blue cases

mike totally sleeps lying on his side with his mouth open so that he drools on the pillow. and the first time he sleeps over at the byers’ in will’s actual bed, will obviously freaks out about how cute his bf looks. so he slips out of bed and pats quietly out of the room and into jonathan’s to borrow his camera and quickly snaps a picture of mike - hair ruffled by sleep, features soft and relaxed, mouth hanging open slightly, drooling on will’s light blue pillow case.

once the photo is developed will hangs it on the wall above his bed. on the right side where mike sleeps. so when his boyfriend doesn’t sleep over he can look at the picture and imagine him lying there.
mike protests at first - “i look ridiculous, will!” - but he’s secretly pleased that will likes him enough to proudly put up a photo of him looking like a dork.


A compilation of my Glow pieces from the last few days, a full Rainbow!! In total it has taken me about 3-ish days to design and finish all six figures and I’m very happy with the completed project :)


                        ❝IT WAS A SWORD!
                                                          ❝You  S H A T T E R E D  her with a sword..❞

seriously tho with all the new characters introduced in the last few bombs, like the zoomans,  famethyst and holly blue, topaz and aquamarine, the two zircons, rhodonite, fluorite, rutile, and padparadscha sapphire, as well as lars (presumably) getting powers, it really seems like we’re building up to a second gem war. esp considering we know now jasper is getting redeemed, so the cure for corruption is coming. this will mean tons and tons of new crystal gems will be revived with plenty more added to their ranks. now that ‘rose quartz’ is home, i can imagine the diamonds will be setting their sights on planet earth once again, even if only to check up on the cluster

tldr gem war 2.0 is coming lads

lazyandhysterical  asked:

Hey, maybe someone else told you something like this before(or you already did it??? I have it pictured so clear in my head) but I've been thinking about you and lacie it just struck me - you guys as paladins! Btw you are adorable and your blog always cheers me up. :)

little do you know I think about this a lot

I was halfway thru drawing this before realizing I don’t actually know if Lacy would have a gun but I’d already drawn it and I didn’t want to erase it. also I want a bow

bonus klance outfits

rei-pinto  asked:

what if white ink just makes him emotionless and extremelly rational

that too! or it just straight up makes him feel devoid of like any kind of emotion in general. not necessarily rational just straight up apethetic.