blue engel

Marlene Dietrich for “Ship of Lost Men” (Das Schiff der verlorenen Menschen), 1929. Her last silent before starring in “The Blue Angel” (Der blaue Engel).


She’s coming home … ❤ 

Marlene Dietrich started her first Germany tour after WW II in Berlin. She gave three acclaimed concerts at the “Titania Palast” from May 3 to May 5 in 1960. Many loyal fans gave Marlene a warm welcome

During her visit then Mayor of West-Berlin, Willy Brandt, received her at the western City Hall in the district Schöneberg (her birthplace), where Marlene signed the Golden Book of Berlin

Marlene also stopped by at the UFA Film Studios, where “Der blaue Engel” (The Blue Angel) was filmed by Josef von Sternberg in the years 1929 and 1930 … the role that made her famous.

Sadly, Marlene had to get acquainted with the dark side during the entire tour … the group of die-hards insulted her, calling her a traitor and yelling at her “Marlene, go home!”. I’m afraid, those idiots will never die …

Marlene’s strong principles and her courage to fight against Nazi Germany even though from the outside, makes me love her most and a little bit proud that this amazing woman came from this fantastic city! In Berlin, self-confident women often name themselves ‘Marlene’s daughters’!

“Ich bin, Gott sei Dank, Berlinerin!” (’Thank God, I’m from Berlin!’) 

~ Marlene Dietrich ~