blue bedsheets

Sometimes I get sad thinking about Jack moving, but then I remember that we went from a cabin in the woods, to just a blue bedsheet, to where we are now. And those changes have been nothing short of positive.

This change is gonna be good too. I know it.

for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (1/8) - dare

The speed with which Brian’s priorities could flip was enough to give him whiplash. That was part of the problem. One moment he was freaking out about his life, his career, this ever-increasing feeling that the walls were closing in on him, and the next that was all secondary to how careful Katya sounded over the phone and how he must be feeling. 

(AN: who’s ready for 4k of unmitigated sadness broken up by a few bad jokes? i have the whole thing outlined though and i promise a happy ending. no warnings apply and none of this is real. this fic is canon set sometime this upcoming august; i use “katya” and “brian” for clarity and he/him pronouns out of drag for both. once again, not established relationship, but established something. (and belated thanks to everyone who liked or responded to “here comes the breath before”! i appreciate you all.))

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End-of-Manga spoilers ahead so read at your own risk, I’ve avoided DSoD spoilers tho so don’t worry about that

(Atem gets his own body back AU)

1 AM- Atem is staying the night at Kaiba’s. They are playing card games in bed. This can only end well.

2 AM- Kaiba’s third Blue Eyes is GONE. EVERYBODY PANIC

3 AM- Blue Eyes is not gone, just under a pillow. Kaiba has kicked over both decks.

4 AM- Sorting cards. Neither of them remember who had the foiley Polymerization.

5 AM- Putting cards in card sleeves. Kaiba is putting his deck in Obelisk the Tormentor sleeves. Atem is putting his in Toon Dark Magician Girl sleeves. Kaiba is silently judging him.

6 AM- Sun is up, time to sleep.

7 AM- Kaiba’s alarm goes off. They sleep through it.

8 AM- Time for Kaiba’s first meeting of the day. He sleeps through it.

9 AM- Time for Kaiba’s second meeting of the day. They are still sleeping. Mokuba says a prayer to Ra that they are both wearing pants and goes to wake his brother up. His prayers are answered.

10 AM- Kaiba is out the door in less than three minutes. Atem rolls over and goes back to sleep.

11 AM- Atem is awake. Everybody he knows is at school or at work. Atem is bored.

12 PM- Atem discovers that Kaiba’s laptop lets him buy things. He buys Blue Eyes Toon Dragon card sleeves as a prank.

1 PM- Atem buys Blue Eyes Toon Dragon bedsheets. Atem discovers one day shipping.

2 PM- Atem buys Blue Eyes White Dragon card sleeves and bedsheets as a preemptive apology.

3 PM- Kaiba gets an alert during a meeting that one of his credit cards has been maxed out. He asks his secretary to freeze it. Atem discovers the laptop is no longer letting him buy things. Atem is bored again.

4 PM- By going through Mokuba’s bookmarks, Atem discovers that there are four animal shelters within ten kilometers that kill cats if they are not adopted within three days. Atem is no longer bored. Atem has a Mission. Kaiba is stuck in a meeting and wishing for death.

5 PM- Yugi is out of class but refusing to help Atem. Atem goes to Jounouchi instead. Jounouchi agrees to help.

6 PM- Kaiba finally takes his lunch break and calls Atem. Atem does not answer. Kaiba considers calling Yugi but decides against it. He will come to regret this decision.

7 PM- Somewhere along the line, Honda joined the mission. Anzu is not answering her cell. Atem is sure this is Yugi’s fault.

8 PM- Kaiba is in his last meeting of the day. This meeting is very important. He tells himself this will be over soon.

9 PM- The meeting is not over. It is still very important. Kaiba is playing Pokemon under the table to avoid relapsing into Season 0 insanity. Nobody notices.

10 PM- Kaiba finally comes home. There is Blue Eyes merchandise everywhere. There are cats everywhere. There are probably cards everywhere, knowing Atem. There is also probably cat pee everywhere. Kaiba is hoping the two don’t overlap. Atem is not everywhere. Atem is nowhere. Kaiba screams his name anyway.

11 PM- Atem was not gone, just laying under a pile of cats. Kaiba politely informs him the cats have to go. Atem politely informs Kaiba that cats are sacred beasts and are going nowhere. Kaiba can’t win. Kaiba never wins.

12 AM- Kaiba wants to sleep. Atem wants to play Duel Monsters. They play Duel Monsters.

1 AM- Kaiba’s third Blue Eyes is GONE

Fake Smiles

Characters: Lucas, Mrs. Friar, Maya, Zay, Riley
Pairing(s): Lucaya, Rucas
Genre: Angst/Romance
Warning: Contains explicit language.
Summary: Lucas has been putting on fake smiles all his life. So it’s only fitting that he chooses to fake smile when he’s confessing his love (like?) to his girlfriend. (Right?)

a|n: This is what happens when I think of an explanation for Lucas’ personality and his actions in Girl Meets Ski Lodge. As always, bear with my grammatical and spelling issues and I hope you enjoy this one-shot. :)

P.S.- I don’t know if this is in an AU or not. I think it’s like the GMW verse but mainly takes place in High School with a very different Lucas. Like the regular show but the gang is all older.

P.P.S- I am trying my hand at Angst, tell me if it works.

Since he was little, Lucas knew how to put on a smile. (One that is never real.)

  His father had always been an intimidating man, but he never was scary to Lucas until he started to be an alcoholic. The alcohol consumed his father and turned him into something Lucas does not recognize.

  (Lucas remembered how his eight-year-old-self had run in front of him and begged for him to stop the first time he witnessed his father as a drunk. He remembered how his father didn’t listen.)

  After a hard day of drinking, his father would yell words that were too loud and his momma would stand by stoically, with silent tears streaming down her face.

 (He cried too, just a little.)

  During social gatherings, they made excuses for his father about how he was sick, when, in reality, he was just nursing a hangover.

  (They didn’t see how his momma’s smile was a little strained and how Lucas’ hands were shaking.)

  He followed his mother’s lead and acted nothing ever happened. (And maybe if he pretended hard enough, it would be just a figment of his imagination.) He laughed and joked around with kids his own age and didn’t tell anyone about what happened, even his best friend Zay.

  (He didn’t like the feeling of fake smiling- his cheeks felt like plastic and his lips hurt from stretching so wide.)

His momma later explained to him how his father was a war veteran. How he saw bad, bad things and how it affected him. She told him how he would use alcohol to make the bad things go away and he will get better one day.

  It didn’t.

  In fact, it got worse. The house soon became a constant home for raised voices and his family survived on his mother’s checks because his father got fired for not showing up. His momma now has dark bags under her eyes and lives on caffeine because she’s been working triple shifts at the hospital every day.

  Lucas’ earliest memories of his father were happy ones, lazy afternoons of playing games and eating ice cream on the porch and days of sunshine and laughter. In those memories, he called his father “daddy” because that was what he was, a dad. Secure and strong and safe.

  The ones after that were the farthest things from happiness.

  Lucas’ later memories of his father were ones of drunken shouts and incoherent yelling, ones of his momma crying and him closing his eyes and plugging his ears because he just wants it all to stop. In those memories, Lucas called his father “sir” because that was what he is, a stranger. Distant and scary and angry.

  In the comics that Lucas loved, the hero always had to make a sacrifice in order to save the world. Sometimes, in the depths of his room, he would tell himself how his father gave up his heart in order to be a hero- to save lives and make the world a better place. But no matter how hard he tries to convince himself that his father is the next Superman, the power of his imagination cannot take away the truth of reality- that his father is no hero.

  (Evey time when his father gets drunk, he’ll burrow under his blue bedsheets and tell himself that his father is a hero, a hero, a hero. And when he repeated it a dozen times over, it made the empty words a bit more convincing.)

  The silly musings of his father being a hero soon became nonexistent when he wasn’t a kid anymore. As a teenager, he yelled right back when his father got drunk and coped with his life by communicating with his fists. At school, he was known for his explosive temper and dangerous smirks. 

  (They didn’t know that his trademark smile was bruised and battered under his mask.)

  He loved the fights, the rush made him feel a much-needed liberation and the adrenaline made him feel invincible like nothing can tear him down.

  (But after the fights, when the rush was over and the adrenaline was gone, he was a little boy again, hiding under the covers, waiting for the shouting to be over.)

  Through it all, his momma bandaged his wounds and wiped his tears. And like always, she was silent the whole time- face expressionless with the incredible ability of hers to always be strong throughout everything life has thrown at her. And sometimes, despite him not telling Zay anything about his father’s drunken behavior, the younger boy would offer much-needed jokes to break him out of his temper fits and understanding glances that just seem to know.

  (And it makes him feel a little better because they know and don’t just view him as some hothead ruining his life.)

  But whatever the situation, he’ll offer them a fake smile that is just a little strained because dammit, he had perfected them since he was eight and he is not going to let his hard work go to waste.

  (But he knows that his momma and best friend can always see through it.)

When his mother finally divorced his father and they moved to New York. Lucas’ fake smiles turned from the I’m-gonna-kick-your-ass variety to the hello-I’m-perfect category.

  It wasn’t because of Riley- he already planned to change his image because he and his mother were here to get a new start, not rebuild their old lives. Riley perception of him just gave Lucas a little… hint on what image he should have.

 Besides, it wasn’t hard. He got good looks inherited from his parents, he understood chivalry by the lessons in southern hospitality from his momma and he was getting a better hold on his temper now. His main source of anger- his father’s drunken ways and Zay’s ability to get himself in trouble was, thankfully, half a country away.

  It was easy, slipping on masks and effortlessly weaving lies because, shit, he’s been doing it all his life. Soon, holding the door and carrying books became easier and almost natural. And maybe it wasn’t real because he had a facade on all day and his friends don’t even know his parents are divorced. But it’s better than the life he lived before, with drunken dads and bloody fists.

 His fake smiles become real when his mother finally got a job, reliving them off his grandmother’s retirement fund and she took him out to eat in order to celebrate.

  They got burgers and fries- something they rarely eat because of his mother’s hesitancy towards anything unhealthy and he didn’t hold open the door.

  She didn’t mind. And his smile, real this time, turned into a real laugh because Lucas didn’t have to put on any fake smiles for his momma. Not anymore.

Lucas likes Riley. At least, he thinks he does.

  The whole thing with him and Riley happened so fast that he has to process it. But no matter what people knew him at Texas say, he does have a heart, and when he finally wrapped his head around the fact that he and Riley have… something, he started to have feelings for Maya. Romantic feelings…

  Which is really bad, because Lucas is now stuck in this weird limbo with the girl he thinks he likes and the girl he knows he likes. Instead of trying to untangle his messy feelings, he concentrated on holding on to his facade because it’s starting to crack around the edges. Besides, the last time he felt like this about someone, it didn’t end well- she was just another person that sees his fake smiles.

  So, Lucas ignored how his eyes automatically drift to Maya whenever she’s in the room and how he knows every little detail about her. He pushed his feelings down and pushed down the urge to do something a little… drastic towards Maya’s teasing.

  Instead, he flashes her a gentlemanly smile and tips an imaginary hat right back at her. Lucas’ laugh, a real one, slips out of his mouth when she fumed, hard, and he can practically see smoke coming out of her ears.

When Riley found out about his past, she acted just as Lucas expected.

  Which was not good because Riley is currently exercising a talking boycott on him. But not exactly.

  Like everything in his life that involves Riley, the boycott was confusing and makes his head hurt. She doesn’t talk him between classes, at lunch, or after school, but she does communicate with him in all the classes they have together (two in total) because she can’t compromise her valuable education.

  Lucas seriously just want to have an easy friendship/ romance/ siblinghood/ whatever-they-are-this-time with Riley. And the boycott thing is seriously fucking with his brain.

  In contrast, when Maya found out about his past, she did the thing that Lucas did not expect.

  Well, to be honest, he didn’t expect anything in particular because Maya Hart is the definition of unpredictable to him.

  And she proved her description in his personal dictionary when she started being nice to him.

  It’s not like he hates it, no. Lucas is enjoying the post-reveal spell that seemed to rattle his friends’ worlds and make Maya nice to him. Granted, she still teased him and make fun of his Southern roots. But Maya treated him like nothing’s changed- like she just didn’t find out he got expelled from school and accidently put a kid in the hospital. It just feels strange when Farkle was shooting him weird looks every other second like he might combust and Smackle is constantly asking him questions about his mental health because of a study about violent tendencies and Riley is, as previously mentioned, kind of not talking to him.

  Unlike her friends, Maya did not avoid Lucas and instead offer support. Even though Maya did not lay off the teasing, she did offer a person who would listen.

  (He doesn’t know why he takes her up to it. His momma and Zay had tried to get him to open up for ages.)

  After the reveal of his past, Maya started coming over to his house after school when she’s not at Riley’s. They’ll talk- about asshole fathers, too-strong mothers, and messed-up views of the world. He helped her understand that romantic love is real by telling her stories of people back in Texas who are on their fortieth anniversaries, and she helped him control his anger by buying a punching bag from her allowance from Shawn and commanded him to punch the item every day for at least an hour to relieve his anger. Maya soon became another person he does not have to put on a fake smile for.

  Together, they somehow made each other better- he encouraged her to enter a painting contest (she did) and she helped him with the divorce of his parents, staying by his side through his anger fits. They both made each other see that they are better than their fathers. Their friendship, unlike his and Riley’s whatever, is easy and comfortable, and soon they come to each other’s house so often that his mother always baked extra chocolate chip cookies and Shawn always have a threatening object by his side while the Hart fridge is stocked with healthy snacks.

  (Sometimes, when their hands accidently brushed each other, he’ll felt a jolt of electricity. And sometimes, when they’re in the middle of an all-out tickle war, he’ll pin her to the sofa and their eyes will meet and his body will feel on fire.)

  But he should’ve known that kind of easy friendship won’t last long.

Lucas didn’t know which girl to pick.

  Okay, first, he wanted to pick Maya, it was obvious- she made him better and made him stronger. But right when he was going to, a paint-splattered Maya grabbed his shirt collar and sucker-punched him in a gut because she doesn’t like him?

   That fact was clarified when she stopped coming over in order to “find herself”. Her pretty clothes and good grades are suddenly gone and Lucas is confused because she was making progress but she’s undoing it all. Suddenly, Maya became the girl she was back when he first met her- jaded, cynical, and devoid of hope.

  (Without Maya to calm him down, he had broken the punching bad in his room in anger because Maya’s hope is disappearing and he doesn’t know why.)

  After a brief close call with the law, Maya was, quote, “Maya again” and he had to remind himself to keep his fake smile and easy demeanor because she’s always been Maya and why can’t they fucking see that.

  So apparently, his feeling are unrequited- all the talks they had and things they did for each other was because she was Riley and he is so confused because if she was Riley why didn’t Riley do the things Maya has done for him? 

  Suddenly, he felt angry at life because he really liked Maya (love? he doesn’t know, but it’s something serious) but she just ended up like the last girl.

  (He thinks back to his ex-girlfriend back in Texas and how she couldn’t see through his fake smiles and how Maya never buys his bullshit.)

Being at the ski lodge is stressful because, since Maya is “herself again” he couldn’t be himself around everyone except Zay and keeping his fake smile on twenty-four-seven is taking it’s toll on him- he had irrationally barked at Riley for talking to some random guy and accidently said that he doesn’t like to tangle with Maya (to be honest, he doesn’t like it because he prefers it when Maya is not throwing herself towards death).

  And maybe the recent events are going to his head but he’s going to pick Riley- because life had already taught him a lesson in romance with all the girls he used to/currently have feelings for.

  The relationship he has with Riley is easy- easy because she can’t call him on his bullshit, easy because he can pretend he’s someone he’s not and she wouldn’t notice. 

  (And yes, his relationship with Riley is easy for all the wrong reasons.)

  Besides, Maya barely talks to him anymore. And he doesn’t want to be right about this but he is. Everyone, including Maya, was pointing towards Riley’s direction and throwing hints to pick Riley and he really wants his punching bag.

  (When he hugged Maya, it kind of seems like goodbye because they both know they won’t be coming to each other’s apartments anymore.)

  Later, he got a purple jellybean and put on his fake smile, went to Riley with his cheeks feeling like plastic.

  It’s the right thing to do. He told himself. Everyone would be happy.

  (But you won’t. A voice in the back of his head whispers. He told it to fuck off.)

  “My favorite thing is in the world is when you talk to me.”

  (Maya had always given him good advice and surprising views through the talks they had in their bedrooms.)

  “It is?”

  Her face was shining with hope, and her sparkling eyes should have captivated him but all he could think about was how her hair was brown, not blonde.

  (For a second, he imagined that Riley was Maya and his smile turned real because he is lying because he and Riley had never confided their problems in each other, talking or otherwise.)

  “It’s okay for you to talk to whoever you want, Riley- you know why? Because I am a secure western hero.”

  (He thinks that his momma is going to slap him for the first few words he said because women do not need a man’s permission to talk to other people- in his defense, he is running out of material. His and Riley’s romantic relationship didn’t really contain anything good for him.)

  “Yes, yes you are.”

  (She is so damn happy right now that he wants to scream. He had never been a “secure western hero” until he met Riley and his lie is so obvious the bullshit alarm is ringing in his head.)

  “But… the important talks, the ones that we’re gonna think about and always remember, can those be just between you and me?”

  (He felt bad, he really does. But Riley is easy and comfortable and the only thing he is sure of right now. The brunette’s eyes are shining like diamonds in the sky but all he could think about was Maya, Maya, Maya. The words he said didn’t make sense but it takes all his energy to put on a smile so it’s the best he can do.)

  “Well, I don’t know Lucas. How could that happen?”

  “Well, I was thinking that if we were… together a little more, that you would only talk to other people a little bit and you would talk to me a lot.”

  (He doesn’t understand the nonsense he is spouting but it works. And he reminded himself that picking Riley is the right thing to do.)

  “That’s what you were thinking?”


   He holds her hand, but there are no sparks, no fire, nothing.

   “I think about it all the time.”

   (There, he’s done it, he confessed. But it doesn’t make him happy and it doesn’t make him smile, not really.)

   When Riley (it’s Riley, Riley, Riley) says “I do” to being his girlfriend, he’s very happy. But his throat felt dry from laughing and his cheeks hurt from smiling.

  (He remembers when Maya once told him how romantic love doesn’t mean anything. Back then, he had convinced her so see romantic love as a miracle, a wonderful thing. But now, when he looked at Riley and felt nothing, he thinks Maya is right.)

  His fake smile was permanently in place until he got home. And when his momma came home from her shift at the hospital, she saw his face and was immediately concerned.

  “What’s wrong?” his momma asked, worry etched into her tired face.

  For the first time in a long time, he gave his momma a fake smile. “Nothing, just tired.”

  Since he was little, Lucas knew how to put on a smile. (One that is never real.)

a|n: So? How did you like my take on Lucas? Constructive criticism is welcome and feedback is much appreciated. And does his choice of picking Riley make sense?

I Want to Have This Forever

(Content: Snowbaz smut + fluff)


“I want it all,” I panted into that spot between Snow’s neck and shoulder, gripping onto him pathetically as our hips moved together. He was torturing me in the best way possible, taking care of me.

“You can have it,” I felt him say. His hands were so warm, hair smelled like toasted marshmallows. His growls against my hair were a gospel.

His body felt so heavy on top of mine and I wanted to laugh because I’d dreamed of this for fucking years and here I was, right where I’d always wanted to be, and I could have it any time I wanted. Under Simon Snow, in our bed, with his fingers dancing across my skin in the dark like he knew every part of me.

It had only been in my most shameful fantasies that I’d dreamed of Simon knowing my body so well, that he’d want to know my body that well. That he’d like it.

But he did, and he had. I was coming apart underneath him like usual, he was rocking into me so so sweetly, and I would never get used to it.

I want to drink hot cocoa with you at Christmas, I babbled silently, throwing my head back and licking his sweat. He felt so good in me and his kisses were so soft. I want to tie your neckties every morning because you can’t. I want kids with you. I want you to call me your husband. I want I want I want.

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It Wasn't Acting

Summary: Heartbroken after catching his boyfriend - Oliver - cheating, Phil decides to leave him but then two weeks later, the doorbell rings and there stood his now-ex-boyfriend claiming that he wants Phil back. Phil denies Oliver’s pleas, leading him to become more aggressive but after secretly listening in on the conversation, Dan decides to interfere.

Length: little under 2k words

extra tags: fake relationship au, protective 


Phil’s POV
“I’ll get him for this, I promise. I will get him back.” Dan whispered, embracing me in a comforting hug as my tears soaked his shirt. He stroked my hair as I sobbed into his neck.
~ Time Lapse ~
I knocked on his door three times waiting for my boyfriend Oliver to open the door.
“Phil! What are you doing here?!” He gasped in a hushed tone.
“I’m sorry, it’s just… I’ve had a really bad day, and I was hoping that you could make me feel a little better.” I sighed reaching my arms out for a hug. Hesitantly, he hugged back.
“I’m sorry Phil,” he began, pulling away from the hug. “You-…you can’t be here.”
“Why not?” I asked concerned.
“It… It’s not the best time.” He exclaimed. “It’s just, I’ve got a lot of work… I don’t have a lot of spare time. I’m sorry.” He babbled.
“Okay, love,” I sighed. “I’ll leave you to your work, but text me, okay?” I asked.
“I will, don’t worry.” He smiled, leaning forwards and pecking my lips. “Love you.”
“I love you too-”
“Babe! What’s taking you so long?!”
Oliver’s face went white and his body tensed. I furrowed my brow in confusion before looking into his apartment to see a man wearing only an unbuttoned shirt, leaning against the doorframe to Oliver’s bedroom. My blood ran cold and I stood glued to the floor.
“Phil,” Oliver began cautiously. “I can explain.” He said, moving his hand into mine.
“Get off me.” I said, my voice trembling. I reached my hand up to my mouth and wiped my lips, thinking of how many other lips have touched Oliver’s. “Y-You…” I stammered, my lips quivering. “H-How could y-you?!” I screamed; my throat tightening,  my stomach twisting and hands and legs shaking made me feel sick. I had to get out of here. I had to leave.
“Phil! Please wait!” Oliver called as I ran with tears streaming down my face.
~ Back to Current Time ~
My eyes slowly fluttered open and squinted as the sun rays shone into my pupils. I stretched my body across my green and blue bedsheets when i suddenly became aware of the booming noise in my ears.
Bbbzzzzz! Bbzzz!
I groaned with annoyance before slowly getting out of bed and making my way to the door. I opened the door before freezing cold to the floor.
“What are you doing here?” I demanded, looking at the disgusting figure who stood in front of me.
“I need you back Phil.”
Dan’s POV
Bbbzzzzz! Bbzzz!
I lifted my heavy eyelids with frustration reaching over to my phone resting on the bedside counter. Who the hell is ringing the doorbell at 10am on a Saturday? No-one in their right mind would think to get up this early.
I smiled as the infuriating noise came to a stop as I heard Phil answer the front door. I rolled back onto my stomach and began to fall back asleep.
“What are you doing here?” I heard from the front door. Phil’s voice is normally so relaxed and calm, but he sounded panicked and somewhat scared.
“I need you back Phil.”
I sat up immediately, my eyes widening and body tensing.
My jaw clenched and fists tightened at the thought of his name. How could he cheat on Phil? I have felt resentment towards him since I met him; the way he wrapped his arms around Phil roughly, always controlling him. His stupid light brown wavy hair that matched his stupid eyes that looked at Phil with love and care, only to realise that it wasn’t only Phil that he looked at like this. How could anyone cheat on someone so funny, so caring, so kind…. so perfect.
“It’s been months now. I’ve moved on. Besides, you are expecting my forgiveness after I caught another guy… In your bedroom.” Phil rambled.
I got up from bed and ran down the hallway quietly before hiding behind the wall and spied on them both at the doorway.
“I was wrong Phil. I was so, so, wrong to have done that to you. I love you. I love you so much.” He pled, reaching his hand out to stroke Phil’s cheek. “Please, Philly.” He whispered hoarsely into his ear.
Blood began to boil beneath my skin as I watched him mess with Phil’s emotions like this.
“Please, just leave.” Phil snapped, motioning for Oliver to leave.
“Come on Philly, I know you still love me.” He smirked stepping closer.
“Stop calling me ‘Philly’!” He shrieked.
'I’ll get him for this, I promise. I will get him back.’ The words echoed through my head and that’s when I decided I had to do something. I shot my eyes around the room desperately when my gaze landed on a purple felt pen resting on the table behind me and I was struck with a sudden idea.
Phil’s POV
“Stop calling me Philly!” I screeched.
“Sorry, baby.” He apologised, yet kept the smirk on his face. “I’ve missed you.” He exclaimed. “You complete me Phil. I love you. I need you.” Oliver finished, looking into my eyes, looking so innocent and pure. I smiled unconsciously at his small declaration. But that’s when I saw his eyes change. After seeing my reaction, they returned to their arrogant gaze filled with smugness and he began edging closer.
Biting his lip, I gulped as I remembered who he was and what he did - I don’t want this at all, I felt fear rise in my throat before I saw Oliver’s gaze drift from my face to behind me. Before I knew it I felt arms wrap around my neck pulling me backwards a few steps.
The arms then moved to my waist, pulling me firmly against a body behind me and I felt a face press into my neck.
“Come back to bed.” I heard Dan whisper hoarsely and sexually into my ear, loud enough for Oliver to hear.
“Dan?!” Oliver spluttered, looking as shocked as I felt.
“Oh, hey Oliver.” Dan greeted with no welcoming tone at all, kissing my neck gently before moving his mouth to my ear. “Philly, do you want to-”
“Wait, wh- no! What the fuck?!” Oliver broke in, dazed. I looked around at Dan casually - trying not to let Oliver know I was as confused as him. But then, my eyes widened as my gaze was caught on a huge purple blotch on his neck. Oliver must have followed my gaze as I heard his gasp.
Dan stood behind me, holding me suggestively against him with love bites all over his neck which then led me to noticing that he wasn’t wearing a top. His usually bare chest was now littered in dozens of purple marks which made it difficult for me not to gasp. His hair was messed up with the ends curling as if he’d been sweating-… Oh God.
“Oh my-… Have you two…” He choked, pointing to Dan’s love bite and then to me.
Dan swiftly winked at me as casually and as secretive as possible. Then - it clicked.
“We’re dating.” I muttered, hoping to God that I hadn’t made a mistake. But then I felt Dan let out a sigh of relief behind me, making me calmer.
“For how long?” He barked.
“I’ve always liked him.” Dan giggled. Saying it with such confidence, almost made it sound true not only to Oliver, but to me too.
“It’s been nearly a month.” I answered as I felt Dan press his lips to my cheek, causing me to blush furiously.
“Ugh, I should have known.” Oliver huffed. “The way you always looked at him when we went out or were cuddling on the sofa.” He spat at me, leering Dan aggressively. 'The way you always looked at him’? What was that supposed to mean? “When you cancelled our date because Dan was ill, when you couldn’t get a coffee with me because you were making a video with Dan- why didn’t I see this from the start?!” He snapped.
“Maybe you were too busy cheating.” I argued.
“Shut up you-!” He shouted, raising his fist and clenching. I froze with fear like deer in headlights and squinted my eyes, preparing for the pain.
“Leave. Now.” I looked up to see that Dan had untangled himself from me and caught Oliver’s arm mid-air. Oliver and Dan stood glaring at each other with hatred for what felt like years before Oliver yanked his arm from Dan’s grip.
“Goodbye, Phil, Dan.” He grumbled, before leaving the flat for what I hope is the final time. As the door slammed closed, I suddenly felt dizzy, my vision began to blur and I felt my body begin to lose balance.


Dan’s POV
It had now been two hours since Phil fainted. When he fell to the floor, I was absolutely terrified but then I rested his body on the sofa and checked his pulse and thankfully, he was just sleeping. I moved a blanket over him and couldn’t help but capture how adorable yet vulnerable he looked.  
“Dan…” He mumbled, causing me to snap out of my daydream. I dived forward and sat in front of him before whispering: “Phil, are you awake?”
“Can you lie with me?” He asked, with his eyes fluttering half-open.
“Okay.” I agreed, climbing behind him and wrapping my arms around him waist to feel him sigh in comfort.
“What was that all about earlier?” He asked breaking the comfortable silence.
“I felt like I needed to do something. I made a promise, remember?” He snuggled into me tighter.
“Yes.” He answered. “…and where did those love bites come from?” He giggled and I instantly blushed.
“It was pen.” I chuckled.
“That’s a lot of effort for me.”
“You’re worth the effort.”
Phil smiled before speaking again: “When you said you 'always liked’ me, for a second, it sounded real.”
My body became rigid. He can’t know.
“Well, I… Err…” I coughed as my voice broke. “…I’m glad that my acting skills are of such a high standard.” I exclaimed with a fake laugh. After hearing no reply, I began to wonder if he had fallen asleep again.
“I was hoping you weren’t acting.” He said. My eyes widened and I stared at the man who was pressed up against me with his raven-black hair and eyes so blue he could make an ocean’s colour envious.
“What?” I gulped, my heart palpitating faster than humanly possible.

  "I…“ He hesitated. "I- I love you Dan.” He admitted, squeezing his eyes shut with the fear of rejection. My stomach filled with butterflies and my heart was not stopping it’s racing pace. I quickly spun his body around to face me and leant my forehead against his.

“I wasn’t acting.” I whispered with a smile. “I love you too.”

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I'm actually rolling around laughing😂

So, I was asking my mum if she could get me Dan Howell’s bedsheets from Ikea, and I was talking about how I didn’t think Phils green/blue bedsheets would go with the feel of my room like Dans would, Then my mum said the greatest thing ever😂 “Oh so they don’t share a bed? But I thought they were boyfriends? And the photos of them you have in your room on posters and stuff they look like they are together?” I held it together and casually said ‘no, they aren’t actually😂’ then I ran into my room and now I can’t stop laughing omg😂

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Night Call

I have been told that today is Damian WAYNEsday, and so here is my contribution: Night Call - Dick/Dami

Dick carefully picked his way through the manor. It was silent and dark, and he’d almost call it eerie, but he knew better.

Damian’s bedroom was at the end of the west wing, past the library and adjacent to a row of empty, dust-covered guest rooms.

Earlier in the batcave, Bruce had been stiff-lipped and dead-eyed on the subject. But Dick had worn him down with his questions, and he’d learned a single detail on what had transpired: Damian had disobeyed direct orders in the field.

Not unheard of, certainly, for Damian. Through the years he’d learned to control his emotions better, learned how to listen and anticipate instead of blindly leaping into situations, coiled tightly in his rage.  

But Bruce’s lack of emotion and single-minded dismissal had clued Dick in on the real situation. At seventeen, Damian was going through what he’d gone through at a similar age – the restless, gnawing desire for what came next.

For Dick, it had been Nightwing. For Damian, it could be anything.

The unpredictability of the situation scared Bruce. There were too many factors, too many words left unsaid, too many voices trying to claim Damian for their own.

And so, it was Dick’s turn to walk the tight-rope and pick up the pieces of a well-trained but starving tiger.

Once outside Damian’s door, Dick knocked, gently. Despite the late hour, he’d knew Damian would be awake.

“Come in,” his voice cut through the silence, even from behind the door.

“Damian,” Dick said quietly as he pushed the door open.

There was nothing but darkness until Dick’s eyes adjusted to the room, but by then it was too late to stop the onslaught of emotions.

Damian was sprawled out against the pale blue bedsheet with a hand resting behind his head, the long column of his neck barred but his eyes as sharp as ever. His careless pose did nothing but draw attention to the fact that he was completely and utterly naked.

The moonlight streaming in through the large windows of Damian’s bedroom coated his tawny skin in milky blue hues. Instead of making him softer, more dream-like, the half-lit room made Damian look rougher and more dangerous. Even with shadows pooling in the spaces between his ribs and the hard lines of his stomach, every raised scar on his boy looked as if it were burning.

Dick heard his breath hitch in his throat before he could stop it. He could feel Damian’s eyes on him, drinking in the interested tilt of his hips and the way he was completely unravelling. His knees trembled, betraying his body’s desire to bend to the raw power running through the youngest Wayne’s blood.

“What’s wrong, Grayson?” Damian asked quietly, but Dick heard the haughtiness underneath. “You sound like you can’t breathe.”

Dick tore his eyes from the long trail of Damian’s legs long enough to catch the sharp lines of the younger man’s mouth, before he quickly lowered his gaze to the floor.

“Damian,” Dick pleaded. “Can you – please cover yourself.”

There was a long stretch of silence. Dick strained to hear the rustle of bedsheets sliding against skin, but there was nothing but Titus quietly growling at the foot of the bed.

“Do I make you uncomfortable, Grayson?” Damian asked.

Dick frowned at the floor. “Stop being contrary just because you’re in a bad mood.”

“Why shouldn’t I show off my body?” Damian demanded. “I’m in peak physical condition. I have nothing to hide.”

“I’m sure Titus and Alfred the Cat agree,” Dick responded, a bit wryly. But he heard how strange his voice sounded, even to his own ears. “Now, please, I want to talk to you.”

Damian sucked on his teeth, but this time Dick heard him move the sheets around on the bed. “Fine,” he drawled. “I’m decent.”

“Thank you,” Dick said, lifting his head. The words died on his lips.

Damian had pulled the sheet over one of his hips and the material barely covered the area between his legs. The defiant act only called attention to the dark trail of hair disappearing beneath the smooth silk.

A very well-trained but starving tiger, Dick thought, and swallowed.

7 Days a Week // Matthew Gray Gubler

Personalized request for my 1st place giveaway winner @dollycrybaby! I hope it’s what you wanted :)


“Matthew are you sure you can’t stay?” You asked for the third time as you laid lazily in bed. It was just past five in the morning and the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon that summer day. The blue silk bedsheets were tangled around your body, smelling of sweat and a mixture of your perfume with his cologne. It was a comforting smell that made you feel right at home. You watched as he slowly dressed, still slightly groggy at the early morning.

“I have a few scenes to shoot and they’d kill me if I didn’t show up,” he replied with a small sigh.  The light slowly trickled in through the window illuminating your tan skin in a way that naturally drew his attention to you. You sighed and fell back onto your pillow, your brunette hair shining like a halo around you in the dim light, it’s red tips a glowing ring of fire stark in contrast.

“Fine,” you replied, knowing his commitments were more important than your simple need to hang out. You let out a loud sigh as you thought about what you’d do that day while he was out filming. The most likely answer was chores and that made you sigh even deeper. Things always seemed to be more fun when he was around to do them with, no matter how mundane the task. He chuckled at your disappointment and sat on the bed next to you.

“Do you want to come? You know they all love you,” he asked as he slipped on his shoes. You grinned at his mismatching socks, one striped and the other with polka-dots. It was a charming quirk that you loved. You shook your head, your mattress and soft sheets seeming much more comfortable than hanging around a set early in the morning.

“I’ll go tomorrow,” you replied with a definite nod. He nodded in agreement and stood, tossing you your robe. He laughed as it hit your face and you peeled it off with an amused roll of your eyes.

“Join me for coffee then?” His inviting smile was enough to pull you from your bed and into the kitchen. The sound of the coffee-maker filled the room as you pulled coffee creamer from the refrigerator and a bag of cookies from the cabinet.

“Will you be up when I get home?” Matthew asked, knowing he had a long day ahead of him. He poured both of you coffee and prepared them, a clear sign of how well he knew you since you’d rarely accept anyone else’s attempts to get your coffee just right.

‘Do you want me to be awake when you get home?” You asked with a tilt of you head, taking the mug from his hands. He gave you a playful punch at your question, a fluttering in his stomach at your airiness.

“You know I always do.”


“Here you go,” Kirsten said happily as she handed you a water bottle. You thanked her as she took a seat next to you, the both of you watching the current scene being filmed. Your gaze was set solely on Matthew as he recited his lines to AJ and Shemar.

He was impressive. You surely would have tripped over the mouthful that the writers had written into his script but he managed to get it out without difficulty. You smiled as the camera panned over to AJ for a moment, Matthew taking the opportunity to shoot a wink your way.

“You two are so cute,” Kirsten said with a dreamy sigh. “I’m so glad you found each other. Gubler really needed someone special.”

“He’s special himself,” you replied as you took a sip of cold water. The scene continued to play out and you glanced at the copy of the script in your hands. It would be over soon and you were more than happy about it. You let out a soft yawn that Kirsten caught.

“You need sleep!” she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around you. You happily let her hug you as you were a huge fan of her warm embraces.

“I’m just waiting for Matthew so we can head home,” you replied with a laugh. It was louder than you had meant for it to be causing you to quickly clasp your hand over your mouth with wide eyes, hoping it didn’t get caught on camera. The last thing you needed was to ruin a shot and end up staying longer in order to reshoot. You let out a sigh of relief as everyone continued as if nothing had happened although you saw Matthew raise his eyebrow just slightly as he recognized your sound.

“I really am tired though,” you added quietly as you removed your glasses for a second in order to rub your eyes.”These are some long days.” Kirsten nodded in understanding. They had all been on set for hours, and today was supposed to be the last day of shooting for the week. People were willing to stay longer in order to ensure they wouldn’t have to come back the next day in order to wrap up.

“That’s the life of actors my love,” she sighed. “And of actors’ significant others by extension.”

You sighed as you slumped into your chair, waiting for Matthew to finish. You personally loved being on set. You had warmed up to all of the cast and created great friendships that you never thought possible. But sometimes the call times were simply ridiculous and you had been there before the sun even rose and past its setting.

Kirsten chuckled as she noticed your eyes shut from exhaustion. You were asleep in an instant, your body refusing to stay awake any longer. She protectively wrapped an arm around you while you slept and continued to watch her co stars film. In just two minutes they were finished and Matthew came bounding up to where you sat.

“She couldn’t take it anymore,” Kirsten explained as Matthew looked questioningly at your sleeping form. He smiled at the peaceful look on your face as you were curled up into yourself.

“It’s late. We should head home,” he replied, bending down to lift you into his arms. Your eyes opened briefly in surprise at being airborne for a second before shutting closed at the sight of him. Your arms lazily wrapped around his neck as he carried you out of the set bridal style.

“You took forever,” you commented sleepily as he opened the car door and fastened you into the passenger seat.

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Let’s just go home.”

Matthew smiled as you fell back asleep in the car seat. He took a moment to look at you, reminding himself of how crazy it was that he had landed such a great girl who was willing to put up with the craziness of his schedule.


“My god. I can handle the fans but this is ridiculous,” you muttered in annoyance as the two of you walked through the streets of downtown LA. All you had wanted was a nice shopping trip with your boyfriend and instead were now ignoring the calls of paparazzi from across the street.

“It comes with the territory,” Matthew reminded you with a small grin. He’d never really let them get to him. But then again, he wasn’t some huge star which everyone immediately recognized. He’d only dealt with the aggravating cameramen a handful of times. “This is nothing. Imagine if you were dating Brad Pitt.”

“I can so imagine that,” you replied dreamily as you thought about Brad Pitt in his younger days. You overexaggerated the look, knowing Matthew had a small hint of jealousy shoot through him whenever your childhood crush was mentioned. Matthew scoffed at your reply but then chuckled as he realized it was just your playful teasing. The two of you stopped in front of a Tiffany & Co, successfully leaving the swarm of paparazzi out on the street. You spent the next hour picking out a necklace for your best friend’s upcoming birthday before finally settling on a simple diamond piece.

“You know that there’s going to be rumors of an engagement tomorrow,” you sighed as the two of you exited the store only to be met with the flashing of cameras. The amount of paparazzi had grown while you were inside and were now in the process of yelling, asking if the two of you were picking out a ring.

“That’s not such a bad insinuation,” Matthew replied with an uncharacteristically shy smile. You felt your heart leap as you realized what he meant.

“Well then I guess we won’t mind seeing those tabloids,” you smiled brightly. He smiled broadly,his eyes disappearing as he flashed you his perfect teeth. With a happy laugh he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and lead you away from the small frenzy of photographers.


Your loud laughs filled the room as Matthew switched through the snapchat filters on his phone. The two of you had been laying in bed taking selfies for what seemed like over an hour now and you were still amused. You always lost track of time around Matthew but you weren’t complaining.

“We’re cute pups,” he commented as he switched to the dog filter. You laughed as he took the photo, saving it onto his phone before sending it to his closest friends. You grinned as your own phone lit up with the notification that he had sent you a picture.

Matthew switched to the regular camera and began to take a flurry of pictures as you laughed, capturing the sweet moment of your smile. He grinned victoriously as he looked through them and stopped on one.

“This is my favorite,” he commented as he showed you the phone. It was a picture of him looking at you with a broad smile with you looking back at him, your mouth open in an amused laugh. It was a cute photo that had captured the happy essence of the moment, and the way he looked at you was the same way all girls longed to be stared at by a man. It was your favorite too.

“You’re posting it?” You asked with a raised eyebrow as he opened up his instagram. He nodded with a small grin.

“Yeah. I want this moment to live on forever,” he replied as he posted the picture. Immediately his account was filled with likes and comments from fans, ranging from cute to downright nasty jealous words. He shrugged the comments off and closed the app once more.

“You never do that,” you said with a subtle happiness ringing in your voice. The edges of his lips tugged in a small grin.

“I like keeping my love life private. You’re so beautiful I’m scared someone will steal you away.”

You snorted at his response and rolled your eyes playfully.

“Steal me away. Yeah right,” you laughed. Your melodic laughter was contagious as he chuckled, turning to face you.

“It’s true.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Oh? You don’t believe me?” He asked with a devilish grin. Your eyes widened as you noticed him flex his long fingers.

“Matthew don’t!” You shrieked as he lunged straight at you, his hands attacking your sides and sending you into a giggling fit. He grinned like a mad man as he tickled you, your loud laughter filling the home with a sense of childish play.


“This is the life,” you said with a happy sigh as you sat back on the couch. In front of you sat a array of half-eaten foods. Pizza, fries, burgers, sushi, chicken wings, and every other imaginable food was strewn across the coffee table that sat in the middle of the living room.

Matthew groaned as he slumped back next to you holding his stomach.

“Maybe we ordered too much food,” he said, feeling as if his stomach was seconds from exploding. He lazily unbuttoned his jeans and sighed at the small instant relief of not being constricted. The two of you had gone slightly crazy when you rummaged through the stack of takeout menus he kept in a kitchen drawer. You had meant to order from only one place but everything just looked so damn good. The two of you had split the work, you calling half the places to order and him calling the others. It had been quite the funny sight to see a variety of takeout cars all pull up around the same time. The workers had looked at each other in confusion before looking back at the two of you, having decided that you guys were either crazy or had a large group of people inside.

But you didn’t have a large group of people. It was just the two of you, and you had gone slightly insane with hunger.

“Y/N?” he said quietly as his body fell sideways, colliding straight into your lap.

“Yes Matthew?” you replied with a small grunt as he hit your full stomach on the way down.

“I feel like I’m dying. Tell my mother I love her,” he spoke exaggeratedly as he pretending to pass on to the other side. You rolled your eyes at his dramatics. There was no doubt he was an actor.

“I’m dying too,” you replied with a groan as the fabric of your jeans seemed to be uncomfortable against your bloated stomach. He smirked, undoing the button and giving you a small wiggle of his eyebrows when you sighed in relief.

“At least we’ll die together,” he replied, naming the one silver lining of the current situation. “Matthew Gray Gubler and girlfriend Y/N found dead in home. Cause of death: Food.”


“It’s too big. It won’t fit.”

“That’s what she said,” you replied with a childish grin. Matthew gave you a disbelieving look as he continued to try and shove your suitcase into the trunk of his car.

“Why did you pack so much? We’re only going to San Francisco for a few days,” he asked as he gave one last final push and successfully got it in. He wiped the sweat off of his forehead and closed the trunk with a thud.

“I like to be prepared,” you replied with a shrug. He shook his head, giving you a kiss on your forehead before playfully shoving you towards the passenger door.

“Come on. It’s a long drive,” he urged as he slid into the driver’s seat.

Matthew was laughing wildly as you continued to belt out Spice Girl’s lyrics at the top of your lungs, dancing along as he drove on the highway. If there was one thing he loved about you it was the loudness that overtook you once you grew comfortable. He looked at you from his peripheral vision, laughing at the little shimmy you gave before turning his attention back to the road.


“Jesus Christ,” Matthew laughed as you sang loudly, staring straight at the car next to you. You were doing everything possible to attract the driver’s attention, putting on a concert especially for her. The teenage girl who drove immediately noticed you and laughed, undoubtedly already planning to tell her friends that she had seen a girl singing crazily on her way home.

“What?” You replied innocently as you turned the music down with a smile. He shook his head, his hand wiping away small tears of laughter and his stomach aching from the force. He couldn’t think of anyone else he would rather take a road trip with.

“I love you, you know that right?” He replied with a smile as his hand laced with yours, placing a small kiss on your knuckles.


Your legs ached after an eventful day visiting the pier. Matthew had enjoyed watching you scurry around, buying random trinkets to bring back home for your family and friends. You had even dared to take a tour of Alcatraz, holding onto Matthew’s hand tightly as you listened to the tour guide in the headphones provided for you. It had been an adventurous day which ended with the two of you back in your hotel room, wrapped in bedsheets with the television on. Food service had been called two hours before, and the empty dishes were placed sporadically around the room.

“Tarzan or The Lion King?” Matthew asked as he scrolled through the on demand movies available. You’d both decided on having a Disney night. You’d already gotten through Big Hero 6 and were now debating over older classic films.

“The Lion King,” you replied definitely with a nod. He clicked on it, accepting the ridiculous charge of five dollars a movie and set the remote down next to him.

“We should go to Disneyland,” you suggested as you curled into his side. The thought of visiting the happiest place on earth with him was enough to make you smile to yourself.

“We could go on our way back,” he agreed with a yawn. You nodded and yawned as well, the day’s activities finally catching up with you. You struggled to keep your eyes open as you watched Simba on the screen, Matthew’s hands running softly through your hair.

Matthew blinked as sleep fought to overtake him. It was past midnight and between the long drive the day before and the lively afternoon the two of you had, his body was exhausted. He felt your own body grow heavier as you fell asleep beside him. He felt sense of warmth overtake his body as he pulled you in closer, craving to feel your skin on his. His heart swelled as you sleepily gave his chest a kiss, murmuring words that he couldn’t quite make out and yet made him feel as if he was exactly where he needed to be. And it was all due to you, the wonderful girl in his arms that seemed to comfort and yet keep him on his toes all at once. He was happy now. Truly, genuinely happy.