blue druzy quartz

A redraw of my gem, Druzy Quartz. :3 I had so much fun with the ink
Druzy Quartz was not a gem Homeworld originally intended to create. During the process of a kindergarten close to a large body of water, a gem was exposed to water for the entire duration. The faceted crystals grew over a quartz gem, eventually giving way to a new type of gem.
Because of the cluster of crystals that make up Druzy’s gem, she’s an outcast for it. She doesn’t mind. She has an unusual ability to cheer others up when she dances. She considers herself made to entertain. (But not like Sardonyx)
She was part of Blue Diamond’s court solely to entertain for Blue Diamond. Her attempts worked as a temporary fix.
Curious, polite and enthusiastic, Druzy fell behind during the Gem War on Earth, and didn’t have a purpose for a long time until she found the humans. She absolutely adores them, absorbing as much as her curiosity would allow about their cultures and mannerisms.
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