blue darkness

I prayed for rain,
when I didn’t trust myself
to grasp what I needed.
Nature knows,
and it’s in your nature
to keep my head to the sun,
and my ego fed, and ever growing.
We grew,
our roots
infecting every inch of earth we found,
when I thought
I had burrowed beneath myself,
far from the beaks of birds,
and the might of man,
you nurtured a near dead heart,
until I flourished.
Floral, fanciful and free.


toppdogg + songs that remind me of them

  • shin yoonchul (nakta) + 3′s by nodaway

at least to me
your love has always come in threes
hesitant passionate and guaranteed
spell it out for me
a b c d l o v e you and me
just don’t work