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The Signs As Waterparks Lyrics

Leo: Aesthetically, yeah, we’re so pleasing

Virgo: I wanna pour my feelings down the drain

Capricorn: You’re a symphony, I’m just a sour note

Taurus: We expect everything and expect nothing less

Gemini: I’m two-faced from your double exposure

Scorpio: I’ll be the silver living around your fence

Aries: These feelings that I’m feeling are all so conflicted

Pisces: I wish I could forget you but it’s out of hand

Libra: I’m sick of everything I’ve been around enough to get used to

Aquarius: If you’d die I’d hope you’d haunt me

Cancer: The boys are back, the boys are sad

Sagittarius: There will come a day when I will make things different

ok ok so a trc band au

- gansey, ronan, henry, and noah are all in a band (idk maybe called called excelsior and they have an album/song called safe as life? maybe be afraid and happy? idk)

- they get high profile gigs

- ronan is on drums, gansey is guitar/keyboard, henry is lead singer, and noah is bass

- their genre is literally a mess

- like one album will be soft rock and another one will be more pop and there’s one with a punk vibe and something really techno

- some fans think it’s because they want to keep listeners guessing or it’s for the aesthetic but it’s because these boys literally cannot decide on on genre and they almost broke up over it until gansey (ever the diplomat) suggested that they have a rotating system where they switch off picking the genres

- adam and blue are in a small indie band

- they have a regular gig at nino’s pizza, but they haven’t really been discovered yet

- they’re name is like magician and the mirror or smth

- they play really vibe-y music and some covers

- one day gansey and the boys™ are chilling at nino’s on blue and adam’s gig day

- and they sit there and see blue and adam setting up and they get ready to critique (as fellow musicians do)

- but then they start and

- hey

- they aren’t half bad

- so of course bc gansey is so fucking extra he’s like well you know we need to do a collab and of course ronan thinks adam is hot so he’s down and noah is excited for friends and henry thought they had a cool vibe

- so gansey goes up and gets totally destroyed by blue

- but later that night, adam and blue hang out and look them up and they decided that maybe the weird guy with the politician smile and the ugly clothes can play pretty well and the band isn’t bad

- plus collabing with big shots could get them some much needed coverage

- so they meet up with gansey and the boys and they have actually a pretty good time

- so then they decide to actually do a few songs together and they start regularly hanging out and become really good friends

- fans begin really loving adam and blue and they gain a larger following

- fans of course begin noticing the chemistry and there’s shippers

- especially because henry vlogs and they see clips like noah doing blue’s hair and adam teaching ronan chords on the guitar and then there’s blue getting a piggy back ride from gansey through a field (they were all together ghost hunting)

- and fans spot henry blue and gansey hanging out at small coffee shops and some say they saw ronan and adam at a library together (adam was helping him cram for finals)

- and then blue and gansey go public and so do adam and ronan

- adam announces that he’s is going to college and leaving the band temporarily, and the fans are heartbroken bc what’s blue gonna do? pull a brendon urie and be the only person in a band?

- and ronan says he’s also going to take a break because his mother passed away and he needs to take care of the farm and of course the fans understand but they’re still sad

- but all is forgiven when the announcements to end all announcements is released

- henry blue and gansey are going on tour together

- their band is called dream cameros or something

- and it’s so fucking good and they drive across the country doing gigs and performing at low key events and they vlog their whole experience and it’s great

- and then when they’re done, ronan comes back and adam makes some appearances (he’s love to come back full time but my boy is at a fancy expensive really hard college and he’s gotta study and work his ass off and his friends are so proud and his boyfriend visits him regularly and he’s happy and living the life he’s always wanted)

- but yeah these were just my thoughts on a raven cycle band au eeeee maybe i’ll do a part two and describe their shenanigans or something idk!!

does anyone else feel like they wanna talk to people but also feel like they just wanna be alone because same

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