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I wish you could be kissed

Preview for my piece in the @blueseyzine Under All This! I had a lot of fun working on this and everyone’s pieces look amazing, so please check it out if you can!

Its the middle of September who’s stoked for Halloween?! I am…. even if i cant properly celebrate it this year TvT

Dusclops one of my friends fav Pokemon and Bewear is a big fav of mine, so i was super happy to see him in that costume in the new Halloween plushies :D Now they match! So its kinda dedicated to my friend haha


Very late happy birthday to @bluekujira and Alfred F Jones x;D 
Blue, this is for you but i missed your birthday so i decided to post it on Alfred’s bday but I missed it as well OTL 

I hope you like it! Inspired by those surprise videos I saw in youtube. Surprise! Surprise! 

*Alfred’s Cake looks like this