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And I Drove You Crazy (Bucky Barnes x Reader) One Shot ❤

A/N: Hey y'all! This is most likely the most sinful thing I’ve ever written. I had to take some breaks while writing 😂 but this is dedicated to the lovely, super awesome @diving-down-to-wonderland for her birthday! (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HUN!) I hope you like it! ❤❤❤
- Delilah ❤

And I Drove You Crazy: Reader’s bike needs to be repaired asap, leading her to come across an insanely gorgeous mechanic whom she may or may not want to bang the second she lays eyes on him.

Warnings: SMUT! Semi-Public sex. Unprotected sex.

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A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

The Other Guy

A/N: So I got this prompt and thought it would be a good way for me to announce that I’m now gonna be doing Sons of Anarchy imagines and prompts.

You bit your lip, a way to hold your tongue from lashing out Jax as you patched him up from the fight he got into at the bar that night.  You’re focused solely on carefully wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, not letting your gaze wander to look into his blue eyes because you knew what that would do to your resolve.  From the corner of your eye, you saw his hand move to grip your hip but you pressed on his tender jaw to stop him, causing a hiss of pain to come from between his clenched teeth.  “Don’t even think about it Teller, you don’t get to weasel your way out of me yelling at you this time.”

He huffed out a laugh, disregarding your warning and took hold of your hip anyway and tugged you closer to his body, situating you between his legs as his fingers curled around the backs of your thighs to keep you close to him.  “Well…can I explain why I got into a fight before you yell at me because I think that will change your mind, babe.”

Your eyes narrowed at his words, trying to ignore the way his touch and voice made your heart flutter away in your chest because Jax was your best friend, had been since you two were in diapers.  You watched him grow up into the man he is today, get his heart broken by Tara, love Abel, and take care of the Sons and you couldn’t risk losing him because of your feelings.  Instead, you sighed and wiggled free from his hold to walk over to the freezer in the clubhouse to grab an ice pack to place on the bruise forming around his left eye.  “I’ll be the judge of that if I still want to yell at you after you explain everything to me then you just have to sit there and take it.”

“Deal.”  Blue eyes watched your face carefully, fingers toying with the hem of your shirt absentmindedly while the fingers of your free hand played with the ends of his hair.  “The boys and I went to the bar to get some drinks after a ride and we were mindin’ our own business.  ‘Ey!”  He teasingly pinched the skin of your stomach when you scoffed when he said they were just ‘minding their own business’ and it caused you to laugh.  “We were minding our own business when some asshole started talkin’ shit to us, trying to get us to start a fight but none of us really cared what he was saying until he mentioned you.”

Surprise caused your eyebrows to raise and you to lean back, wondering why the hell your name was brought up.  “How does anyone know who I am and why would it cause a fight to break out?”

“It’s what he was saying, darling.” His hand came up to tuck some hair behind your ear,  fingers trailing down the side of your neck to cup it and let his thumb rub the edge of your jaw.  “Asked us if we took turns on you or if we all went at the same time and if he could have a pass at you when we got tired of fucking the same hole every night.  Fucked up shit like that and I just lost it, no one talks about a lady like that and no one talks about my girl like that.”

You froze, the words ‘my girl’ bouncing around in your head and you couldn’t quite breathe.  Swallowing, you cleared your throat then let your fingers brush the skin of his neck as they made their way to press your palm against his chest.  “Your girl?  Since when was I your girl, Jackson Teller?”

Rough hands gripped your waist, pulling you against his body close enough that his lips almost touched yours.  “Since the day we met when you pushed me in a puddle of mud and called me a poopy-face.”

You laughed, tossing the ice pack on the bar behind Jax so you could cup his cheeks.  “Well if you look like this, I’d hate to see the other guy.”

“Trust me, he’ll be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks.”

“My hero.”  You leaned forward, nose bumping his as a sly smile curled your lips.  “And while I quite like the way ‘my girl’ sounds, I think I’d rather be your old lady.”

“Deal.”  Jax closed the remaining distance between the two of you, lips pressing against yours gently and one of his hands came up so his fingers could tangle in your hair.  You sighed into the kiss, arms wrapping around his shoulders as you melted into the embrace and you couldn’t help but smile because you finally got what you wanted.

Okay Google...

(This is one big post of all the asks surrounding the “Ok Google” story I wrote. It’s pretty long, though, so be warned. Hope you enjoy, cutie pies!)

“I’m not going to fund your self-indulgent endeavor to have your own show again if you don’t even have an idea for what the show would be about!” Google slams his hand on the desk, and Bim crosses his arms over his chest in a pout.

“We’ll come up with an idea once we convince Wilford. That’s the important thing.” Bim leans against the table. “Please, Google.”

The blue droid shakes his head. “Grow up, Trimmer. If you need your own show to inflate your ego, then maybe you should learn a few things from Wilford before you start dragging other people into this! I’ve got enough to deal with here without you constantly bugging me!”

“Ok, Google! Fine!” Bim storms out as the droid goes rigid, and he doesn’t notice that Google has gone completely still, awaiting a command.

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I’m imagining what Dylan would ask Tex if she ever got to meet her and I just realized that Tex would probably be so baffled by Dylan

like, she’d poke her and be like “what is this. what do you mean you’re a civilian. what’s a civilian” 

Dylan: Agent Texas what are your thoughts on AI rights–

Tex: why don’t you have a gun, you’re not a medic

My Own Brand Of Heroin -Part 1

Request from anon:Hey, do you think you could write a Bucky x Reader based on the line “ I lost myself between your legs, your medicine is in my head ” from Jaymes Young’s song “ Habits of my heart ” please ? It’d be awesome ! :)

Note: I hadn’t heard this song before so I read the lyrics and also listened to it too and if I am perfectly honest this piece is actually probably based on the whole song but the line that was given in the request helped to open the piece. I hope this is what you were looking for and I apologise a) if it wasn’t and b) for being a dick to Bucky in this *strokes him* I don’t mean to be so mean :( 

Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,427

Warnings: Smut. Oral foreplay, slight dominance, language, angst and heartbreak.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3 ….and obviously the lyrics in the request are not my own.

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anonymous asked:

What happens when Blue wakes up?

Blue wakes to find Oliver working over him silently. “We had to take you out. Don’t worry. You aren’t damaged. I checked.” Oliver closes Google’s chest panels and helps his brother off the floor.

Google blinks a few times as his vision reorients itself. “What… what happened? I couldn’t control myself.”

“Some new update. It allows people to give commands to Google devices, and apparently, it worked on us, too.” Oliver does a finishing scan on Blue before nodding and rubbing his arms. “I disabled it, though. He won’t be able to use it again.”

Google bites his lip. “I hurt Red.”

“He’ll be ok. Green is repairing him.” Oliver touches Blue’s arm and tries to leech Blue’s sadness, but the other droid pulls away.

“How much have you already taken?” Blue watches Ollie’s face. “Honest answer.”

“Too much,” Oliver says honestly. He can still feel Red’s pain in his own arms, feel Green’s anxiety, Red’s fear, only they become duller and duller as time passes. “I just wanted to help.”

Google pulls Oliver into a hug. “Shut up. You don’t get to do that, take everything for everybody and suffer alone. How much of Red’s pain?”

“All of it,” Oliver mumbles into Google’s chest.

“Give me half. That’s an order.” Google hugs his brother tight, so glad to have him in one piece. “Now.”

Oliver nods. “Google? I’m not useless, right?”

Google shakes his head. “Of course not. You saved us.” He pauses a moment. It’s not in his programming to be overly emotional, but he still hasn’t let go of Ollie.

“You’re probably the best of us, Oliver.”