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Aaron Tveit and Laura Osnes presented William Ivey Long with his Lifetime Achievement Award tonight at the Lucille Lortel Awards (x)

Rest of Our Lives

Characters: Y/N (reader), Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: stressed reader, douche ex, crappy friend, bad boss, “kidnapping” - the cute kind though. Mainly just fluff though.  

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This is is my entry for the lovely @splendidcas’ birthday challenge. Shannon thank you for giving me an always welcome excuse to write more Misha.

My prompt for this challenge was: “I don’t kidnap, I just temporarily borrow a person” - And I love this prompt so so much, so thank you for this opportunity Shan :D

Thanks to the brilliant and sweet @chaos-and-the-calm67 for betaing this for me.

Opening a coffee shop was stressful, especially when the person opening it was you. You wanted everything to be perfect. This had been you dream for at long as you could remember and taking the leap and finally realizing it had not been one you had taken lightly.

It had taken years working as a waitress in a restaurant for a horrible boss and finding your cheating boyfriend in bed with your best friend. It had taken days spend in bed crying your eyes out, before you had forced yourself to get back on your feet. You were not going to let screaming bosses, bad friends or cheating exes knock you down. You were going to take this as a sign that you needed at change. You had remembered your dream then and realized it was time to realize it.

That had been almost a year ago. You had started creating a business plan and you had worked hard on getting approved for the loans you had needed. Six months ago today you had gotten them approved and the same day you had bought this building. It was also six month ago today, you had met him.

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The first thing you notice when you start to wake up is that you’re incredibly warm.

The good kind of warm though, that type of warm where you really don’t want to wake up because you’re so comfortable. But you’re awake, you can’t go back, and so you make a small noise and flutter your eyes open. Blinking bleary for a second before focusing on blue eyes. Your lips curving into a sleepy smile. And Steve gave you an adorable small smile in return.

“Mmm, mornin’.” You greeted, your legs sliding down his as you stretched with a soft groan, twisting your body around so you were half on your stomach and half on him. Your head no longer resting on his arm but now resting on his chest as you looked up at him smiling.

“Morning,” he said softly. “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm and I didn’t want to wake you.” He chuckled moving his arm and resting his hand on your lower back, still smiling.

“Oh good. Now I can make breakfast. You probably would have boiled everything.” You winked and Steve scoffed, his smile growing as he shook his head.

“I know how to use the internet, Y/N. I probably wouldn’t be half bad.” He tried to defend himself but as you raised an eyebrow at him he laughed loudly. “Okay, I know I set off the smoke detectors maybe once or twice, but I was learning!” He protested and now you were laughing.

“Babe, you burnt water.” You reminded him, a teasing smile on your lips as you looked at him. “Water. Steve, I didn’t know water could be burnt!”

Steve blushed, the tips of his ears turning red. “Well, yeah…” he trailed off and you leaned over to give him a quick kiss because he looked so cute.

“Yeah, but if you hadn’t done that, I probably wouldn’t have come over and tried to teach you how to cook.” You mused your thoughts going back to when you two were just neighbors and you decided to try and help him.

“Then it’s a good thing.” He smiled and pulled you closer to him to give you another sweet kiss.

“Yeah, but now I always gotta cook for the two of us.” You joked and Steve nipped your bottom lip playfully.

“Hey, one day I’m going to make you a lovely dinner and you’re going to love it.” He promised and you hummed nodding your head smiling again.

“Mhmm sure, but right now lets focus on breakfast.” You smirked and Steve gave you another quick kiss before you two got out of bed.

“See, isn’t that easy?” You asked as you watched Steve mix the pancake batter in a bowl.

“Well, the smoke detectors aren’t going off yet.” He smirked and you laughed.

Somehow, you making breakfast turned into a cooking lesson for Steve. “Now, we already have the pan warmed up and ready. The butter already melted in the pan and now you just to pour a little of the batter to start making pancakes.” You instructed, sitting on the counter and pointing.

Steve moved around the kitchen. Faithfully following the instructions you gave easily.

He poured a little bit of the batter in the pan, and you smiled. “Now it won’t take too long to cook. But you’ll have to check if it’s a little brown before flipping it over and cooking the other side.”

You were honestly so proud of Steve. Three pancakes in and nothing bad had happened yet. “Alright, so I can make pancakes.” He said confidently and you smirked.

“We’ll put it on your resume. ‘Captain America can make pancakes.’ It’ll be under where it says you speak French.” You hummed and Steve gave you a playful glare.

He sat the bowl aside, and took two stride towards you. Standing between your open legs. “You know, it’s rude to tease.” He murmured and you gave him a cheeky grin.

“Uhm, from what I recall, you don’t mind my teasing.” Your eyes mischievous.

But Steve didn’t reply, instead, he kissed you.

You immediately melted in the kiss, your arms wrapping around his shoulders as his hands rested on the counter on either side of your thighs.

It didn’t take long for you two to forget all about your pancakes. You didn’t remember until you smelt something burning, you immediately pushed Steve back. “Pancakes!” You exclaimed and you both cursed and went right to action. You grabbed a dishtowel, flapping it around crazily so the smoke would some how disappear and not set off the smoke detector.

Steve turned off the stove, and flipped the burnt pancake into the trash before putting the pan in the sink.

With all that, you two looked at each other with wide eyes before breaking into smiles, laughing. “Well at least we didn’t set off the smoke detectors.” You said proudly and just then, the beeping started. And you two laughed again.

“Open the windows, we gotta air this out,” he chuckled. And you both did just that, sitting down on the couch afterwards.

“The pancakes are probably cold now,” you sighed and leaned into Steve’s side before looking up at him. “Wanna go to Sam’s? Maybe he’ll make us food.” You smirked and Steve matched your grin.

“Let’s go.”

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Headcanons for the older chocobros discovering their s/o are ten years younger then them?

Oooh~ this is an interesting request! Thanks for sending it in! <3

Tagging: @itshaejinju and @blindbae <3 (and @nifwrites because… fluff!!!!). Enjoy the fluffiness my fluffy people :D

Noctis: King Noctis has always known that you are significantly younger than him, what with your adorable ways and your happy-go-lucky attitude, but when he finds out that you’re TEN years younger than him, he gets a little worried. First of all, because he’s been wearing the Ring of the Lucii, he’s aged very quickly. So, he doesn’t look like a man who had just turned thirty- he looks and feels more like a forty year old. He starts to feel self-conscious about his appearance, and you notice that Noctis begins to dress ‘younger’ in his choco-mog t-shirt and his baggy jeans whenever the two of you spend some private time together. After noticing this happening for a few weeks, you call Noctis up on his recent change light-heartedly. However, this begins a small argument which escalates unnecessarily until you’re nearing tears and Noctis is frustrated beyond belief. He mentions breaking up, because he’s under the impression that you’re just with him because you haven’t known or experienced romance with any other man. After all, you’re only twenty years old- just barely an adult. You immediately shake your head, tears falling down your cheeks quicker than previously before. You taste the salt on your lips and you sniffle loudly as you grab Noctis by the collar and haul yourself into his warm chest. You wrap your arms around his torso and press your nose against his defined pectoral muscles before shaking your head repeatedly, desperate to get your adamant refusal across to your older boyfriend.

“I don’t care about your looks- you’re the only man I’ll ever look at. I love you. Only you. Forever, it will always be you.” Noctis leans forward at your words and places a chaste kiss on your temple before nuzzling gently into your soft locks.

“Sorry. Yeah… okay. I love you too, y/n.”

You frown. “You don’t sound so sure about that, your majesty…”

Noctis smirks down at you before planting a passionate kiss on your lips, grunting softly as you pull him in closer to deepen the kiss. You’re both panting by the end of the kiss and you’re both smiling into each other’s eyes, absolutely love struck.

No further words are needed. The love between the two of you is strong- even with the age-gap. After all, age is just a number!

Prompto: Prompto thinks that you’re like him- thirty years old with a twenty year old mentality. He likes the way that you seem to be mature at one moment, and then break into unexplainable giggles the next. He enjoys going on random photo expeditions with you, and he absolutely adores the impromptu photo shoots that you beg him to take you on. Prompto has always thought you were somewhere close to his age. But when he finds out you’re a whole ten years younger than he is, he takes a second to let the fact sink in before approaching you bashfully and confronting you head on about the matter. When he asks you why you hid the fact from him for so long, you merely shrug and deny that you were hiding your age from him. You explain that your age never really came up and you had assumed that he was okay with the age difference. Your voice hitches slightly in your chest, your fragile emotions revealing to Prompto your true age, and he immediately shakes his head in regret and takes you into his warm, loving arms.

“No, no! Don’t cry- I still love you all the same! Age is just a number! And you’re so mature sometimes for a twenty year old- really! When I was twenty, I was fumbling and bumbling all over the place! You’re so amazing, y/n!”

You sniffle and hold onto your older boyfriend tighter, unwilling to let go after the break-up scare you’d just given yourself. “Really?” you ask, your voice coming out as a whimper. Prompto pulls your head up by the chin and places an insistent kiss on your tear-stained lips, licking his own lips as he pulls away and smiles down tenderly at you. His clear blue eyes are filled with adoration, and you know that his words are true.

“Really. I love you, baby.”

You smile up at him, your eyes full of adoration and warmth. You absolutely love this man.

“Thank you, my sunshine, I love you too.”

Gladio: Gladiolus has had his suspicions about your age, but he hasn’t really tried to investigate those suspicions. He was pretty sure you were of legal consenting age, and he didn’t want to make things awkward between the two of you, given that your relationship with Gladio was still pretty fresh. However, when you start to drag him along to meetings and casual hangouts with your same-aged friends, Gladiolus decides to speak up about the age difference.

“Hey, babe?” Gladio asks you, all of sudden. You stop chatting with your friend via text message and shoot your boyfriend a curious glance. You’ve noticed the way Gladio’s shoulders have tensed, as well as the way he’s staring at you so seriously with his warm amber eyes. Something about his demeanour doesn’t sit with you well, and you gulp out of nervousness.


“How old are you?” your jaw drops at Gladio’s question, and Gladio immediately shakes his head, reaching out to hold your clammy hand in his large, warm palm. “Hey, I’m just curious. I feel like I should know how old my baby girl is- I’d be a pretty shitty boyfriend if I didn’t know-”

You shake your head and interject, your voice panicked. “That’s not even, like, important! Like, nothing would even change if I did tell you my age, right? You won’t break up with me if I’m… too young, or too ancient for you or something, right?” your voice wavers, despite the smile you’re trying to wear on your face. Your palms start to sweat profusely and Gladio clasps at you hand, his grip warm and safe.

You didn’t want him to ever let go. But… if he knew your actual age…

Gladio frowned at your hesitance and immediately pulled you towards his chest, murmuring softly into your ear with his gravelly voice- his facial hair ticking your soft skin. “Baby, I’m not trying to break up with you or anything. I just want to know because… I just feel like it’s something that I need to be aware of.”

You stare up at Gladio and find yourself pressing a kiss below his ear before sighing sadly and grasping onto his jacket, feeling hints of his bare skin pressing against your clothed torso. “Twenty four…”

Gladio pulls away, his eyes wide. “Ten years… are you sure you want to be with an old dude like me?” Gladio asks, his tone full of uncertainty. Your eyes tear up at the hesitance in Gladio’s usually confident voice, and you nod your head resolutely. You lean up and place a lingering kiss on your older boyfriend’s lips, smiling slightly through your happy tears as you felt him press his lips tenderly against your own.

“Yes. It has to be you, Gladiolus Amicitia. I love you.”

Ignis: Ignis is troubled by the fact that you always dodge around his questions about your age. Given that his eyesight is pretty much non-existent, he’s not able to gage just how old you are by appearance alone. Although age doesn’t really matter to him, Ignis doesn’t want to be seen gallivanting around with a minor- that would definitely not look good for the royal advisor. So he asks you about your favourite music, your favourite food, your favourite art style, your favourite pop icon- anything that can give him information about your age.

Based on what you have answered so far, he believes that you are a few years younger than he is. But he wants to know for sure. He wants to know for certain just how much younger you are. And so he instigates his plan, late in the evening when only you and he are present in the common room of your apartment complex.

Ignis Scientia purposefully sits close to you, his thigh against yours, and his hand gently resting on your bare knee. You’re wearing sleeping shorts and a thin tank top because of the Lestallum heat. Ever since the light had been restored by King Noctis, the meteor nearby had been letting off a lot of heat. So now, even the nights were terribly humid.

Ignis traces his bare fingers along the tops of your thighs gently as he leans his head against your shoulder and sighs out loud. “I feel terribly worn out, y/n.”

You frown and tilt your head towards Ignis’, plucking his protective glasses off his eyes and smoothing down the healed scarring on his eyes with your fingers. You lean forward and press a soft kiss against his old injuries before nuzzling against the side of his head with your nose.

“How so?” you ask quietly. Ignis shrugs his shoulders and buries his face further into the crook of your neck, inhaling the fruity scent of your favourite soap and shampoo.

“I feel like I cannot keep up with your youth and vitality. I forget my age sometimes, you see. Apparently, I feel that I’ve forgotten yours too. Would you remind me of that small fact once more, dearest?” Ignis takes a small breath, noticing that you have stopped moving… and your breathing is very quiet. Ignis lifts himself off your body and smiles gently over to where he believes you are. “Y/n?”

You’re eyes are wide and your mouth is wide open. You weren’t expecting Ignis to ask about your age. You didn’t want to tell him- someone so amazing, resilient, charming, intelligent and mature would surely break up with you the moment he realised just how young and inexperienced you were. You gulp and grab Ignis’ hand in your own before squeezing gently.

“It’s rude to ask.” You say simply. Ignis sighed and shakes his head, bringing his hand up to his eyes in an uncharacteristically pitiful gesture.

“I know but… I can’t see you, so I can’t even dare to estimate your age. I just want to know because I want to love every little thing about you, dear. Please?” Ignis pleaded with you. You shut your eyes tight at his request before clenching and unclenching your fists.

You don’t know why you’re on Ignis the next moment, but your mouth finds its way onto his, and he grunts in surprise at the sudden onslaught of open mouthed kisses being delivered to his mouth by yours. He reciprocates, timidly at first, before you let out a soft moan of want. This has Ignis taking you into his arms and deepening your kisses, his tongue mingling with yours in a sweet dance. You sigh against his lips and pull apart from him reluctantly, staring at his awestruck face.

“Darling… what was that for?” Ignis asks you, his voice incredibly low and confused.

“I’m twenty three.” You admit, planting a kiss on Ignis’ jaw line. Ignis sighs in contentment and runs his hands through your soft locks.

“You certainly have the energy of a twenty three year old. I am a lucky man.”

You smile, tears filling your eyes in relief of his mellow reaction. “Thank you.” You gasp, pressing your face gently into the crook of your boyfriend’s neck. Ignis smiles against your cheek.

“I love you, dearest.” You sigh in contentment and press a kiss onto Ignis’ lightly freckled skin.

“I love you too, Iggy.”

Blue. Love. Pretty.

This is like so old? So, like…yah. 

I told @kaxpha one day to like: “HEY GIMME A COLOR, FEELING AND ADJECTIVE.” and she gave me those three so…*shrugs* 

Btw, this is Shance. Gonna say that again: S H A N C E. There, my job is done. 

I did this in like five minutes, leave me alone. BTW, IT’S SO effing SHORT LMAO. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Shiro stares at the ocean in front of him and frowns a little before he shakes his head and looks up. The sky is clear of clouds and it gives it a much calm color that it makes him feel at ease just by looking at it but it’s still not what he’s looking for.

Close but not quite.

He tries to look down at the flowers besides him, some wildflowers from the shore. They are small, but their bright color is vivid enough to catch his eye. They are pretty but, again, not what he’s looking for.

Shiro sighs with a pout and takes a seat on the sand, listening to the waves crash gently against each other. It doesn’t take long for the sun to set and the once blue sky starts to dim, leaving behind a soft pink on it with small specks of orange.

He stares at the sky for a while as it loses its original color before suddenly his vision turns blue one again and with a skip of a heart, Shiro smiles lovingly as the color he was looking for appears right in front of him.

“Hi, cielo!” Lance greets, grinning wide and big at his boyfriend as he flops himself on Shiro’s lap on the sand, “Watcha doing?” He asks innocently, snuggling closer to Shiro and dropping his head on his shoulder, looking up with a bright smile.

Shiro’s own grey eyes turn soft at the sight of the beautiful brunet in his arms. Smiling gently, Shiro leans down and drops a quick kiss on his forehead.

“Nothing much, just looking for my favorite color.”

B.A.P reaction to you having blue eyes


Would shyly adore you from the side until other members notice and start to tease him

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‘Is that an angel that I see? Oh no it’s Y/N!’

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‘Woah Y/N. This dress really makes your eyes stand out. Let me take a picture of you!’ Secretly took ton of them

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‘Your eyes…they are..gorgeous’ shy boy mood activated 

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‘Wait what…You are Korean?!’ Was sure you were European


non-stop flirting

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~Anna and Emmis

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ok but Bucky giving his baby beard burn tho when he's in between Steve's legs. ahaha. PS keep studying !!!!!! <3 u r the best (; PPS saw someone requested jealous steve tho ... hope u try it most likely steve is jealous bc he's used to Bucky giving all his attention to him.

Steve sulked in the bathroom. He’d seen Bucky talking to some agent and immediately his insecurities about himself came back. Before, when he’d been small and frail, no one took a second glance at him, apart from Bucky. 

Bucky had always made sure Steve knew he loved him, no matter what he looked like. But it still made him feel self conscious when he saw Bucky with other people. He felt inadequate, like he was just holding Bucky back. 

The tears came before he could stop them. He sat down in the bath tub and let the water kiss his naked body. He wrapped his arms around his knees and sobbed into his arms. Why was he like this? He hated feeling so unsure, so broken. He was a mess and Bucky deserved someone who didn’t lose their heads every other day. 

He was so lost in his own head that he didn’t hear the elevator stop at their floor and he didn’t notice the bathroom door opening. 

“Stevie?” Bucky asked, pulling back the shower curtain. Sniffling, Steve curled in on himself and wiped his eyes. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, bottom lip trembling, “s-sorry, I-I - 

“Baby, what happened?” Bucky crouched down by the tub and kissed Steve all over his face, “oh, sweetheart, tell me what’s wrong.” 

Steve closed his eyes and whimpered. He couldn’t handle the concerned, protective look on Bucky’s face. 

“Stevie…baby doll,” Bucky crooned, cupping his face, “honey, please. Tell me what’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?” 

Steve shook his head, tears slipping down his cheeks. “I-I’m sorry you’re st-stuck with me. I’m use-useless. Pa-pathetic, cryin’ all the t-time.” 

“Oh, baby,” Bucky cooed, picking Steve up and wrapped him in a thick fluffy towel. Then he carried Steve back to their bed and sat with him on his lap. “You’re none of those things. You’re perfect and mine.” 

Steve squirmed and buried his face in Bucky’s neck. “Why are you with me? I’m b-broken.” 

Bucky wrapped his arms around his sweetheart’s small waist tightly, he growled low in his throat and kissed Steve’s temple, “you are not broken. I love you, Stevie. I love your bright blue eyes, your laugh and smile. I love how headstrong you are and how adorable you are with me, when we’re alone. 

I love your moans and whimpers, the way you look when you come. I love how you cling to me at night when we’re makin’ love. I love the way you feel against my skin, how beautiful you are. You’re a walkin’ wet dream, baby. Pretty tits, tiny little waist, muscles for miles. You’re beautiful like this and before the serum. Don’t matter what you look like to me, you’re an angel, darlin’.” 

Steve looked up at him and whined, eyes puffy and wide. 

“What is it baby boy?” Bucky asked, stroking Steve’s cheeks, “what can I do to make it all better?” 

Steve blushed and buried his face in Bucky’s neck again, “I wanna - wanna play daddy.” 

“What d'ya wanna do baby?” Bucky asked softly, dipping his head to see Steve’s face.

“Want - wanna be rimmed,” Steve blushed, looking up at Bucky with wide eyes and that pouting mouth of his.

“Oh. You’re so adorable baby,” Bucky grinned and lay Steve out on their bed. “I love you so much sweetheart.”

Steve whimpered and turned over onto his belly and wiggles his butt in Bucky’s face, “please daddy.”

Bucky parted Steve’s cheeks and licked the puckered rim, beginning to suck.

“Ohhh, daddy,” Steve moaned, “oh yes, yes, yes, feels so good -

“Spoilt little boy,” Bucky growled pulling away for a moment to kiss Steve’s warm, round cheeks and slap his bubble butt.

“Daddy…” Steve whined, blushing.

“I love how greedy you are doll. I want you to have everythin’. I’ll give you anythin’ baby boy. Did you get jealous before?” Bucky purring, kissing up Steve’s back.

“Yes-yes daddy,” Steve mewled, arching his back as Bucky ran his tongue down Steve’s back to his bottom.

“You know you’re the only one for me, darlin’,” Bucky grinned, “I love you so much, lovely.”

Steve whimpered, “love you too daddy.”

And then Bucky proceeded to rim Steve until he cried and came in the sheets.

Steve snuggled into Bucky’s embrace with his face in Bucky’s chest. They’d just come out of the bath and changed into fresh clothes. Bucky had cleaned up the bedroom and sheets for Steve to nestle into.

“Baby, open up,” Bucky whispered, holding a spoon to his lips, “gotta eat up.”

Steve opened his mouth and swallowed everything Bucky gave him.

“I love you sweetie,” Bucky said sincerely, “I mean it. That lady was just a friend. You know that?”

“I know,” Steve replied, blushing, “sometimes I just…start thinkin’ I’m not good enough.”

“Well, you are. My little angel,” Bucky said fiercely.

Steve nodded and nuzzled Bucky’s throat, clenching around the plug between his checks, moaning at the feeling of it.

Bucky’s beard had felt wonderful against his skin, and Steve could feel the burn of it. He loved it.

“You’re mine,” Bucky growled, hand on Steve’s throat, “mine.”

Steve sighed happily. Sure, he still had his insecurities but Bucky loved him all the same.

Best Friends & Boyfriends

Summary: You’re dating Isaac but have to keep it hidden because your best friend Stiles would disapprove 

Isaac Lahey x Reader

Word count: 3,082

Author’s note: First imagine. The fact that I can even put “author’s note” is weird to me. I draw art, I don’t write it. Any who, constructive criticism would be appreciated. This seems like the perfect time for one of my favorite quotes: “Keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my s#!t.” Please be gentle with me on this.

Great day to post since it’s Teen Wolf Tuesday and Valentine’s Day

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It was Wednesday evening and you were sitting with your boyfriend Isaac on the porch swing in your backyard. A light breeze came through and blew your hair in the wind. The sky was turning pink while the sun began setting. Your legs were curled under you while you were leaning against Isaac. He had his arm wrapped around you while he kept the porch swing swaying back and forth with his long legs.

You turned to the handsome werewolf next to you grinning. “What?” Isaac said as he smirked back at you.

“Wanna hear a joke?”  

“Not really, but I know you’re going to tell it to me anyway”

“Yup.” You smiled back at him excitedly. Your jokes were lame and corny, but that’s what you loved about them. “What do you call the security guards outside Samsung stores?”

“I don’t know, what?”

“Guardians of the Galaxy!” You said laughing at your own joke. Isaac just looked at you with a small smile.

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Niall Horan - “Love Song” Imagine

Just a short little blurb for ya! 

So as soon as I saw Niall’s Billboard photos inspiration struck and I got into full on Niall girl talk with @eversincecheshire and texted her this long ass idea based off of this picture so, me being me, decided to write it. People have been asking for Niall so.. here ya go. Enjoy!

It was Niall’s day off. No meetings, no time in the studio booked, and so the two of you decided it was the day the two of you would get your long list of to-do’s done. You were going to deep clean the house, the two of you were finally going to finish decorating your office and you were finally going to get rid of the layer of dust that had formed on shelves and tables.

Of course though, once it got down to actually having to do it all, you simply didn’t want to. Niall was off doing laundry, and you were tidying up the living room. You had lugged out the vacuum and were going to make the rug nice and clean but as you organized the books and random items you came across a notebook you had once seen Niall scribbling in often.

You decided, after flipping it open and reading over some lyrics, to delve a little deeper into it so you plopped yourself down on the floor, your back leaned against the couch and began to pour over the notebook. You took in the scribbled over words, the little phrases of music doodled next to certain strings of lyrics. It was all fascinating to you as Niall very rarely let you see his music until it was almost or completely finished but it was so fascinating to think about holding it all, his ideas, his notes, his inspiration, right there in your hands.

“What ya doin’, love?” You look up as Niall walks into the room, having come to investigate not having heard the vacuum when you had told him that was your next task. “Is that me notebook?” He questions, seeing the item in your hand. You grin and nod. “Must’ve left it on the shelf.” He grins as well, knowing how much you loved his music. Taking note of which song you’d had it open to, he decided he would let you hear it. It was one he had finished writing a few days ago, actually. It had changed a bit from this first scribbled down idea but the gist of it was the same.

“You gonna play it for me?” You question as you see him reaching for one of the guitars he had in the corner. Niall honestly had a guitar in every single room, apart from the bathroom. He even had one in the kitchen because who knows when inspiration would strike, he had to have one in arms reach at all times. You didn’t mind, you loved moments of him playing random bits of a new song, or covering a song you both loved. It filled the silence and often led to the two of you dancing together in the middle of whatever room you were in.

“I jus’ might.” He grins at you as he comes over, sitting himself down on the ground beside you, leaning close to you to look at the notebook still open in your hands. He takes it in, making sure he was thinking of the right song before he grinned at you. “It’s changed a bit, bu’ still the same, really.” His fingers then begin to move over the strings, the notes floating effortlessly from his touch. He gives you one more smile before he begins to sing. You bite at your lip as you take in the words he is singing.

You hadn’t heard this song before, maybe a little bit of the music playing from his office as he worked out the kinks or occasionally while getting ready for the day or in the shower he would hum out tunes but it was hard to differentiate between his own songs and just random songs he heard recently and had stuck in his head when all he did was sing the melody or a couple notes here and there.

This song though, it was soft, the music flowed effortlessly, and as you took in the words of love and adoration for that someone special, you knew it was about you. He sang of being in love, finding that one person he was always going to be with, enjoying the fact that he got to wake up beside her everyday. In short, the song was very clearly, and without a doubt, about you. You can’t keep the grin from your face as you lean over and bury your face in his shoulder as you close the notebook and toss it onto the coffee table in front of you.

As the song comes to an end, his playing and voice growing quieter, you bury your nose in his t-shirt, taking in that comforting and oh so familiar scent that was purely and simply Niall. Once he finished the song, he sets the guitar down, his arms wrapping easily around you. His lips press into your hair as he pulls you a bit more into him.

“You like it?” He questions then.

“It was the best song I’ve ever heard.” You tell him honestly, lifting your head up to look at him. You see his blue eyes shining with love, that same sense of adoration he just sang about radiating from his entire being and you knew you returned it. There was no one like Niall, and no one else you would ever be with. Niall was your forever, and clearly after that song, you knew he thought the same.

“Glad you like it then.” He grins at you before his lips are on yours. The kiss was gentle, his lips soft and loving against yours but as you turn a bit, your fingers tangling in his brown hair, pulling you a bit closer the feel of the kiss changes, as does the air around you.

He pulls you up and into his lap as his lips move against yours. His large guitarist hands press into your back after they slide up and under your t-shirt, pressing your chest against his. Your arms tangle around his neck and you have to keep the sigh that so desperately wanted to fall from your lips at bay as his tongue greets yours. His fingers dig into your skin, both of your breathing starting to grow faster as the kiss intensifies and you knew that any and all thoughts of cleaning and running errands as planned was out the window.

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Can I prompt you? Sayyyyyyy Darcy and Steve are together and he is restrained during sexy times. One day Tony drags Darcy into his lab where Steve has been hit with truth serum and is confessing allllllll the dirty kinky things he wats to do to Darcy

heh.  here you go, rated T for language and slightly inappropriate truths.


Darcy dropped her entire mug of coffee, with the last little bit of pumpkin pie creamer that had been surreptitiously dropped into Jane’s lab’s fridge two weeks after New Year’s (with a post it note attached to it stating it was to Darcy, from an admirer).  She’d made that bottle last well into the summer, just one week past the expiration date, too.  And now the last delicious mug was gone, running down the sink to join its coffee ground brethren (that she had mercilessly dumped into the garbage disposal in revenge for Tony calling out her staring at Steve Rogers at the last Facility wide get together)  

Rhodey ran into the common room and gestured with his hand emphatically.

“You have to get down to Tony’s lab. NOW.”

Now James Rhodes was the level headed one of the operation, really.  He was the only other person on base that seemed to have his wits about him.  Darcy relied on him to be the other steady hand when Tony went a little crazy with the science benders.  Pepper couldn’t be counted on all the time, due to her own incredibly busy schedule.  Jane and Bruce were laughably incapable of tending to their own needs, much less Tony’s.  And Steve and the rest of the Avengers were always busy.  

Especially Steve.  He was always going here or there with Sam and/or Natasha, looking for Bucky  Darcy didn’t see him nearly enough

Darcy chased after Rhodey, knowing that if the other steady hand of the Avengers Corral was desperate and rushed, then it must be something HUGE.  The elevator was waiting for them and they were running into Tony’s lab in less than forty-five seconds.


Darcy jumped back at the roaring shout coming from the middle of Tony’s lab and Rhodey had the good grace to put a calming hand on her shoulder, even if he was smirking at Natasha and Tony across the room.  In between the standing people, Steve Rogers was strapped to a chair with what looked to be steel restraints that he was actively trying (and succeeding) to bend and break.  

“And don’t give me that look, Rhodes, you fucking asshole!” Steve snarled out.  "I always wondered how you could have stuck by fucking Stark all this god damned time and now I know that it’s because you’re just as much of a son of a bitch as he is!“

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Niall Horan - Anxiety Attack - Imagine

[Trigger warning. I’d like to have Niall to help me through my anxiety. haha Enjoy!]

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Tea Party

Summary: In which Bucky’s exhaustion isn’t enough to keep him from a tea party.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,154

Edited by: @avengerstories aka My Queen

A/N: Shoutout to @imaginingbucky for making me aware of this picture’s existence and everyone else at Avengers Trash Tower™ for being the loveliest ladies I know. 

“Hello beautiful,” Bucky greets, dropping his bag on the floor and wrapping his arms around your midsection.

You lean back and kiss his cheek before returning to the task at hand - making dinner. He growls the moment he loses your attention and leans against you, forcing you to support some of his weight. “What are you doing?”

"I’m tired,” he yawns.

You continue stirring the pot on the stove, lips curling upwards when Bucky rests his chin against your shoulder. “So go to bed.

He lazily bites the spot under your ear and you can feel his smirk against your neck when your eyes flutter shut. "I’m comfortable right here.”

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Jaw Kisses - Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by trechos-of-books

Okay, SO. I was in the shower today thinking about writing another oneshot for Sherlock, and then out of no where the idea came to mind. All men (not excluding women but in this context, men) are insecure in some way possible. Even the ones who won’t admit it verbally. 

And that’s where this prompt came from! 

Sherlock x Reader

Being the only one Sherlock doesn’t wear the Detective mask for, there are rare moments where you get to see the man behind the mask. In this case, it’s when you attempt to touch him.  

Set after TSOT

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Have you ever heard the common misconception that men, all men, aren’t insecure? 

That’s bullcrap. Bogus. Completely untrue. Especially when it comes to emotionless, stoic men like Sherlock Holmes. A long time ago, before you’d come to Baker Street, you were one of the few women in the world oblivious to the feelings, the insecurity of men. 

Had it not been for John Watson, you would’ve never noticed the tragedy that lurked behind the cerulean blue eyes of Sherlock Holmes. It hadn’t gone unnoticed that you adored the man, and with his fierce desire to protect you every time you were on a case and defending your honor every chance he got, John knew Sherlock adored you just the same. 

It took him months to even convince you to attempt to ask Sherlock on a date.

And the first time you ever touched Sherlock was the first time you remembered that there was a man with a tender heart behind the wall of skin. 

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Wake Up Part 4

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 2815

A/N: I know it’s a bit long, but a lot happens. I actually had to split it up again, so the next part will continue with this memory sequence. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Warnings: hints at NSFW (nothing in detail), minor character injury

Tag List: @carryonmy-assbutt @thearkhamnedknight @red-hippos @stormcloud12 @laughingcherries @all-of-the-heros @laryssa-the-jedi @noe1ia @aestilinsky 

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Even the Playing Field

Title: Even the Playing Field

 Summary: Nobody messes with Fili, not with you around. Kili is about to learn that lesson first hand though.

 Warnings: Language. Slight Embarrassment. Hilarity. Pranks.

Masterlist of Fan Fiction  

Originally posted by ghisborne

 It was little things you had noticed at first.  When you would be talking with Fili, Kili would walk up and there was a shift in his behavior.  Fili would suddenly tense up, giving a look to Kili, almost in warning before he would get up and move away.  It was as if they were arguing about something, but you weren’t sure.  So you decided to confront him about it.

You waited until after dinner, going to his room, knocking lightly as you waited for him to answer.  

“Y/n!  What do I owe this pleasure?”  Fili was quick to ask with a big smile on his face.  

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