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Smoke pt 3

Story Summary: You knew Bucky and Steve back when you were kids. When they both disappeared in the war, you let Peggy experiment on you with the serum. It had a different effect on you than it had on Steve, and you’ve spent your life in hiding. What will happen when you finally make yourself known?
Word Count: 1,258
Warnings: Feels. Angst.
A/N: I hope you guys are liking this so far. And if you have any advice/comments, I’d love to hear them!!

You sat on the balcony of your apartment the next day, taking small puffs off the cigarette that rested between your lips. It’s a habit You had picked up about 20 years ago. It didn’t seem to have an effect on your health, so you kept it up. It made you feel calmer, somehow. You’d received a call from Steve earlier, letting you know that they still planned on coming over this evening, if that was okay with you. Of course you had agreed. You already had dinner in the oven, and you had spent the majority of the day cleaning your apartment. It was nothing too fancy, just a small two bedroom on the top floor of a building. You liked it because you didn’t have to hear anyone above you, and you used the extra room as an office/music room. You had become infatuated with the guitar over the years. You were pretty good at it, now, too.

You took a final drag from your cigarette, before you put the butt of it in your ashtray, standing up and stretching. You looked at the time, seeing that they would be here shortly, and decided it might be a good idea to change into something other than sweatpants. You headed for your closet, digging through it, until you found a cute, black, pin-up style dress. It came to right above your knees, and had a plunging neckline. You put it on, before letting your hair down from the ponytail on top of your head. As it fell around your shoulders, you sighed happily. You wouldn’t even have to curl it, it looked fine just the way it was. You put on a little bit of eyeliner and mascara, and applied a light pink lipstick to your lips, before slipping on a pair of black heels and spraying yourself lightly with your perfume. You looked yourself over one last time in your mirror, before you walked back into the dining room, preparing plate settings for everyone. Steve had told you that it would be him, Tony, Natasha, Sam, Clint, Scott, and Bucky. It was more people than you’d ever had in your apartment, and to say you were nervous was a bit of an understatement. You think that’s why you dressed up, honestly. You pulled the oven open to check on the chicken quickly, when you heard a knock at the door. “Just a minute!” You called out, putting the chicken back in the oven and setting a timer for ten minutes.

You hurried to the door, smoothing out your hair and dress before you unlocked it and slowly pulled the door open. You saw Steve first, standing there in a nice blue buttonup shirt, a smile plastered on his face. “Y/N!” he exclaimed, hugging you tightly. “Hello, Steve.” You whispered into his neck. He pulled away from you, examining your dress. “Wow. That’s all I have to say.” He said, and you blushed brightly, clearing your throat. “Please, come in.” You replied, opening the door for everyone. You got a few ‘hellos’ as they entered. Bucky was the last one through the door. He was dressed in a black button-up shirt and black jeans, his hair looked freshly washed, and he was chewing on his lip. You forced a smile at him as he came through the door, and he did the same to you. You closed the door behind him, locking it, and took a deep breath before you turned around to face him. “H-How are you?” You stammered, wrapping your arms around myself, suddenly feeling insecure. He nodded, his eyes taking in every inch of your exposed skin. “I’m good. Hungry.” He said quietly, and you nodded. “Dinner is almost done. You can have a seat, if you’d like.” You told him, motioning towards the dining room table, before you scurried off to the kitchen.

You opened the fridge, pulling out a couple boxes of wine and a pitcher of water. “You guys can help yourself to drinks. I’ll leave them out for you.” You called to the dining room, and you heard the clinking of glasses being picked up. You peeked your head into the oven once more, making sure nothing was burning, and you heard someone behind me. “Mmm. That smells absolutely devine.” You turned around, seeing Sam Wilson standing there. You tucked your hair behind your ears, chucking softly. “Thank you. I try.” You replied, and he smiled at you, walking over and pouring himself a glass of wine. “Steve tells me that you and Barnes have a history.” He spoke, as Natasha walked into the room. Her eyes fell on you, almost apologetically. “Y-Yeah.. We did.. But he doesn’t remember.. It’s not that big of deal.” You whispered, your eyes darting to the floor. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and You looked up, seeing that it was Natasha. “I’m sure he’ll remember you.. You’re gorgeous, for christ’s sake. How could he forget you?” She tried making you feel better, and you forced a smile. “I hope you’re right.”

You pulled the chicken out of the oven, placing it on the counter gently, as everyone else was chatting around the dining room table. “Need any help?” You heard, and you looked over, seeing Steve standing there. You chuckled, holding out a bowl of dinner rolls to him. “You could help me carry everything to the table, if you don’t mind.” He nodded, grabbing a few more things, before heading into the dining room. You cut up the chicken, and then followed suit.

Everyone ate, happily, not really speaking much, except for the occasional content sigh. “I hope it wasn’t too awful. It’s been nearly 80 years since I’ve cooked for this many people.” You said, laughing, and Steve chuckled, too. “It was your 16th birthday, wasn’t it?” He wondered, and you nodded. “I’ll technically be 97 in a week.” You told him, and he smiled sadly. “We missed so much, didn’t we?” He whispered, staring at his plate. “It’s okay. We’ve got the rest of our lives for you to make it up to me.” You teased, and a smile made its way back to his face. “We should throw you a party.” Tony interjected, and I looked at him, biting into my lip. “Y/N isn’t really one for parties, Tony.” Steve told him, and you nodded quickly, “I don’t like being the center of attention.” Tony shrugged, “Too bad, I’ve already started planning it in my mind. There’s no stopping me, now.”

Dinner continued with small talk and some laughing, until everyone was finished. “I’ll clear the plates.” Scott offered, and Nat helped him kindly. You couldn’t help but notice that Bucky hadn’t really spoke the entire night. He was intently staring at the table, something strange written in his eyes. You let out a small sigh, standing up from the table. “Excuse me for a moment.” You said softly, and Tony, Sam and Steve nodded at me. You made your way to the balcony, opening the door, and closing it gently behind you.

You always liked being on the balcony when you were confused or upset. It helped you clear your head. As a cool breeze came through, you shivered, wrapping your arms around yourself tightly. You just wished that Bucky had remembered you, like Steve had. Was that too much to ask for? You had loved him for so long.. and this was worse than heartbreak. How sad it is, to love someone who couldn’t remember you.

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Destiel-Teacher AU- FLUFF

Dean stood in the hallway long after school had ended. Most teachers had packed up and left or were wrapping up their last minute announcements for the school clubs they ran. Dean didn’t really have anything to do. He could have left by now. In fact he didn’t even really need to be in that hallway. His office was in a whole other wing of the school. 

But he couldn’t help it.

A new teacher had arrived at the school and was introduced to the faculty that morning. Dean never really paid attention to those meetings. He was only a gym teacher. Nothing really affected him seeing as all the history teachers took over the sports teams. Why it was like that, he didn’t know. So it left him with a routine job of yelling at kids to run around the gym, stretch, and play dodgeball occassionally. Nothing more or less.

But he glanced up from his paper to see the new teacher- Mr. Collins. He was nerdy little guy. Well, not so little in height, but he had an innocent look to his face that seemed to shrink his demeanor. He was dressed in a dark blue sweater over a lighter blue buttonup. He had black glasses that seemed to hide how blue his eyes were. But they were unmistakenly a bright blue. Such a bright blue that Dean seemed to get lost in them and oh no- he was caught. The new teacher squinted at him and tucked his head down and sat back in his seat. 

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