blue eyes toon dragon


I noticed something in Duel Links that gives me hope for Yugi as a playable character. Normally characters’ game sleeves/mats are simplistic, while ones for special events or conditions are more elaborate. Yugi’s fits the latter! :D


A lot of things that happen to the Blue-Eyes and its variants, especially early on across varying continuities, are kinda weird/shudder-inducing to think about–not only because of the Kisara reveal but because of how loyal the card became to Kaiba later. I guess he really had to earn the Blue-Eyes’ trust.


Here’s some cards characters can get at Levels 38 and 40! Pyramid of Light cards, anime-only cards, and support cards for their decks! I gotta get Joey to Level 38 so I can get Copycat–that card saved me in Nightmare Troubadour a ton! Yami Yugi gets Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Kaiba gets Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, Joey gets Copycat and Blue Flame Swordsman, Tea gets Dark Burning Attack, Yami Bakura gets Dark Ruler Ha Des, and Pegasus gets Mimicat and Toon Kingdom, and the other characters also get cool stuff but these were the most notable, I thought.


“At least my own dear dragon is a precious cutie, Kaiba-boy,…”

“It’s a just shitty imitation of the majestic Blue-Eyes…”

“… just like me.”

“I think it’s about time for me to leave.”

I only wanted to make a quick coloured sketch, because I had this short conversation in mind… It escalated and became some kind of royalty-styled portrait thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But it was a nice practice for lighting and contrasts, so I get that going for me. And I actually really like it.
I wish my English was good enough to write longer stories. But all I can do is drawing stuff :T

And during painting I noticed I adore Pegasus wearing black clothes. He is just marvelous.

Btw. requests are on the way, I hope I get some of them done the next days!