper. “Hold on for me, baby, I’m almost there.”

She could feel it, too. The way his thrusts were becoming more erratic; the way his hips snapped against her backside; how his fingers moved back to her hips and kneaded the soft flesh there.

He kept circling her clit and she couldn’t hold out much longer. The need to come was overwhelming and when he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me, babe,” she shattered. Crying out, she rode out her orgasm, pushing back against him, as she felt him twitch and spill himself into the condom.

Chaol had never cum so hard in his entire life. Not only had the sex been mind-blowing, but her pussy had milked him for all that he was worth. He collapsed next to her where she lay face down on the bed, panting, trying to catch his breath. He gathered her in his arms and pressed a kiss to her sweaty temple.

“Wow,” she whispered, eyes sparkling as she looked at him.

“Wow,” he repeated, smiling.

“I guess you don’t need that study break now,” she mused and he laughed, tightening his hold on her.

They laid there, carelessly kissing and sharing soft touches here and there until the front door opened and they heard Dorian say “Why is there a bra hanging from the silverware drawer?”

They didn’t even try to stifle their laughter.


Anon request: Stevie Nicks and Dave Grohl photographed by Danny Clinch.

Grohl arrives first, dressed in a long sleeve, blue and black plaid button-down with faded blue jeans and black Doc Martens. Nicks arrives a short while later, again in black, and retreats to freshen up before the photo shoot. When the shoot begins, there’s a palpable affection on display as they find themselves in the continued honeymoon phase of newfound friendship.” – Josh Baron, 2014.

Caught Up In You 5

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Stalking, Angst, Sass, Anxiety, potential life of death situations. I’m not really sure. But it’ll have cute fluffy pieces too.

Being famous isn’t always a piece of cake, sometimes you down right regret it. when a fan starts sending you frightening letters, claiming his love for you, and declaring you as his property when you’re about to start your Europe tour. Your manager and tour team start making calls to get you help. When a man shows up asking for the details of the stalker, things he’s sent, the letters, pictures.
The Kingsman agree to help you out, sending Eggsy and Merlin to your aid. When you and Eggsy start to get close, the media starts running a whirl wind of rumors. Sending your stalker on a new craze and Eggsy’s boss on a rampage. Will Eggsy keep you safe, or will you continue to regret your career choice??

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Pink is pretty

Peapod McHanzo Week - Day 3 - Laundry/Chores in General

1 | 2 | 3 

Or: damn red socks.

“Jesse, I love you dearly”.

These first words, announced in a stern and intense tone from the living room, had McCree stop with his hand on the door of the apartment he shared with Hanzo. Bags of groceries hung from his elbows, he was sweaty, and his very handsome, very flustered boyfriend was standing in his underwear in the middle of the cramped room, with dozens of books stacked on the walls and pillows scattered everywhere.

Not a bad thing in itself at all – both the love declaration and the vast expanse of half-naked Shimada staring at him doe-eyed and pouting. He blinked and smiled, a bit perplexed.

“Er – I love you too?”

“It’s important that you remember it. With all of my heart”.

“That’s awesome, darlin’, but would you mind me – ugh”, McCree bumped his hip against the door and slammed it shut. “I mean, the ice cream is gonna melt if I don’t put it in the freezer”, he said, lifting one of the bags.

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