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Hello, do you know any interesting facts about Oscar Wilde? Thank you!

that’s a rhetorical question, right?

  • he strongly advocated for socialism
  • he liked to decorate using flowers and blue china. the drawing room of his home with constance and the kids had dragons painted on the ceiling and peacock feathers laid into the plaster on the walls
  • his favorite flower was the sunflower 🌻
  • his tomb in paris is covered in lipstick kisses, and even though you are now required to pay a hefty fine if you get caught in the act, people today still kiss his grave in secret anyway (a life goal honestly)
  • he had three middle names, no musical talent, and little ability to make a good first impression. he was so self-conscious about his teeth that he often talked with a hand in front of his mouth
  • he was once involved in a love triangle with dracula author bram stoker
  • he had a steamy, gay one night stand with walt whitman
  • his favorite drinks were brandy and absinthe, and if he liked you upon meeting you he’d more likely than not gift you with a cigarette case
That the FIRST reaction of the press to the United Airlines mess is to look up dirt on the Asian doctor says a lot about how PoC get treated in the US.

OK, so to everyone else in the world (including the passengers who are visibly horrified, frightened and upset) that video looks hideous beyond words.

But, you know, he has “a troubled past.”

Why not look into the past of the security guys who brutalized him first?

Or do we already know the answer to that question?


Traditional chinese jewellry, diancui点翠. photo by 动脉影.

These are old jewels in museums so they were made of kingfisher feathers during their times. In modern times kingfisher are animals under first-class state protection in china so diancui点翠 craftwork has been replaced by others such as shaolan烧蓝, dyed goose feather, particular blue paper and blue silk.


Hemimorphite & Veszelyite

A unique and beautiful new find from China of vivid, powder-blue hemimorphite botryoids highlighted or outlined by preferential bands of blue veszelyite. The hemimorphite is translucent. Veszelyite is a rare phosphate. This find was recovered in 2008 and appeared at the 2008 Munich Show.

Locality:  Laochang ore field (Laochang Mine), Eastern Sub-district, Gejiu Sn-polymetallic deposit, Gejiu Co., Honghe Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

Something always comes along - Jughead Jones Imagine

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AN So this is my first imagine, please feel free to request. I tried to aim for a gender neutral approach instead of just one gender, I hope you all like anyways :)

The brass bell rang softly as the door opened to Pops. The Saturday afternoon was busy, so busy that there was no booth or chair without a person sat in it. (Y/N) looked around quickly, seeing if there was any place to sit. They had moved here not too long ago with their father, and seriously craved a burger and shake from Pops. They had not yet been to school, and tried to avoid seeing anyone from there just yet, not wanting to be ‘the newbie’. But had been acquainted with Betty Cooper, whom they had grown quite close to along with Kevin Keller. It is why (Y/N) (L/N) had decided to take it upon themselves to go to Pop’s and enjoy the blissful food served there.

Finally seeing a booth occupied by a boy around their age, vigorously typing away at his laptop, (Y/N) decided to take their chance.

“Excuse me, do you mind if I sit?” They asked politely. The boy lifted his head for a moment, taking in the new presence before him, and nodded his head after looking into deep (E/C) eyes. (Y/N) smiled and sat down, uttering a “thanks”. A waitress came over and took their order quickly, soon returning with a vanilla milkshake and a burger.

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N) by the way, you are?” They asked, pulling out their notebook from their bag, filled with many drawings of mundane things found in Riverdale. Jughead stopped typing, peering over his laptop slightly.

“I’m Jughead Jones. Are you new here? I’ve never seen you before.” And I would definitely remember if I had he thought to himself.

“Yeah I moved here at the start of summer with my dad, I’ve kinda been sneaking around, though, I don’t really want to be the newbie just yet.” (Y/N) chuckled lightly, Jughead’s lips lifted slightly, before returning to the monotone expression. “If you don’t mind me asking, what has you typing so vigorously, Jughead?” They smiled, looking into his china-blue eyes.

Jughead looked back down at his screen before a light blush would dust his cheeks, however unbeknownst to him, that appeared long ago.

“I’m writing a novel, of this summer, so far nothing interesting has happened.” He complained, causing (Y/N) to laugh. Taking a sip of their milkshake, (Y/N) tilted their head slightly, looking out the window at the yellows and oranges painting the scenery outside as the sun began its descent.

“I’m sure something will come along.” They said quietly, watching the cars and civilians going past. “I mean, some small towns have big secrets. Who’s to say Riverdale isn’t one of them?” (Y/N) smirked teasingly, causing Jughead to return his own boyish smile.

“True, I’m sure Riverdale has many secrets, some just waiting to be explored.” Jughead mused, with an ominous tone to his voice.

“Well Mr.Jones, I would love to explore those mysteries with you one day.” This caused a smile, a real smile to break out on his face, truth being, Jughead had never felt more comfortable in his life talking to a person, and considering he had known (Y/N) all of twenty minutes, scared and excited him at the same time.

“I always wanted a partner in crime.” He smiled lightly, (Y/N) returning it. Pushing their plate towards Jughead and taking a chip off of it, Jughead frowned, confused. After noticing his confused gaze, (Y/N) explained.

“I had an entire tub of ice cream watching game of thrones before coming here, bad decision.” This caused Jughead to chuckle lightly, something he rarely did.

“I understand your pain, and I’d be glad to help.” He joked, pulling part of the burger off and eating it.

“What do you say we go on one of these adventures tomorrow? I’ve got nothing to do, and I’m sure your schedule can’t be too booked up.” (Y/N) smiled, eating more chips.

“You are correct, and sure, I don’t see why not. How about I meet you here, 9 o'clock.” (Y/N) blushed slightly, nodding their head.

“9 o'clock it is.” (Y/N) gathered their notebook which surprisingly they hadn’t touched since sitting down and put it back into their bag. They laid a twenty dollar bill on the table, and began to leave. Pressing a quick kiss to Jughead’s cheek, they made for the door.

“See you tomorrow, Jughead.” They smiled cheekily, before leaving the shop, leaving Jughead with a smug grin and a blush coating his warm cheeks. The two would get their mystery, but not the one they were hoping for. Something would come along, something neither were prepared for.