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 Birthstone Gemsonas

my friend zeshka requested I do zodiac magical girls or birthstone gemsonas and I thought it was such a great idea! 

I tried making gemsonas based off the 12 birthstones and also included details in their designs that echo the 12 birth flowers as well. 

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SU AU where instead of gems they are flowers

They would be:

  • Rose quartz= Pink Rose (duh)
  • Pearl= white Nenuphar (both pearlly white water thingies)
  • Amythest = Thistle (both are sharp but pretty)
  • Garnet = dark red dahlias (both look badass)
  • Ruby = poppy (both red)
  • Saphire = Blue bell (both are amazingly pretty)
  • Lapis = Blue water lily
  • Peridot =  Green chrysanthemum (dunno why but both annoy me in their own way but look nice)
  • Jasper =  Kniphofia rooperi (both look like big buff cheeto puffs)
  • Malachite = venus fly trap (can potential hurt itself)
  • Rainbow quartz = Rainbow rose ( aparently possible and both very pretty)
  • Opal = Orchid (so beautiful so pure)
  • Sugalite = Purple pitcher plant (both will fuck up anyone too close)
  • Alexandrite = snapdragon (comes in lots of different colors and sounds cool)
  • Sardonyx- gladiolus black jack (kinda looks like she would work in a cool casino) 

A bold, geometric kimono is here paired with a floral obi in one of the typical good rules for making a kimono coordination. When you are working with a geometric, it’s good to pair it with an organic shape for contrast. Here, you can also see the obi contains orange and fuchsia, bringing a touch of brightness to the bold blue color.

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Could you do some fluff with prompt number 4 and Gruvia pleease? :D (and thank you ;) )

I sure can!

Prompt 4: I’ve Never Heard That One Before

Rating: K

Words: 1,842.

“Last round of the night guys, then I’m closing up.” Laxus stated to the ‘boys’ who were seated along the bar, having got to the bar Shonen, two hours ago.

Natsu sighed and pushed off his stool with a yawn, “I have to head home now anyway. Lucy will start to get worried if I keep her waiting.”

“Say hi to my future wife for me,” Leo smirked and Gray rolled his eyes at Natsu’s answering shout, “She is not your future wife!”

All three of them knew Leo was already happily married to Aries, who happened to work at the daycare where Lucy did but it didn’t stop Leo from getting Natsu revved up.

Leo’s smirk widened and he said nothing, continuing to slurp his beer with a wicked glint in his eyes. Natsu stewed in his own juices for a bit before Gray groaned, “He’s just goading you, get out of here, flame brain. Your face is giving me the shits.”

Natsu glared at Gray in challenge, “Your own shitty personality gives you the shits stripper, so bite me.”

“Kinky.” Leo snickered into his fist and both men glared at him, from where he sat in between them, smartly placed there by Laxus to avoid the usual fights.

Natsu shared a few more passing smart remarks before leaving the two.

“Coming over to my place for Sunday night dinner? Aries cooks a mean casserole.”

“I thought she didn’t like lamb.” Gray finished off his beer, leaning back a little when Laxus filled it back up. Then he began shifting seats and wiping over tables, getting ready to close.

“She doesn’t. But the baby is giving her an insane craving for it. She cried for an hour last night while eating a lamb cutlet. Says she’s eating her family.” Leo shrugged and Gray hid a smirk, amused by his lovely wife’s antics.

“I think I can come.”

Leo took a long gulp of his beer before asking with an air of obvious non-nonchalance, “Should we be setting another place for Meredy or…?”

Gray grimaced and Leo sighed, “You guys broke up already?”

“We were never really together.” Gray defended as Leo shook his head, clapping his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“You, my friend, are a commitment-phobe.”

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Just gathered some information about the flowers that senbatsu members are holding all thanks to my mom and some Japanese wotas on twitter, including meanings of those flowers. If there’s any mistake please inform me because I may get some flowers wrong.

Sashihara Rino: Peony (牡丹)
Flower language: King’s dignity, noble, magnificent

Kashiwagi Yuki: Orange Lily/or morning star lily (オレンジのユリ/姫百合)
Flower language:

  • If Orange lily: brilliant, amusing, hasty, careless
  • If Morning star lily: beautiful because you’re strong, pride, unchanged loveliness, lovely affection

Watanabe Mayu: Sunflower (ひまわり)
Flower language: brightness, radiance, admiration, devoted love

Takahashi Minami: Red rose (赤い薔薇)
Flower language: love, passion

Matsui Jurina: White lily (百合)
Flower language: innocence, purity, dignity

Yamamoto Sayaka: Hydrangea/Ajisai (紫陽花)
Flower language:

  • Japanese meaning: unity, friends, family, friendly
  • Western meaning: heartless, pride, inconstancy

Miyawaki Sakura: Pink Dahlia (ピンクダリア)
Flower language: brilliant, elegance, dignity

Miyazawa Sae: Peruvian Lily (アルストロメリア)
Flower language: gallant, sustained, assistance

Shimazaki Haruka: Blue baby’s breath (青いかすみ草)
Flower language: dearest wish/desire, dearest joy, pure heart

Yokoyama Yui: Blue chrysanthemum (青い菊)
Flower language: please trust me, noble, true love

Note: for YuiParu’s flowers, because they are blue which are not natural colors of their flowers => the blue color is artificial. And usually in Japanese hanakotoba, artificial flowers like that share 1 meaning “dream comes true”.

Kitahara Rie: Allium (アリウム)
Flower language: deep sadness, eternal sadness, kind, courageous
Purple Agapanthus/Lily of the Nile (紫アガパンサス)
Flower language: arrival of love, intellectual outfits

Watanabe Miyuki: Pink Gerbera (ガーベラ)
Flower language: gratitude, mystery, noble beauty

Matsumura Kaori: Lavender Eustoma/Lisianthus (ユーストマ/トルコキキョウ)
Flower language: grace, hope, eternal love

Takayanagi Akane: Pink Bellflower/Campanula (ピンクカンパニュラ)
Flower language: sincerity, gratitude

Shibata Aya: Carnation (カーネション)
Flower language: respect, passion, deep love

Muto Tomu: Gloriosa (グロリオサ)
Flower language: glory, brilliant, bravery


Some Utena ladies with flower meanings. Roses for the duelists and other options for the black rose duelists.

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He walked up to the tower he remembered Heta lived in, Holding a pot of Blue Chrysanthemums that Heta said were his favorite, you said you'd bring some next time you visited and you'd been so busy with M!As and shenanigans lately you didn't have time to visit lately! You balanced the pot in one hand and opened the door, calling out "hey heta it2 me home2tuck! ii came back" you had a lisp now because of an M!A that made you Sollux, Or Sollux themed at least. You hoped Heta wouldn't mind too much.

It was, how you say… A very grey day in the forsaken lands of his world. Everything was lackluster and dull as it can be.

He sighed and looked down at himself, the scars were not visible anymore oddly enough, but a few bruises here and there were still swelled up.

He sometimes wondered how much more he can take any of this until he finally gives up and succumbs to the dark demonic entities.

The sudden sound of another living being caused him to jump a bit and out of his train of thought. He looked over the darkened room and over to the stairs he never used in ever.

“Home….stuck?” he called out with a rasp voice. He hasn’t talked in a few weeks. There wasn’t anything to talk to anyway. Not to mention the wounds and mental pain, but that aside the mention of the name got him twitching.

Then he remembered which Homestuck actually is alive and promised to visit him.

Smiling slightly, though it pained him a bit, he cleared his throat before calling over in a weak whisper.

“C-come up…! Make sure to close the door t-to keep the c-cold w-wind out…!”

He seemed to be stuttering a lot lately…