blue chrysanthemum


 Birthstone Gemsonas

my friend zeshka requested I do zodiac magical girls or birthstone gemsonas and I thought it was such a great idea! 

I tried making gemsonas based off the 12 birthstones and also included details in their designs that echo the 12 birth flowers as well. 

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anonymous asked:

Attached to a small bouquet of sunflowers, red peonies, blue petunias and chrysanthemums was a pink slip of paper. Penned in delicate cursive handwriting, the note said: "Roses are red...Violets are blue...Sunflowers are yellow...You thought this was a poem, but I'm just stating gardening facts. 😛" The back of the paper read, "Happy Valentine's day. ~ Topaz ♡" ({ Aurea-Imperium })

The gem blinked as she picked up the small bouquet off the ground against her door. She let out a smirked, quirking her brow as she took the small paper, she began to read it, snickering and shaking her head as she finished reading it, before turning it around to see it was Topaz. 


Some Utena ladies with flower meanings. Roses for the duelists and other options for the black rose duelists.

SU AU where instead of gems they are flowers

They would be:

  • Rose quartz= Pink Rose (duh)
  • Pearl= white Nenuphar (both pearlly white water thingies)
  • Amythest = Thistle (both are sharp but pretty)
  • Garnet = dark red dahlias (both look badass)
  • Ruby = poppy (both red)
  • Saphire = Blue bell (both are amazingly pretty)
  • Lapis = Blue water lily
  • Peridot =  Green chrysanthemum (dunno why but both annoy me in their own way but look nice)
  • Jasper =  Kniphofia rooperi (both look like big buff cheeto puffs)
  • Malachite = venus fly trap (can potential hurt itself)
  • Rainbow quartz = Rainbow rose ( aparently possible and both very pretty)
  • Opal = Orchid (so beautiful so pure)
  • Sugalite = Purple pitcher plant (both will fuck up anyone too close)
  • Alexandrite = snapdragon (comes in lots of different colors and sounds cool)
  • Sardonyx- gladiolus black jack (kinda looks like she would work in a cool casino) 

A bold, geometric kimono is here paired with a floral obi in one of the typical good rules for making a kimono coordination. When you are working with a geometric, it’s good to pair it with an organic shape for contrast. Here, you can also see the obi contains orange and fuchsia, bringing a touch of brightness to the bold blue color.