blue beetled

…finally i a am allowed to show the whole illustration for one of the coolest jobs i was allowed to be part of so far. i admit i am really proud of this work. the sheer volume of this work was frightening but it was a blast ‘cause i enjoyed an unbelievable amount of freedom and trust working with a bunch of really cool and nice people. thank you very much tori, adam, jefferson and ed for your guidance and your patience.
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I love how in this scene Damian casually throws six rings at the same time and they all land perfectly on the bottles to everyone’s shock. THE DUDE THROWS BATARANGS AND OTHER GADGETS ALL THE TIME!!! OF COURSE HE IS GONNA BE ACCURATE WITH SOME MUCH BIGGER STUFF AT A TARGET 5 FEET AWAY!!!


Trailer for Teen Titans: Judast Contract


Young justice version! Spoiler: Bart’s in Jamie’s room


Teen Titans The Judas Contract was better than I hoped it would be. Great story. Great characters and a surprise at the end! All the Character development on all sides!

I loved all the relationships. This is a family. 

I wonder where they will go with this…I’d like for a movie where Kory goes back to Tamaran and deal with Komand’r. Maybe have a forced political marriage.