blue buttonup

Destiel-Teacher AU- FLUFF

Dean stood in the hallway long after school had ended. Most teachers had packed up and left or were wrapping up their last minute announcements for the school clubs they ran. Dean didn’t really have anything to do. He could have left by now. In fact he didn’t even really need to be in that hallway. His office was in a whole other wing of the school. 

But he couldn’t help it.

A new teacher had arrived at the school and was introduced to the faculty that morning. Dean never really paid attention to those meetings. He was only a gym teacher. Nothing really affected him seeing as all the history teachers took over the sports teams. Why it was like that, he didn’t know. So it left him with a routine job of yelling at kids to run around the gym, stretch, and play dodgeball occassionally. Nothing more or less.

But he glanced up from his paper to see the new teacher- Mr. Collins. He was nerdy little guy. Well, not so little in height, but he had an innocent look to his face that seemed to shrink his demeanor. He was dressed in a dark blue sweater over a lighter blue buttonup. He had black glasses that seemed to hide how blue his eyes were. But they were unmistakenly a bright blue. Such a bright blue that Dean seemed to get lost in them and oh no- he was caught. The new teacher squinted at him and tucked his head down and sat back in his seat. 

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