blue duncan

I’m sorry

image: the “who can say fuck” meme with Young Justice characters

says fuck, but sparingly: Dick, Jaime, Karen
says fuck all the time: Conner, Artemis, La’gaan
has accidentally said fuck before and regrets it: Cassie, Tim
has not said fuck before but can if so desired: Zatanna, Barbara, Mal
has not said fuck before and refuses to say it: Kaldur’ahm, M’gann
legally can not say fuck: Gar, Billy Batson, Bart
would have said fuck but died before saying it: Wally, Jason

My dream harem just cause YOLO

Ben Tennyson

Jaime Reyes

Rex Salazar

Jack Frost

Jim Hawkins

Tom Lucitor


Stanford Pines

Daiki Aomine

Adrien Agreste


And to purchase for her a jewel of such magnificence as the Heart of Fire.
Sharper than diamond, redder than blood.

I’m impressed. You clearly know your stones.

No, centuries of passion and duplicity attend this stone. Betrayal, murder.
Alors, it is a celebrity.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot

10x01 The Mystery Of The Blue Train