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i swear to god i’m the biggest michael buble xmas album stan but there is nothing more insulting than “santa buddy,,,, i’ll wait up for you DUDE” and even more ridiculously so— he changed the line “a 64′ convertible too, light blue” to “a 65′ convertible too, steel blue” like…………………….we get it…………………….ur straight……………….ur a MAN…………………………. we g

Addicted. {Mafia & Soulmate AU) Part 1

Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe. 

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU, Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, violence, substance abuse, mature themes, strong language

Word count: 4,085

Summary: Suga, the Stealth and Weapons guy of Bangtan meets his Soulmate with a bang. He’d grown up believing in the idea of finding the person he was destined to be with and won’t let her get away. Even if she’s addicted, he’s determined to help her. He just wants to save his Blue girl.

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How to use Cornell note-taking method on OneNote - A tutorial on how to take class notes

Cornell note-taking method is really amazing, since it allows you to take clear notes and analyse it afterwards + can give you a brief idea on what the notes are about simply by looking at the key points. Of course, the last summary section can definitely help you to organise your ideas. All in all, it’s just a great motivation for you to go back on your notes after class.

This is often used by people who take notes by writing. Personally, I love taking notes using a laptop as it’s way faster + everything can be organised rather easily (especially with OneNote).

Tutorial on Cornell method

1. Course number as title for tabs; lecture no. as title for the page. I also insert the link of the class / any lecture materials provided here.

2. I type in key words and details (basically the two columns in Cornell method)

3. I format the two using “Heading 1″

4. Then i just take the lecture notes in the detail section using the outline method
- I also like to add in tags, like questions for any inspiring/thought-provoking questions posed my the lecturer, and important for key concepts (and to-do for coursework, if there’s any)

5. After class:
- I re-read the notes
- highlight anything i find important
- And input the key ideas in the left column for easy reference
- add in summary of the bottom of the page)

My highlighting system:
- Green: key words
- Yellow: ideas to note
- Orange: key points (for example like i will highlight the main categories of sth)
- Blue words: examples

Printing tip / Converting to pdf
If you want to print your notes, the onenote app on macbook usually do not format it well and cut the pages in a very weird way. Instead, you can print by accessing your notes on OneDrive (like through your internet browser). The last two pictures are how my notes for the first lecture turn out.

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ive been meaning to redraw this for quite awhile… one of my first drawings I posted, and still one of my most popular. Its been a massive change since then, obviously… wonder if it was for better or worse… new style doesnt like gif rendering tho OTZ so jagged 

Drive In || R.M.

Originally posted by zachdempsey

Word Count: 2040

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x reader

Summary: You and Reggie go on a date to the Twilight Drive In and things escalate.

Warnings: smut, fingering, cussing, public sex

Requested by anon:

“Hihi!! Can I request for a Reggie smut?? Where they were watching a movie in the drive in and Reggie got horny and decided to make her cum with his fingers? :) im sorry this is so sinful fml”

“Could you write more reggie smuts”


It was a dark, chilly night at the Twilight Drive In’s final showing as the lot was bought by an anonymous buyer. It made you sad to see such a staple in your small town come to an end. It was things like the drive in that separated this town from others; it gave Riverdale so much character, and it’s going to be torn down, replaced by a commercial center, and forgotten.

The movie theater also held a special place in your heart. It was where your first date was in sixth grade, and where your first real kiss was when you thirteen. It held so many memories like that time Betty’s dad had taken you and her to see a movie that was so above your understanding and she laughed so hard that coke came out of her nose.

It held similar memories for everyone in your class, so the majority came out to the theater for its last showing. Even Cheryl Blossom showed up, and she would usually never be seen in such a rundown place like this. You went with Reggie Mantle, seeing that he was your boyfriend. You hadn’t been dating for that long, and to be honest, your relationship was based on sex. Most people would say that you were in your honeymoon phase, but in reality, you hadn’t gone through the ‘engaged’ phase.

You two barely knew anything about the other, but that didn’t really bother you. It was enough for you that Reggie knew how to make you feel good. In a way, you were using Reggie as an escape from your problems. When you were with him, the world around you blurred away, and for however long you were together, you were carefree.

You were almost sure that Reggie was using you too. Reggie had been feeling pressured to sleep with as many girls as he could, so he could have a high score in the football team’s playbook. He was also reaching for Chuck’s approval seeing that his dad was the football coach. Reggie didn’t have a problem getting girls, but actually getting with multiple girls. He would never admit to this, but you could tell a difference in his morale from before and after making it official with you.

You were one of the top vixens and he was the newly founded bulldogs football captain. After a football game, where the bulldogs won by a landslide, you two had hooked up in the boy’s locker room. It wasn’t a shock to anyone when you two started dating since the rumors had been going around for quite a while that you two had been hooking up.

Besides asking you to be his girlfriend, he hadn’t done anything exceptionally boyfriend like, so when he actually asked you to go on a date with him to the drive in, your heart fluttered and you were so excited. Reggie wasn’t one for cute pda, he was more into grabbing your butt and making out hardcore in the hallway rather than holding your hand or walking you to your class.

Reggie pulled up to your house in his blue convertible wearing his football jersey and blue jeans. You don’t know why, but you were expecting him to knock on your door, walk you to the car, and open the door for you. However, all you got was a text saying that he was outside and to hurry because it was getting close to starting time for the film.

As you walked down your driveway, you tugged on the bottom of your red dress and pulled your black jacket closer around your body. When you sat down in his car, you were greeted with a wave of warm air that you gladly welcomed.

With one hand on the steering wheel and the other one scrolling on his phone, Reggie asked, as he waited for you to put your seatbelt on, if you were ready to go. You nodded in response with a small hum, so he put his phone in the car’s console and pulled off.

It was a mostly silent car ride with a little small talk. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it felt sort of empty in a way. When you pulled up to the drive in, you had just made the start of the film. You were in the very back of the drive in, but thankfully the screen was big enough to be able to see it clearly from where you were.

About half way into the movie, you felt Reggie’s hand on your knee and his fingers slowly caressing your skin. You thought nothing of it until he started to gradually get closer to your upper thigh. Unlike Reggie, you were trying to watch the movie which happened to be one of your favorite classics, A Rebel Without a Cause. Reggie, however, clearly had other motives than paying attention to the screen.

“You should pay more attention to the show, it’s disrespectful not to since this is the Twilight’s final showing.” You bantered with him, letting your lips pull into a sly smirk.

You placed your hand on top of his in an effort to stop him, but because it was Reggie, he wasn’t going to take your cunning remark lightly. He leaned over the console and attached his lips to the sweet spot behind your ear and started to suck slightly.

A small moan left your lips as you quickly bit your bottom lip. Your eyes darted out your window to the cars next to you, trying to see if anyone heard you.

“Nobody heard you that time, but you’re going to have to be quiet,” Reggie whispered in your ear, “I know how hard that is for you.”

Reggie’s hand rose closer to your core as his other hand grabbed you by your neck and pulled you into an intense kiss. He wasted no time shoving his tongue between your lips, aggressively exploring every inch. His fingers slowly weaved into your hair where he pulled lightly so your neck was more exposed. He attacked his lips to your neck again, sucking hard and lightly dragging his teeth on the sensitive skin. He trailed his kisses down your neck and stopped right before your collarbone.

All the while, his fingers lightly traced circles over your clothed core, teasing you. Every once in a while, he would press onto the bud of nerves and send you squirming in your seat.

“Princess, stop squirming or else someone might see.” Reggie mumbled as his lips connected with yours again for another passionate kiss.

To anyone looking in, it would seem that you were just making out as couples do, but no one had any idea what was going on behind the cover of the car door.

“Please, Reggie.” You moaned as he teasingly moved your underwear to the side and then moved it back.

“Please what?” Reggie mumbled against your lips, “Do you want something?”

“Please,” You started but bit your lip as his hand cupped your core, “I need your fingers.”

“Anything for my Babygirl.” Reggie taunted as he hiked your dress up and gave himself better access to your cunt.

Reggie plunged one of his long fingers into your soaking entrance. Your head flung back onto the head rest and you bit your lip trying to hold in a grunt.

“You’re so wet for me, fuck” Reggie murmured, as his thumb assaulted your clit.

He kept pumping his single finger until you stretched around him and your breath started to calm down from the initial rush of pleasure. He added another finger and started to pump his fingers faster along with his thumb on your clit.

Your eyes rolled back and your vision started to cloud with pure ecstasy. A sob slipped out from between your lips before you had the chance to contain it.

“Shit, Reggie,” You moaned as your hand went to grab the side of the car door, and your nails dug into handle under the window controls.

Reggie continued at a steady pace pumping his rough fingers in between your legs. You felt chills run down your spine as the situation of what you were doing fully set in. The serpents behind you could catch you if you failed conceal a grunt, or Cheryl, Veronica, or Kevin could look over and see you arching your back and your mouth agape. The thrill of being caught doubled the amount of pleasure and sent a jolt of excitement through you that made your heart beat faster.

Reggie on the other hand, looked completely unaffected as you were unraveling right beside him. His eyes were focused on the movie, but you were sure that he wasn’t interested in the film at all. He was doing this to annoy you. He was acting like nothing was happening to upset you that you were struggling to contain yourself while he was acting so calm. It was working.

Reggie felt your eyes burning into the side of his face as a smug smirk grew on his face and a soft chuckle escaped his lips. He turned his head to meet your eyes and his fingers increasingly growing in pace, making you squirm in your seat, and mocked, “You should pay more attention to the show, it’s disrespectful not to since this is the Twilight’s final showing.”

The smirk on his face grew and the mischief in his eyes made your skin crawl. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was loving every minute of it. He was getting off on you trying to conceal what was going on behind the protection of the car doors.

You gave Reggie a mixed look of pure annoyance and pleasure when he curled his fingers upward and pressed again a spot that made you see stars. It took every ounce of control left in your body not to let a cry out. Instead a small grunt is all you would allow yourself to express how you were feeling.

A knot began forming in the pit of your stomach as Reggie continually rubbed again the spot inside your cunt which was so wet that you actually felt it dripping down and pooling where your ass met the seat. Thankfully the seats were leather and not felt. However, the last thing on your mind was Reggie’s seats as your eyes started to gloss over.

“Fuck, Reggie,” You gasped, barely able to form words, “I’m so close.” You stuttered as the knot tightened, and your legs started to tremble.

“Come for me baby,” Reggie looked back over at you and grabbed you again to bring you into a kiss that was full of lust. You could tell that he was enjoying this even though you weren’t touching him the same way he was touching you.

As Reggie pulled at the root of your hair, you let go and you convulsed with pure pleasure. You gasped as you felt your orgasm take control and your back arched off the seat and your legs clenched together as close as they could.

“That’s it princess,” Reggie coaxed with his fingers still thrusting, but at a slower pace. He continued his assault until you came down from your high.

You were breathing heavily as Reggie removed his fingers from your throbbing core, leaving an empty feeling in the pit of your cunt. You grabbed his receding hand, and placed his fingers inside your mouth. You swirled your tongue around his fingers while sucking on them. You opened your mouth and allowed his fingers to go as far back as they could. They hit your gag reflex, but you didn’t allow yourself to choke.

You made direct eye contact all the while. You closed your mouth again, and ran your tongue around his fingers once more before allowing them to leave your mouth with a pop.

“Fuck me,” Reggie murmured, as he brought his own bottom lip in between his teeth.

“We don’t have enough time, Mantle. The film is ending,” You mused as you turned your head to toward the screen which was playing last scene in the movie.

Reggie let of a small chuckle and rolled his eyes, “Wow, you’re unbelievable.”

a/n- hey guys! Long time, no write lol. This is my first new imagine on this blog, so of course it had to be my daddy reggie! If you guys don’t know, I had to move accounts because my posts weren’t showing up on desktop and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Anyways, leave me some feedback in my inbox on this imagine or any other one. I love talking to you guys!