blue devils guard

In honor of the first Man Crush Monday of 2016, here’s a video of the Blue Devils boys doing their wolf dance at Grand Terrace High School 😍 (featuring TJ Doucette’s voice)

Listen up, you ARE good enough. For all-state, for solos, for drum corps, for indoor, for guard, for whatever it is, you completely,100% are good enough. The only thing that is stopping you from getting where you want to be, is yourself. If you truly want something, you will make it happen. Alright? Never look down on yourself. (inside and outside of music)


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DCI 2016 Finals

Bluecoats: 97.65

Blue Devils: 97.25

Carolina Crown: 97.088

Santa Clara Vanguard: 95.3

The Cavaliers: 94.025

The Cadets: 92.763

Blue Knights: 90.738

Phantom Regiment: 89.963

Blue Stars: 89.05

Crossmen: 86.975

The Academy: 86.1

Boston Crusaders:

My version of the DCI themes from tonight

Academy- Mary Poppins can change races throughout the show!

Colts- see phantom regiment isn’t the only corp. that can kill a person.

Troopers-IM A HORSE.

Crossmen- I believe I can fly! See I have a parachute and everything!

Blue Stars- so which one of you wants to swallow the sword?

Boston Cusaders-this is DEFINITELY not game of thrones……

Madison Scouts- no one has done cardboard cut outs yet!

Cavaliers- anything you can do I can do better! I can do anything gayer than you!

Phantom Regiment- I came for the corps. But I stayed for the guard

Blue Stars- why did you choose this theme?
Ok why does the guard look like naked mimes?
Why propeller things?
Ok… Why?

Santa Clara Vanguard-what else can we use to make noise.

Blue Coats- from the people who brought you scalene triangles, the blue coats are proud to present Spheres and Semi Circles.

Carolina Crown- one hell of a show

Cadets- we can count

Blue Devils- my childhood threw up on the field but for some reason I’m ok with it.

Hey guys I have a great idea! Why don’t we have someone sing LIVE on the field! No one has done that yet! It’ll be totally original! Also I think ladders are under appreciated. Let’s use ladders. We can sit on them or something. Idk. Maybe climb from hell on one.