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Asagao Unpopular Opinion - I don't think Emily is as horrible of a person the fandom makes her out to be. Sure, I may need to go back to shane's route to see how Shane describes her and their relationship, but I remember Shane being more upset with what happened to him as a result of Emily rather than Emily herself, save for him describing her as selfish

Yea, it could be a matter of them not getting along, it could be a matter of just Emily not being able to have a relationship with that kind of pressure, i mean damn how hold are they both again it seemed like there was a lo t to deal with ok.

Also nothing against Shane, but he is kind of salty and he did go though a very difficult time as a young adult. Whos to say what bias he has because of what happened??


#360 Wynaut - Are always smiling, even when unhappy. It communicates its emotions through its tail; if a Wynaut is slapping the ground with its tail, it is angry. On moonlit nights, hordes of Wynaut will gather to squeeze up against one another to build up endurance. They love to eat sweet fruit; Wynaut are drawn to fruit gardens by the scent and will pick fruit with their earlike arms.