blue berries cupcakes

Anybody feeling down? Read this, my pain may cheer you up

So I’m a cleaner and I was cleaning an office after a party and there was a selection of cupcakes, ranging from blue berry to chocolate, left over. I’m allowed to keep these and eat them because other wise they’ll get binned so its to save them going to waste.

I, however, do not like blue berry cupcakes, but I also don’t like wasting food. So I put them on a plate and decided to take em down to the security guards. I set off to make my way downstairs, completely lost in my own little world. I went to the door and opened it with one hand while balancing the plate of cupcakes on the other when all of a sudden, “Oh, hi Steph-”

My heart leapt to my throat as the voice of my darling work partner startled me from my musing (not really use to people talking to me in work, bar other cleaners you see) and in my state of flustered panic flung the cupcakes into the air. Both my work partner and I screamed as cupcakes poured from the heaven all around us.

I. Was. Mortified.

After several minutes of agonising laughter, and my workmate thanking the heavens that it had been cupcakes I had been carrying and not a bucket of water, we cleaned up the mess and I took the remaining cupcakes that hadn’t stumbled from the plate downstairs. I told the security guards the story and returned to work.

However, my work colleague later informed me she had went downstairs and the security guard confessed to having personally seen the whole cupcake fiasco unfold on the camera… he saw it on the camera! THERE IS A RECORDING OF THIS! HE IS GOING TO SHOW THE OTHER SECURITY GAURDS AND HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS WHO ELSE! ;A;

If any of my lovely followers are feeling down I hope this cheers you up, if even only for a second. xx