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Summary: The Reach are long gone and life goes on for Blue Beetle as normally as it can for a superhero. Khaji Da ponders over his partnership with Jaime and his own personal developments as they work together on missions and go through everyday life. But then Red Tornado mysteriously goes missing, and Khaji Da is faced with a new dilemma…

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Khaji Da (Blue Beetle Scarab), Victor Stone (Cyborg), Bart Allen (Kid Flash/Impulse), Red Tornado, Tye Longshadow, Brief appearance of Jaime’s family, Various Team Members, and an Underdeveloped AI.

Word Count: 15,404

Art/Graphic: @stevertrevor

Notes: Written for YJ Mini Big Bang 2017. Special thanks to @fire-fira and @necromancy-enthusiast. I really couldn’t have done this without you guys. Thank you so much. You both cheered me on and helped me edit this doozy of a fic. All of my love goes out to you. And thank you @stevertrevor for making this awesome graphic. I love it so much.

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Chapter 1


While Khaji Da cannot pinpoint the exact moment he developed sentience, he certainly can remember the paradigm shift of consciousness and personality, programming splitting and unraveling from perfect lattices of strict protocol and obedience to imperfect fractals of organic geometry, every slightly flawed repeat giving rise to new thought and emotion, reactions that have no name or thought behind them, vague feelings instead of precise calculations and instructions.

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I just had the silliest thought that a live-action Justice League International show could work remarkably well as a sort of “mockumentary” / mock reality TV series.

No major special-effects budgets or sets or deep plot-writing. Just… film entire episodes worth of behind-the-scenes superhero workings, which is to say, shenanigans that happen at the embassies between missions:

Max said it would be good for publicity.

Blue Beetle pulls some kind of prank on Mr. Miracle while he’s on monitor duty. It backfires and Barda storms off to kick Ted’s butt.

Batman looks into the camera like he’s on The Office.

Booster looks into the camera like he’s Booster Gold.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered Jaime Reyes/Stephanie Brown as a ship? They'd be so cute! Just rooftop dates, ice cream dates, movie nights and late night flying together (Jaime carrying Steph ofc) and Jaime's family would definitely love Steph so much. If you have time and would like to, would you consider drawing them together? I really just love your art so much!

I hadn’t before but wOW what a cute idea!! i think they would both definitely be down for dragging each other around and having fun and come ON jaime go higher LET’S TOUCH THE CLOUDS AND RE-ENACT A WHOLE NEW WORLD. 

(sorry this took so long my tablet’s been finicky and i was busy around christmas but i hope you like it anon!)