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Amnesia Pt.2 | Taeyong

A/N: Is it that part 2 is finally here?! I’m so sorry guys i’ve been remarkably busy nowadays and I didn’t really have the time to write part 2- but here it is~ 

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Pt.1, Pt.2

Taeyong’s POV

Summary: After an accident, Taeyong, your boyfriend, was left comatose, and you were forbidden by families on both sides from meeting Taeyong again. After a few months, you were informed of Taeyong’s awakening, only to be struck with the news that he had lost most of his memory. You still loved him, you never stopped, but did feelings on your part matter when the guy you loved did not even know who you were?

Word Count: 3,961 (I literally put my heart and soul into this)

Style/ Genre: Scenario/ Angst

Date posted: 31/08/17

*To clear any confusion, the numbers over here refers to the months AFTER the accident happened, just as in part 1. They do NOT refer to the months after Taeyong has woken up from his coma.

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