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Florence + The Machine

Florence + the Machine  |  Mother  |  How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

How I long for the autumn
The sun keeps burning deep
Every stone in this city keeps reminding me
Can you protect me from what I want?
The love I let in, it left me so lost 

Forgive me, Mother, for I have sinned – I have sped up and illegally uploaded this most beautiful of all songs ever written.

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How do you draw (and color) Yanya's eyes? (Sorry)

dont be sorry ! i love talking about yanya LMFAO

hes got some bottom lashes but i most dont draw them super distinctly from anyone elses…

w kitsunes their eye color is basically everywhere it’s Not on human eyes ;^> at least when i draw and design them..

It was with a warm hand on Castiel’s shoulder that Chuck watched his son die for the first time. Watched as the archangel shredded Cas under the weight and pull of angelic power. It was messy. It was callous.

Chuck wiped his blood-covered hands on his jeans, feeling the way the slick met rough—what was left of his son smeared on the denim.

Dean had come and gone and Chuck was left, sitting in the red-painted house, knowing that somewhere, his firstborn son was breaking free. Going to end the world.

Chuck sighed, grabbing a bottle of liquor from the counter and taking a deep swig. He could still see the glow in Castiel’s eyes. Not from grace, but from something perhaps more pure. Like a memory of the light once used to create the earth and all the creatures that inhabited it. The light that Chuck had given his creations straight from his own fingertips.

Cas, you beautiful idiot, he had thought as the room shook and he watched his son hold his ground, his last breaths rooted in a pearl of hope for the Earth. Hope placed in the small hands of two forgettable hunters fighting against the rising powers of hell.

The brave sacrifice of the brown-haired, blue eyed angel who died to save the world would likely never be told, but still, Chuck couldn’t help but think that it was the stuff that stories were made of.

It was quiet now, in the kitchen with the reminder of Cas, the man who’d ripped up the pages of destiny and spat in the face of fate. The man who’d scoured the earth in search for God with nothing but a second-hand pendant and a desire to protect.

Chuck closed his eyes, tightly. A desire to protect, he thought, his mind drifting back to the sense of wonder he’d felt when he’d first created his angels.

He sat down and poured a little drink on the floor in tribute before squeezing the bottle between his knees. And he tried not to remember that he had the power to protect, too. To protect the world from the impending apocalypse. To protect Castiel.

He didn’t. He wouldn’t. It was a promise he’d made a long time ago when, in an effort to “save,” he’d purged the earth with water. What surprised him, however, was how men continued to preach in his name, building philosophies and stamping them with heaven’s seal without care to God’s sanctions.

“Maybe my children make better Gods than me,” Chuck considered, finding himself again drawn to the two young brothers that, even now, were facing Michael and Lucifer when even their own God couldn’t.Dean and Sam were better men than their father, Chuck thought, and Cas was a better man than me.

Chuck stared at the way the room wore bits of Cas and wondered at the feelings of sentiment he felt. True, Chuck knew all of his angels, but he couldn’t find it in himself to understand why he felt the world was smaller now in the space since he’d watched Castiel die. After all, it was simply the natural order of things. He created angels like shooting stars: fiery, fierce and beautiful. And, like the meteoroids plowing through the sky, Cas had come too close to the earth, burning up inside the atmosphere.

Once, Chuck had commanded the angels to love the humans. The angels had become volatile, hardened creatures, made for duty with no one to serve. Statues of rigid perfection.

Chuck looked down at his own hands, letting his mind wander through the intricate designs of the human vessel he’d created for himself. Human flesh was so different than the fierce ether of an angel. He’d created them with the heads of beasts and great spanning wings. They were formidable, truly, they were. And yet, Chuck knew, even then, when he’d first birthed them, that humans were his most beautiful creation. They were breakable, small, and beautifully flawed. And, he’d known then, too, that he’d created mankind to save them all. To save the angels. To save himself.

It was his own last beacon of hope, that perhaps they could all become something more than the patterns of war and violence that had emanated from him and poured into his creations.

Chuck smiled as he looked at the Supernatural books, knowing he had found it. His broken children who had become more than their God, willing to die for the sake of the planet.

They had transcended him. He always knew they would. But, what had surprised him was the angel in the dirty trench coat and blue eyes, falling away from heaven’s glory for one man. One human. An angel that had such faith in and love for humanity that he’d given up everything.

Chuck bowed his head to his chest. He wouldn’t, he couldn’t get involved. And yet, he could still hear Castiel’s prayers in the back of his head—months of the angel’s voice crying for an absent God to step in and save his children.

And Chuck knew what he had to do. Though it wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things—a small gesture, really. But significant nonetheless.

Slowly, he leaned down to the floor, touching a spot of red with his finger. He watched as the bits of Cas responded, finding their way back to the whole. It was a fascinating process, to see the parts of Cas’s vessel come together, gathering, binding, creating arms, legs, a face. Until, suddenly, he was staring at the calm features of Cas’s body, laying down with his eyes closed, as if he could be asleep.

Then, with a breath, Chuck pulled light from the skies, infusing grace and soul and power to recreate Castiel’s true form, creating a sacred space inside the simple kitchen of Chuck’s home. It felt wrong, in a way, to bring so much of his God self back to the place where he had gone to leave it all behind. And yet, it also felt right. To put something back together again after such a long time of watching things fall apart.

And, finally, it was done as he gingerly placed Castiel back inside the man laying on the ground. He watched as the vessel’s chest hitched with the first breath of life, and smiled when he looked at the body he’d created just for Cas. For the angel who wanted so badly to love humans. In a way, now he could be one. He thought Cas would like that he’d made him look like Jimmy. That maybe he’d find it easier if he could look in the mirror and see the man whose face had first chosen to be so autonomous and free from heaven.

Cas’s eyes were still closed, and Chuck knew he couldn’t let him wake up here. He couldn’t face his son. Not now. Still, he was surprised to find himself kneeling on the floor of the kitchen, running his hands through the soft parts of Castiel’s hair, his thoughts, surprisingly far away from the ending of the rest of the world. Instead, he placed a kiss on top of Cas’s head, sending him to a beautiful forest, by a stream to wake up.

And then the kitchen was empty again, the clock on the wall ticking loudly, and the stain from the spilled alcohol shining on the floor.

Chuck contemplated what he’d done. Wondered at his own need to break every rule that had bound him for centuries and heal one lowly angel when he’d let hundreds of others die.

But, he thought he already knew the answer. Where Chuck had made humans in a deliberate effort at salvation, one lowly angel had been a surprise. A miracle. And, as Chuck sat back in his chair, he smiled as he admitted it to himself: it turned out that maybe it wasn’t just the humans that were there to save. It turned out that maybe, just maybe, a forgettable, self-sacrificing angel with blue eyes and too much heart could be the one to redeem them all.

i. I always believed Love would have blue eyes and blonde hair.
I assumed Love would love to read,
and know exactly what to do
when my thoughts became too loud.
Love would also love to play Mario with me,
and would stand up to the mean kids at school.
Love never came.

ii. Love stumbled into my life when I was twelve years old.
Love had brown eyes and hair to match;
Love loved soccer and his sisters.
Love loved me—but not in the way I wanted Love to.
I watched Love, love so many others, but not me—
never me.

iii. In high school, love had blue eyes,
but he had blonde hair
with too much hair gel in it.
Love wore plaid everyday,
and played video games all night.
Love left without a goodbye.
Love never knew he was Love.

iv. Love has green eyes and blonde hair.
Love plays the ukulele and loves to
take literature classes.
Love has a quiet disposition,
and a contagious smile.
Love makes my hands stop shaking,
and slows down my thoughts
when they become too much.

v. Love does not know he is Love,
but that’s okay–maybe Love
does not need to know.
Maybe Love will not stay;
maybe Love cannot stay.
Maybe Love can only stay
for a short time,
but Love—
Love is here now.

If I ever have to say goodbye to Love,
I will cherish the time I had with him,
and I will remember that Love was here for the exact
amount of time Love needed to be,
and now, Love must go
where Love is needed.
—  the (incomplete) story of Love in five parts (28/52) by (DS) [insp.]
Catch of the Day (Voltron- Part 1)

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Keith had heard of merfolk before, multiple people had claimed they were real but he had thought nothing of them. He had always thought mermaids were nothing but a tale for little children. But now, on the floor of the boat, a very real, very scary merman sat, well lay, before him, gasping for breath with a long slice up his side and a large hook sticking into his flesh. His razor sharp teeth and intimidating tale gleaming with blood did nothing but intimidate Keith.

“S-shiro! Come here!” Keith stumbled back and fell to the floor as he hit the side of the large boat. The fisherman come skidding around the corner at the sound of the shout but he too, yelps in surprise as he took in the sight of a bleeding merman before him.

“o-Oh” Shiro mutters and quickly makes his way over to the creature. He takes one look at the hook and winces. He couldn’t just leave the thing to suffer, so he had to act quick.

“Sorry about this.”

Shiro yanks the hook out and immediately puts pressure on the wound, the creature passes out after a loud wail of pain. “Go and get the big tank, we can’t chuck him back, he’s injured and bleeding.” Shiro tells the shell-shocked Keith who hesitates before taking action.

They get the creature bandaged and in the tank filled with water, not without great difficulty, however. The unconscious merman had been heavy to lift, hard to lift over the top of the tank. Once it was all done and the creature was resting in the tank they sat back and let the situation sink in.

They had caught a merman.

Now, in this day and age it wasn’t unheard of people catching out of the ordinary things like colossal mutant squid or oddly beautiful sea creatures but this, this was a different situation entirely. Keith and Shiro had been on the sea for many, many years, since they were practically kids, actually. They had been catching sea creatures and only a handful of times did they get anything other than the normal fish or shark, sometimes they would reel in something they themselves didn’t even know of. But never a merman.

“So, we just wait for it to wake up…..” Keith dragged out unsurely and looked over to Shiro who was still staring at the creature.  “And take it back inland??”

“Then what? We tell people?”Shiro asked and turned on Keith who shrugged in reply, lost with what to do. “I don’t know about you Keith, but this thing looks pretty humanly and I don’t think it would appreciate being tested by scientist or others of the sort.”

“It would be cruel,” Shiro muttered and turned back to the tank, he stared at the creature. It was true, the thing scared him. He didn’t like the gleam of his sharp teeth, he didn’t like the sharp fins coming from his dark blue tail that seemed to shine with an unknown magic. No matter how scary it was, it would still be cruel to give him into the scientists, no matter what fame and glory they got.

“That’s true,” Keith gave a deep sigh and slumped over the side of the boat, contemplating. “But we could be made if we did, get a better boat, even a house if we wanted,”

“We are not giving this thing in for money,” Shiro sighed and turned around to look out at sea. “Maybe he’s friendly?” He posed more as a question than a statement and Keith snorted in reply.

“All we have to do now…. Is wait.”

“What do we do if it’s hostile? It could attack us,” Keith said before a light bulb went off in his head and he went down the stairs into their living space. A few moments later he came back up with a large knife in hand. And when Shiro looked at him disbelievingly all Keith could do was shrug. “For protection,”

“Fine, whatever makes you feel safe.” Shiro rolled his eyes and sat down on a chair a few feet away from the tank.

Shiro looked out to sea once again. The sea they were on was quite calm, the sun was just rising and no clouds were present in the sky. Every now and then a sea bird would caw, or a fish would jump up. Land was so far away they had lost sight of it long ago, the next time they planned to dock was in a few months to restock essentials they couldn’t get for themselves while on the water.

The rocking of the boat slowly but surely delivered Shiro into the dreamland and soon enough, he was sleeping with his head lulled forward.

His peaceful sleep was interrupted by a loud bang and a shout from Keith, Shiro bolted awake and glanced around in a panic. Apparently, from what Shiro could make of the scene playing out in front of him, the merman had awoken while Shiro was asleep and jumped out of the tank in a fearful act. Now a soaked Keith and a wriggling merman were wrestling on the floor in a huge scuffle.

“Arg, Shiro! Help me!” Keith cried out as he was knocked back by the long slim light blue tail.

Shiro ran over quickly and wrapped his arms around the closest body he could grab, trying to separate them. When he felt a slick body wiggling in his arms he ran over to the tank and hauled him over the side.

The merman, however, had different ideas as he dragged Shiro into the water with him as well. With a large splash Shiro was submerged in the salt water, the slim hands of the creature reached down and pulled his head above the water, so he could breathe.

“Why am I here?” The smooth, captivating voice of the creature asked, Keith and Shiro’s eyes grew heavy-lidded but they shook their heads and blinked.

“We……accidentally caught you….. while fishing? Sorry about that by the way,” Shiro explained quickly but unsurely as he tried to pry the creatures grip off of his collar. “We thought it would be best if you were at least conscious and not bleeding before we put you back in.”

“…… oh…..well, thank you…… I would have been eaten by the sharks of this sea otherwise,” The merman let go of Shiro apologetically and swam to the edge of the tank outlooking the ocean. “I’m not from this area, I’m quite far away from home…… ”

Shiro looked at Keith who shrugged and started to walk over and help pull Shrio out of the tank. Suddenly the merman turned to them with a fearful look in his blue eyes that seemed to be glowing.

“Would it be too much to ask if I could stay here for a while? After I attacked him?” The creature suddenly grew red as he stuttered and looked at Keith. “I’m so sorry for that, I was just a bit scared.”

“No, it’s fine, you can stay as long as you want,” Shiro answered before Keith could get a chance to say anything after a snort made it’s way out of Keith’s mouth. “Can I ask why? We won’t be much help with finding your sea.”

“I think it would be safer with you two than in an unknown area with unfamiliar creatures,” The creature shrugged and suddenly smiled brightly. It was then that they realised his sharp teeth they had been so scared of were gone, replaced with a near perfect set of normal, pearly teeth. And the spikes that had run up his back were gone, normal blue fins flowing in the water like a dress.

He was like a gorgeous ruler of the sea. A deity, like a son of Poseidon himself.

Shiro and Keith found themselves turning red as the creature glowed with a magic unknown to them.

“I’m Lance, by the way. It’s nice to meet you,” The creature, Lance, smiled and reached out his hand to them in a friendly greeting.

Shiro was first to grab ahold of the outstretched arm and shook it firmly.”I’m Shiro,”

Lance turned expectantly to Keith, Shiro was about to step up and introduce his friend before he noticed Keith step forward and take the hand as well. Keith shook it gently and looked at Lance with a slight frown on his face.

“Keith,” Keith said before he mumbled something ineligible under his breath. Shiro, however, knew it was an apology, it was the only way Keith would ever apologise to anyone.

“Oh, it’s fine!” Lance laughed loudly and slapped Keith’s shoulder, Keith had tensed. He didn’t think he’d hear him. Keith tried to hide his face but everyone could see the burning ears.

“Well, this’ll be fun,” Lance shined and done a small spin in the tank. “Like a current trip! This tank is also quite roomy, why do you have this?”

“Every now and then we decide that we want to keep some fish that we catch alive, so they stay fresh,” Keith explained with no hesitation. Shiro looked at Keith with an angry fire in his eyes but it turned to confusion as Lance started laughing.

“Oh, are you keeping me fresh too?” Lance giggled and went under for a bit before coming back up. He accidentally bumped the side of his abdomen and winced as the cut was irritated. Thankfully no one noticed.

“Well, we better set sail,” Shiro suddenly said. Keith and Lance looked at him in confusion.

“Why?” Keith asked and rolled out a kink in his neck.

“Well, we have to stock up if we are going to be looking for Lance’s home, right?” 

The Feeling of You

Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: sweet smut, my first Steve smut so forgive me. Doing this without a beta.

A/N: @yourtropegirl requested a Steve smut involving a cabin & the song “All of Me” from the show Nashville. 

“So close the door and throw away the key. Baby, give me all of you. And I will give you all of me. Just one look and I can barely breathe. I feel your golden eyes burning right through me.”

Steve followed you into the cabin, both of you were silent. He closed the door behind him and dropped the large blue duffle bag on the floor. You watched him lock the door and turned to you with a soft smile. He tucked his hands into his jean pockets, his body language was shy and unsure of itself. You slipped off your jacket and tossed it over the green couch. With a knowing simper, you walked toward the handsome man, who stood there in light jeans and white tee. His blue eyes were burning right through you and your heart was pounding away. It had been weeks in the making, the two of you were finally truly alone. You whisked Steve away from the Tower and the others, took him far from the city lights and to the countryside. Hidden deep within mother nature, the cabin you had spent your summers growing up in, because everyone deserved time off. Especially Captain America.

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Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

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“I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.” - pick your pairing, if you're still taking prompts!

Ned was cute, she supposed - it was weird that he had the same name as her dad and he was a bit too prissy for her tastes, but he had nice eyes and never tried to let her win at fencing practice like some of the other guys did, so Arya had agreed to one singular date.

He’d taken her to some hipster coffee shop and bought her an overpriced cappuccino, and they’d mostly talked about fencing. It was practically the same as every other date she had been on (what was it with Harrenhal College boys and hipster coffee?), but he was kind of cute, and she hadn’t gotten laid in months, so…

“Are you planning on studying abroad?”

“Yeah, next semester, I think.” Arya took another tentative sip of her drink, wiping the foam from her lip. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed her phone light up in her bag.

“Where are you thinking about going?”

“Braavos, hopefully.” Her screen dimmed momentarily, then lit up again. “There’s a good linguistics program there.”

Ned leaned forward. “Could you do training there? The fencing masters…”

He kept talking, and Arya knew she should listen, but her phone chimed for a third time. She reached into her bag, trying to look down as subtly as possible. Who the hell…?

Lya M [7:56pm]: i want taco bell

Lya M [7:56pm]: come to taco bell with me

Lya M [7:57pm]: aryaaaaaa

Arya smiled blandly at something Ned was saying (when had they gotten on to the history of Braavosi ships?).

Arya Stark [7:58pm]: I’m on a date

Lya M [7:58pm]: mr arms is working tonight

Ah. Mr Arms (real name Gendry, according to his name tag) was approximately eight feet tall, with arms the size of tree trunks and bright blue eyes, and always waited patiently when drunk Lya was giggling too much to order. Arya was convinced he was possibly the most beautiful man she had ever seen, and she was sure he had no idea she existed.

“… and the Free Cities were the first to build these faster, lightweight ships, since…”

“I have to go.”


“Family emergency. Sorry. I’ll call you?” Arya grabbed her bag, flashing a half-apologetic grin, and rushed out the door.

Arya Stark [8:01pm]: On my way

Sansa [10:13am]: How was the date with Ned?

Arya Stark [10:13am]:  I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.

Sansa [10:14am]: ARYA