blue crystal

I Know Better

If beauty were a star, she’d be the night sky.
Everybody sees a joyous soul
whimsical, caring, full of light.
From across the room she glows, just simply through existing.
Her smile is that of magic,
just one little taste and you’re addicted.
People stop and stare, each day
getting lost in the mysterious murky depths of her blue crystal eyes
Desperately wanting to know more about this mystifying grace.
But I know better.
Much more than a porcelain face is a dusted off heart,
patched up one too many times.
Beautiful on the outside, even more so on the inside.
When she loves, she loves as if she is gravity and you are the moon.
Her devotion is a force of nature.
When you grab ahold of her heart, she does not surrender,
she’ll never give up on you,
like you gave up on her.
If strength was water, she’d be an ocean.
The world sees her as untouched, unscathed,
never broken.
But I know better.
Her heart, a white picket fence, is dusty and old,
cluttered with cracks from being used, in fact
but painted over again and again,
and as time withers away each fresh coat;
she’ll be repainted; brand new, once more.

I’m Sorry

Originally posted by infernal-banshee

Anon asked:  26 with Theo?

Warnings: None

A/N: This one is super short, but I had really no idea what to write. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” 

“You didn’t mean to? Theo, you don’t just accidentally do stuff like that.” 

“That’s why I’m saying sorry.” For once, Theo looked like a kicked puppy. 

You huffed in annoyance, crossing your arms, leaning away from him. “You should be glad I love you. Otherwise this would be going very differently.” 

“But you do love me.” He said, approaching you where you leaned against the wall. “And you know I love you too.” He said, placing his hands on your waist. 

He stared down at you with those crystal blue eyes, your anger slowly dissipating as you saw the love in his eyes. 

“I am sorry.” He said, burying his face in you neck, peppering the skin with soft kisses. 

“I know.” You said, threading your fingers in his hair. “And I forgive you.” 

You felt him smile against your neck before he kissed his way to your lips. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to you as you kissed him, knowing you could never really get mad at him. Well….you wouldn’t say never.