blue buggy

Divided: Part 17

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: This is super fluffy 

Word Count: 2537

Summary: Your new team assembles, preparing to fight, but some slight conflict ensues, when and unexpected visitor arrives. 

Authors Note: I kinda love this part so I hope you guys do too. The character I reference, Veil, is from @thewintersoldierprogram sequel piece. It has a different reader, Veil, but gives a happy ending to Steve, something you will not find here. I always love hearing from you guys, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions!  Tagging is open, just ask, if you are on my tag list and your username has changed PLEASE let me know!

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The small blue buggy turns quickly around the corners as Steve drives hurriedly down the ramps of the empty garage. The car skids slightly, pushing your shoulder roughly into Bucky’s side with the force of the turns.

You smile apologetically at him, eliciting a slight chuckle from him in response as his eyebrow raises at Steve’s ferocious driving.

Finally, the car turns tightly into an empty spot, a white van a few spaces over from your window. Steve parks the car, stepping out hurriedly, Sam following quickly behind him.

You remain still for a moment, watching the van, Bucky peering over your shoulder as your arm reaches back across him, your shoulders rolling back into a defensive and protective posture.

Then suddenly you see Wanda’s head poke out from the passenger seat of the van moments before Clint appears around the back. Your shoulders immediately relax as you register your friends. You move quickly, dislodging yourself from the small car as Steve walks forward to greet Clint.

“Cap,” Clint says, a small smile pulling at his lips as Wanda climbs out of the car. “You know I wouldn’t have called if I had any other choice.” Steve responds, his posture falling back into his normal Captain’s stance as he shakes Clint’s hand.

“Hey, man, you’re doing me a favor.” Clint responds as you rush towards him, happily throwing yourself into his open arms. His hands wrap around you tightly, pulling you closely to his chest as he lifts you slightly off the ground.

For a moment you want to cry, realizing how long it had been and how much you had missed him. “Besides, I owe a debt.” Clint says softly, still looking at Cap as you hug him. You finally dislodge from him, beaming ear to ear as you turn to Wanda, moving forward to wrap her in a tight hug.

“Thanks for having my back,” You whisper softly in her ear, smiling as the two of you rock back and forth slightly in a tight embrace. She pulls away slightly, smiling as she looks you up and down, noting the new marks and bruises you had received since last you’d seen each other. “It was time to get off my ass.”

She winks at you as she takes your hand, moving forward to speak to Steve. Steve’s face is tense, unsure how to proceed with Wanda’s presence. He glares at you, knowing instantly that you are responsible for Wanda being there. His nostrils flare as you avoid his gaze, his anger swelling in him once more at you disobeying his orders.

Steve opens his mouth, preparing to scold you, but Wanda interrupts him, raising a soft finger in the air to hold his words.  “Old man, you need my help, just accept it.” She teases slightly, Steve exhales, annoyed as he shakes his head, a small smile to tugging at his lips as Clint lets out a laugh.

“Fine,” Steve nods, his eyebrows rising in amusement, “How about our other recruit?” He inquires, his gaze shifting to the van. “He’s rarin’ to go!” Clint laughs amusedly as he roughly pulls back the sliding door of the van.

“Had to put a little coffee in him but he should be good.” The sleeping man in the back seat jerks forward, startling awake. Sam’s recruit steps from the van as you and Steve exchange skeptical looks with Sam, who just nods confidently, his arms crossing defensively across his chest.

“What time zone is this.” The man says as he blinks ferociously at the bright light of the sun. Your eyes glance briefly to Bucky, hanging back by the other side of the car. His face downcast as he waits patiently for the exchange of pleasantries.

“Come on Scott. Come on.” Clint says pushing Scott forward towards Steve, you give Wanda’s hand a small squeeze as you release her, stepping forward quietly and moving towards Bucky as Scott walks dazedly towards Steve.

“Hey,” you whisper as you move in front of Bucky, your hands sliding softly to his waist as you slip your face into his downcast gaze. You see his face tense, his jaw set tightly as his hair hangs down slightly around his face, “where’s your head at?” You ask softly, your hands sliding up his body to his cheeks, tipping his head forward so that you could place a delicate kiss on his furrowed brow.

You pull back to see his softened expression, his eyes blinking faintly as his lips pull in a reluctant smile, his metal arm slides gingerly around your waist pulling you against him as he straightens, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead before turning to focus on the conversation.

“Hey man!” Scott exclaims loudly, looking over at Sam. “What’s up tic tac,” Sam responds threateningly, his arms still crossed defensively. You can’t help but snort as you try to suppress a laugh. Is this just Sam’s way of interacting with people? Have I just never noticed because we’ve always been friends? Or is Sam just being a protective Mama Bear to Steve?

“Look… what happened last time…” Scott starts to explain, but Sam quickly breaks, smiling slightly as he interrupts Scott. “It was a great audition, but it’ll never happen again.” He laughs, the small sound of a threat still present in his voice. Yep, Sam the Mama Bear.

“They tell you what we’re up against?” Steve asks, drawing Scott’s attention back to him but not before he glances momentarily at you and Bucky behind Sam. “Something about some psycho-assassins?” Scott responds, raising an eyebrow at Steve to display his own skepticism.

“We’re outside the law on this one. So if you come with us you’re a wanted man” Steve speaks clearly, making sure Scott knows exactly what he’s signing up for. Steve has always been a worthy leader, careful at all times to make sure that his team is informed and willing, careful to never take advantage of the loyalty he inspires. It’s why you liked him, why you trusted him, why you…

“We should get moving.” You startle slightly as Bucky speaks beside you bringing your focus back to the situation. You glance up at him, noticing the tension in his chest again as he feels the pressure of the ticking clock.

“Veil helped us to get a chopper lined up.” Clint responds, immediately clicking into work mode. Steve smiles slightly, appreciating the reliability of his friends. Suddenly a siren sounds as a German voice echoes over an intercom throughout the parking complex.

Everyone tenses and looks around, Bucky listen’s carefully to the announcement before explaining a translation, “They’re evacuating the airport.” He pulls away from you as he stands firmly upright to face Steve glancing around to watch for any intruders.

“Stark,” Sam growls slightly, looking around as if he expected his ex-teammate to suddenly appear. “Stark?” Scott questions, looking confused.

Steve nods as if making a decision before announcing to the team at large. “Suit up. I’ll go scope out the helicopter, draw Stark out if he’s here, you all split up and explore other exit routes and escape routes.”

You all nod, Scott snapping into a serious salute, “Yes Sir, Captain America.” You can’t help but laugh at Scott’s nervous demeanor as Steve smiles slightly, “Except for you Mr. Lang, I need you to come with me.”

Steve and Scott waste no time in suiting up as the rest of you move quickly about gathering your gear. “Here buddy, I think I grabbed a piece that’ll fit you.” Clint advances on Bucky as he looks nervously to you for reassurance, you nod softly as he consents to follow Clint to the van.

“Y/N, hun, I think Wanda has something that will make you very happy.” He tosses over his shoulder as Bucky follows him. You move quickly towards Wanda as she reaches into the car, “Hey Clint says you have something…” She pulls out of the car, pulling with her a familiar pile of clothes. Your suit.

Your hands run happily over the flexible corset and close fitted leather jacket, smiling widely as you find the stretchable strong fabric of the pants, littered with pockets and holsters for all your favorite knives.  

You smile happily up at Wanda as she hands you a rolled piece of fabric. You roll it out on the seat to reveal your vast collection of knives. The only pocket empty was the one for your Scorpion dagger, which was still safely secured against your thigh.

“Thanks Wanda, I… Thank you.” She smiles happily at you receiving your thanks as she pulls out her own duffle. “You heard Cap, suit up.” She smiles as she begins to undress, swapping her civilian clothes for her gear.

You follow her quickly, stripping off your jeans as you swiftly slink into the close fitted black fabric, stripping off your shirt for ease of buckling the high waisted pants. You move quickly, loading your knives into each of their designated pockets.

“Hey, we have to get going soon, are you all almost ready?” Sam speaks plainly, looking at you and Wanda, his eyes briefly grazing over your exposed chest, only covered by a bra as you load your knives. Bucky and Clint walk around the van, coming to listen to Sam’s plan.

Bucky’s eyes flash briefly to you before widening, his fist clenching slightly at the discomfort of your exposed body around Clint and Sam. He moves quickly, stepping towards you to block the view to you as he reaches for your corset on the seat. “Doll?” He says sweetly to you as he hands you your top.

You glance up at him, halting in your ministrations, seeing the discomfort in his face before glancing down to your top in his hand. “Call me old fashioned but…” He whispers quietly. It dawns on you why he’s so uncomfortable and you quickly grab your corset from his hand, wrapping it around your torso as you begin to do up the clasps.

“Sorry… we change in front of each other all the… I just don’t really think much about it… never really had to…” You whisper as you finish the clasps, moving quickly to lace up your knee high boots and grab your leather jacket.

Bucky nods, as his shoulders jut forward, hunching defensively. He turns from you and moves around the side of the van as Sam calls to everyone for a strategy design meeting. “I… just give me a minute, I’ll get him.” You say to an annoyed Sam, turning quickly to follow Bucky around the other side of the van.

“Bucky… Hey, what’s going on?” You walk forward in front of him, his head hangs down again, biting at his lips as his brow furrows. “We never… I know I don’t have… We never talked about it but…” He stumbles as he tries to find the words. “I just…”

He tries to pull back, away from your grip, but you hold onto his suit, locking your fingers into the belt around his midriff, pushing yourself forward against him as you slide your arms around his waist.

You rest your head against his chest, hugging him closely. His arms rise up defensively for a moment before softly wrapping around you. “It’s ok… I’m here, I’m right here beside you…” You pull back slightly, your hands moving up to frame his face and pull his gaze down to meet yours, his arms still wrapped around you.

“I’ll stay here as long as you’ll let me…” You kiss him softly, feeling a small tingle press down your spine as his fingers flex against your back and he pulls you closer.

“You…” He pulls away slightly, pressing his forehead to yours as he sighs heavily, his voice shaking ever so slightly “you matter to me… it’s been a long time since anything’s mattered to me… but you…” He whispers softly, his eyes blinking open to look at yours.

His eyes shine down at you. You gaze into his blue stare, feeling as if you could see the whole meaning of life in his sad eyes. Your head swims as you breathe deeply, feeling as if an addictive rush was coursing through your body.

“I love you.” You whisper quietly, your mind blurs as your adrenaline sky rockets higher than any fight had caused it to before. You bite your lip nervously as you gaze up at him. Unable to take back the words that you had never before been able to say.

He smiles widely, his eyes sparkling with the vulnerable joy that you had only seen once before in bed. His arms wrap strongly around you as he pulls you into a deep and passionate kiss, his hand sliding up into your hair to pull you tighter against him.

After a moment, you kiss down his neck, settling into the comfort of his embrace, his hand still pressing softly in your hair. “I love you.” He breathes, his lips pressing softly against your forehead as a smile cracks across your face.

You both stand there, arms wrapped around each other, smiling slightly as you both breathe evenly for the first time in the last 48 hours.

“Umm…” Wanda interrupts awkwardly, stepping around the van, you pull sharply away from Bucky, turning towards her as she stares at you for a moment, her eyebrow raising, before her eyes dart to Bucky, widening her smile.

“Sam has a plan; you need to come be briefed quickly. Cap’s about to move forward with Scott.” She reports, the knowing smile tugging at her cheeks. You nod tensely, your eyes glaring at her, knowing exactly what she was doing.

You step forward, Bucky moving beside you towards Sam. Wanda grabs your arm for a moment, holding you back, “In love? Certainly not what I was expecting to overhear… I guess, congratulations?” She chuckles as she teases you, causing your face to go red.

“It’s not nice to read people’s mind Maximoff.” She rolls her eyes at your teasing before placing a quick kiss on your cheek. “I just want you to be smart and stay safe.”

She smiles as she links her arm in with yours, moving you forward towards Sam and Bucky, “And I want to keep Steve from killing you,” She teases, her eyes flashing forward to appraise Bucky’s large form, “Or him.”

You chuckle slightly, tension present at the edge of your laugh as the memory of your argument with Steve flashes in your head, giving way to the image of his kiss with Sharon… You step up beside Bucky, looking to Sam as he continues with his explanation.

Your eyes flash up to Bucky, his tall form standing close beside you… His perfect jaw darkened with thick stubble, pieces of his hair flittering forward into his bewitching blue gaze. His eyes flash to you for just a moment, catching you staring at him.

He smiles broadly at your gaze, his eyes twinkling with the hint of a laugh. Your chest relaxes, a feeling of calm and certainty washing over you. You matter to me… People have before… But never like this… You… you are what matters to me.


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Divided: Part 16

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff 

Word Count: 2121

Summary: Unsure of your next move, you, Steve, and Sam attempt to assemble a team and a plan so as to act quickly on Bucky’s information. 

Authors Note: I can’t make up my own damn mind… so I know I said I was done fucking with Steve… but I just can’t help it.  I hope you all enjoy it, I always love hearing from you guys, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions! Also, Civil War is now on Netflix, so you all should definitely rewatch asap <3  Tagging is open, just ask, if you are on my tag list and your username has changed PLEASE let me know!

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

This… this is your idea of a getaway car?” You scoff as you eye the outdated blue buggy that Steve steps out of. “It’s low profile and it was easy to access, if you have a better plan, I invite you to speak up now.” He bites back, clearly annoyed at your mocking.

You stay silent, biting your lip so as to keep from talking back, you were already on eggshells with Steve and now was not the time to pick another fight. “Sam, any word on our new recruit?” Steve asks turning towards Falcon, standing a fair distance from you and Bucky, arms crossed and lips pursed.  

“Yeah, I got through and he’s on his way, but we are seriously outnumbered still. Any luck reaching Barton?” Sam responds, stepping forward to communicate with Steve, trying to effectively keep you out of the discussion. Steve shakes his head eyes falling to the floor in disappointment.

“Barton? What about Wanda? Have you tried her, I’m pretty sure she’d be on our side…” You start only to be interrupted by Steve, “Wanda’s not an option, Y/N.” You stare at him, blinking slightly at his decisive tone as he takes a deep breath, “She’s at the compound under Tony’s surveillance.”

“So break her out!” Your brow furrows at Steve’s defeated attitude, “She’s just a kid, I don’t want her wrapped up in this.” His voice rises as he focuses his full attention on you, his chest swelling slightly.

“She’s the same age as me!” you yell back, getting annoyed with Steve, “And I didn’t want you involved with this either, yet here you are, once again, throwing yourself into a situation that you have no business being in.” Steve’s voice booms out as he yells at you, causing your face to grow red as your own anger bubbles within you.

“No business!? I…” You open your mouth to respond only to pause when Bucky’s hand presses into the small of your back, “Steve…” he says quietly and calmly, “we’re running out of time.” Steve stops for a moment, looking from Bucky back to you, his anger softening slightly as he takes a deep breath.

“Well, if we can’t get a hold of Barton…” he starts but you quickly interrupt him “Have you tried contacting Laura?” Steve’s brow furrows as he looks at you with confusion, the same look mirrored on Sam’s face as he finally turns to face you.

“Laura… Laura Barton… Clint’s wife?” you roll your eyes in exasperation as a look of understanding finally flashes across Steve’s face as he shakes his head slowly.

“I’ll give her a call, see if I can get in contact with Clint,” you confirm, pulling your phone out of your back pocket and giving Bucky’s hand a quick squeeze before stepping away from him to make the call.

“You better give Sharon a call Steve… see if she can help us get our gear… without it, we are going to be shit out of luck.”  Sam speaks quickly to Steve as the phone against your ear rings, Steve nods in response, quickly pulling out his own phone.

“Hello?” you hear the sweet voice of Laura Barton on the other end, the discernable sounds of children laughing echoes through the phone. “Laura? Hi, this is Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N… I’m sorry to call you like this but…” “You need Clint?” She interrupts coolly, already knowing the exact reason for your call. She may not be an agent but Laura never misses a thing.

“I’m sorry, but yes.” You confirm, you hear her laugh briefly on the phone before slight static and Clint’s hard voice on the other end, “Y/N, what’s wrong? You’ve been all over the news, are you alright? Are you with Cap?” He speaks quickly, his fatherly worry flittering in his tone.

Your stomach tenses as you smile slightly at Clint’s protective nature. He had trained you early on; always been a source of comfort as you progressed through training, filling the hole left by the loss of your own father. He had even continued to protect and vouch for you as you began operating with the Avengers.

“Yeah, I’m ok, everyone’s ok, I’m with Cap now… him and Stark have had… a bit of a disagreement. I… I need to call in a favor.” You hear a pause on the other end, Clint breathing through the phone as he deliberates his answer, after a deep sigh, he speaks, “What do you need?”

“You… Your skills, your support. We need you to come to Germany, we’re up against something greater than the accords, something with the power to tear this world apart…” You pause, waiting for his response.

After a moment Clint sighs, “If Cap thinks it’s a threat…. If he needs me… I’ll be there.” You breathe heavily, a sigh of relief escaping your mouth. “Thank you Clint… thank you.” You pause, biting your lip as to whether or not to disobey Cap’s wishes.

“Clint… one more thing… can you get Wanda? She’s currently being held hostage by Vision at the compound… we need her… and she needs to fight, to make her own decisions. She’s an Avenger for fucks sake, I just… I don’t want her to just…” “Yeah… I’ll get her.” Clint’s tone is calm, causing you to relax a bit.

He always did have a way of soothing your nerves, of understanding you when you felt that you weren’t making sense, listening to you and making you feel heard. “Thank you. Thank you Clint. We’ll send details shortly. See you soon.” You hang up the phone, turning back to return to the group and prepare a plan.

You pull up underneath a concrete underpass, the old car rumbling slowly to a stop. Your shoulders bent at an awkward angle as Bucky leans back into you, his body slanted slightly as he tries to squeeze his large form into the small car.

Your hand rests softly on his, your fingers gently tracing over the metal slats, his finger twitches faintly at your gentle touch. He smiles softly as he leans his head slightly towards you, his body relaxing at your touch, a small sigh escaping him.

You grin quietly at his change in body language, grateful for the comfort that you could provide. Your eyes flash forward as another car pulls into the underpass ahead of you. Your eyes briefly graze across the rearview, catching Steve’s wounded expression in the reflection.

For a moment your gaze connects as your teeth pull nervously at your lip, your brow crinkling slightly in a silent apology. His eyes quickly turn from yours as he roughly pushes at the door, stepping out of the car in one fluid motion.

“Not sure you understand the concept of a getaway car.” You hear Sharon remark, mockingly, making you smile slightly, before Steve slams the door shut, and walks forward.

Bucky shifts uncomfortably beside you, his body twisting once again as his neck stretches to look out all surrounding windows, his instincts putting him on edge in the open area. Your hand moves to his knee as you watch Steve and Sharon. Your thumb absent mindedly glides over his jeans, drawing small circles as he fidgets beside you.

Sharon opens her trunk, revealing Steve’s shield and Falcons wings. You hear Sam breathe a quiet “Yes!” as his fist clenches in excitement at the sight of his gear, before relaxing back into his comfortable position.

Bucky sighs exasperatedly again, making Sam’s hand clench slightly as it drapes across the back of the front seat.  “Can you move your seat up?” Bucky asks beside you, speaking calmly to Sam in front of him.

“No.” Sam responds coldly, settling firmly into his position. “Sam…” You scold him warningly for his rudeness, he winces ever so slightly at your tone, remembering the way you used to reprimand him when he would harass and tease new recruits.

His head turns to you, his eyebrow cocking towards you in surprise, “Really Y/N, you wanna do this?” You shrink back slightly, remembering Sam’s persistent hostility towards you as of late. Bucky shifts again beside you, his face sharpening as he tenses, glaring at Sam, his shoulders rolling back protectively.

You place a silent hand on his arm, pulling him back, shaking your head slightly, he looks at you, clearly agitated but calms none the less. He huffs loudly as he shifts again, dislodging from your grip to raise his metal arm up over your head, settling it softly around your shoulders, pulling you close to him. He presses a small kiss to your forehead as you settle into the comfort of his embrace, the content smile returning to your face.

Steve glances back at the car again as Sharon speaks to him, his stomach twisting slightly to see you wrapped beneath Bucky. His shoulders roll back tensely, drawing himself up to full height as his attention snaps back to Sharon.

You watch as he deflects his gaze forward, his jaw pulling tightly as his hand grips at the trunk of her car. You see his jaw flex as he speaks again, Sharon nodding, her mouth moving silently in response, causing Steve’s attention to flash back to her.

Bucky’s hand slides onto your thigh, his fingers mirroring your loving touches as small circles are traced on your jeans. His fingers ghost softly over your leg as your eyes focus on Steve and Sharon.

Steve tenses for another moment, biting his lip indecisively as he moves forward awkwardly, his arm gripping around Sharon’s waist to pull her into a clumsy kiss. You watch as Steve stiffens against her, Sharon’s hands moving softly in his hair, her passion and desire for Steve clear in the kiss.

Your jaw pops open slightly as you watch, surprised both at the tension in your stomach and at Steve’s uncharacteristic behavior. He was never one to steal a kiss in the heat of battle, or flippantly pursue various women.

Even with you there was months of ground work and sub textual conversations that eventually led into you losing your patience and forcing his hand one night… But now… Is this who he is? Is this what I’ve made him?  

You are shaken from your slight shock by Sam’s enthusiastic whoop from the front seat as he punches the air victoriously, throwing a small gloating look back towards you.

You feel your eyes sting slightly as you turn to look at Bucky, a similar smile to Sam’s pulling at his cheeks, a small sense of pride at his friend’s moment. You pull your eyes away from Bucky’s proud look and glance back at Steve, biting your lip as you fight to control the rush of emotions pulsing through you.

Sharon steps away, leaving Steve to look up, nodding slightly to himself as he smiles and glances triumphantly at the car. His eyes flit to Sam and Bucky, both men nodding and smiling in solidarity with their friend. Then his eyes fall to you, his smile faltering as you two make eye contact.

The shadow of your shock is apparent on your face. Steve’s brow furrows slightly as he takes in your expression, a mirror of his own feelings from the past few days. His stomach tenses as he watches your eyes flick down, his small moment of triumph wavering at the regret of being the reason for your pain.

“Doll?” Bucky asks, confusedly watching Steve as he pulls his eyes away from you and focuses them on the car’s trunk once again. You close your eyes, blinking quickly as you try to clear your conflicted whirl of emotions from visibility.

“Y/N?” Bucky’s concern grows as he shifts to look at you. Sam tenses and coughs uncomfortably as your eyes flash up to meet Bucky’s. A distant smile painting your face as you lean forward and place a small kiss on his cheek.

“Is… is everything alright?” Bucky asks, his brow furrowing, worry evident in his tone, as his fingers slip gently across your cheek. You grin and settle into him, closing your eyes as you take a deep breath, relaxing into his familiar and comfortable scent as his arm pulls tightly around you once more keeping you close.

Your eyes glance up at him, “Everything’s fine Buck.“ You whisper quietly, not sure of how much truth is in your words. Bucky nods at your response, accepting your answer as his shoulders shift protectively towards you, his metal arm drawing you closer to his chest.

He watches Steve, his brow furrowing slightly, his brain working quickly as he tries to make sense of the bizarre looks exchanged by his best friend and his girl… My girl…

Part 17

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Innocent - Part 3/?

pairing: bucky x reader

summary: see exactly what is happening inside that small blue buggy with the reader, bucky and sam as steve and sharon talk

part 1 | part 2

In your defense, all four of you didn’t have a lot of cash on you to get a nicer rental. Plus, you needed something that wasn’t too nice since you were trying to travel incognito. Still, you had to admit, it was small. Really small.

When the guys first laid eyes on it, they looked to you waiting for you to tell them it was just a joke and the real car was parked somewhere else.

“Listen, this is all they had left that fit within our budget, okay?”

Bucky shrugged his shoulders. “You know what? It’s not that bad.”

Sam scoffed. “Yeah, maybe if you’re sitting in the front.” There was a silence before Sam yelled out. “Shot gun!” Bucky rolled his eyes slightly, partially mad that he wasn’t going to be sitting in the front.

You handed Steve the keys, since he knew where you were going to meet his girlfriend, or as Steve kept telling you, not his girlfriend, to retrieve their gear. “Looks like it’s you and me in the back.” Bucky’s eyes immediately softened, and suddenly he was more than happy to accompany you in the backseat.

Keep reading

On a favorite Christmas memory…

“When I was 5 and a half I got up in the middle of the night and caught my father downstairs putting together a blue baby buggy for me and I was you know, wondering why he was there and doing this and he told me that Santa had come by and was so busy and in such a terrible hurry that he had conferred with him for a little while to, how to put the buggy together and that my dad had said he would take care of it for him. And I believed him and went back to bed.”

MTV Interview - October 1987

LILO and STITCH best quotes...

Lilo- “Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw!”
Stitch- “Blue punch buggy… no punch-back!”
Lilo- “My friends need to be punished.”
Lilo- “It’s fish! If I give Pudge tuna, I’d be an abomination! I’m late because I had to go to the store and get peanut butter ‘cause all we have is… is… stinkin’ tuna!”
Lilo- “Hey! Three days ago, I bought Stitch at the shelter. I paid two dollars for him. See this stamp? I own him. If you take him, you’re stealing.”
Lilo- “Ohana” means family. Family means no body gets left behind or forgotten.“
Stitch- "This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Ya. Still good”