blue bicolour

Gorgeous dreams of “Blue” Inked Doll 

Inked Girl in this picture: @c0rtanablue

“If you guessed my name was from the video game Halo, you are correct!
I’m a tiny Canadian who resides in downtown Toronto, and yes, Drake is my everything. I actually have a 6 God tattoo.
I live with my beautiful kitten Mozzarella Blue, and he is a blue bicolour ragdoll, born March 1, 2016.
I have an intense passion for video games, and I am always up for discussion. I actually worked at GameStop for quite a long time before getting into cam modeling. My favorite type of games are sci-fi FPS, though I have played many other styles of games over the years. I currently own an )(BOX One, PS4, WiiU & DS XL). I spend most of my time on my XBOX. I have 3 video game tattoos, ask me about them anytime!
If you haven’t noticed already, I love to sing!! also love playing guitar. I own a Taylor 214c and I plan on upgrading to an 814 at some point soon.
I love orchids and insects. I treat my orchids like they are my children, and I spent a lot of time in the past raising exotic praying mantises.
I’m dedicated to the awareness of mental health and I love helping others while I fight through my own journey”