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  • the raven cycle as a netflix series

wingedrhysand  asked:

Request: some nice soft bluesey headcanons?? Please and thank you!

sorry this is short and it took me a million years to answer this, I’ve been super busy!
anyways, here are some bluesey headcanons for you. most of these are post TRK hope that’s okay!

• First of all, I don’t accept the “Blue and Gansey still can’t kiss” this as canon.
So, like they kiss a lot.

• A heck of a lot of just soft kisses

• I also feel like they’re that couple that are just like constantly holding hands.

• They’ll just be hanging with the gangsey, and Gansey will say something really sweet, and everyone (including Blue tbh) will just make gagging noises.

• Yeah, i feel like that happens often

• Blue hiding his boat shoes.

• Gansey gives Blue his coat when she’s cold and it’s like a fucking dress on her cause she’s tiny. Gansey thinks it’s adorable.

• They still call each other in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep, sometimes they won’t even say anything, just the comfort of knowing that they’re on the other end is enough.

• Honestly just so much pda.

• People getting confused when Gansey calls her Jane in public.

• Just Blue and Gansey in any situation tbh.

“Jane, I love your shoes!!”

“………thanks, you’re pretty cool too.”