blue bedsheets

I'm actually rolling around laughing😂

So, I was asking my mum if she could get me Dan Howell’s bedsheets from Ikea, and I was talking about how I didn’t think Phils green/blue bedsheets would go with the feel of my room like Dans would, Then my mum said the greatest thing ever😂 “Oh so they don’t share a bed? But I thought they were boyfriends? And the photos of them you have in your room on posters and stuff they look like they are together?” I held it together and casually said ‘no, they aren’t actually😂’ then I ran into my room and now I can’t stop laughing omg😂

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The Snow: Chapter 1

Written for Day 12 of Jon x Sansa Fanfiction’s 15 Days of Valentine’s challenge (instead of Day 13, because I’m still one day behind - sorry!). More chapters, as usual, to follow this one after the challenge concludes.

Sansa Stark flung the fitted blue bedsheet onto the floor and cursed.

She couldn’t get the damn thing straight for the life of her, and she was fast running out of energy to fight with it.

Under any other circumstances she would laugh at the absurdity of the situation, but being snowbound in the same flat as her ex-husband for the night, no matter how large and luxurious the flat, made her decidedly indisposed to laughter.

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Purple 2.0 (ten *more* facts about your room)

Woah, like seriously, lol 😅 And I love your new avatar, it’s lit😜

  • There’s a blue bedsheet with flowers on my bed at the moment.
  • The floor is marbled.
  • The ceiling is white.
  • I have my laptop in my room where I’m using it.
  • I have an Indian flag sitting at the side of a bookshelf since Independence day(15th August).
  • I have a cute and tiny diary in not so good condition on the shelf too with quotes by some famous personalities written in my poor handwriting (it was an assignment we got in 8th grade which was like 5 years ago) We were supposed to make a book of quotes. I even named it. It’s called Wise Words, lol XD
  • I have a farewell card in my room made by my juniors.There’s also a poem one of them wrote for me and 1D lyrics as the border on the inside.
  • The windows have double doors. One door has glass which acts like a mirror on the outside and is completely transparent from the inside. The other one has a metallic net to let air come in while all the other creatures like insects or bats are kept out.
  • There’s a red table at the side of my bed. I keep my bags there and my laptop .
  •  There’s an almost 19-year-old zombie in my room answering this who might haunt you in your dreams if you ask me to mention 10 more facts about my room, lol XD
Raspberry Soap

A/N: quite obviously based on Soap by Melanie Martinez.

Warnings: smut(ish) in the beginning, angst, bad thoughts, alcohol, swearing

Words: 2031 (smol)

Description/Excerpt:  The scent fills the room and he notices too late that Phil is the very reason this soap is in their bathroom. This is how Phil smells when he gets out of the shower, this is what pleasantly invades his nostrils when he sleeps with his face against the blue and green checkered bedsheets after nights such as this one. Fuck.

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Lips brush over collar bones. The hail pounds down on the roof. The air conditioner amplifying the sounds. Blue bedsheets. Grey comforter. Ugly yellow pillow cases. Hands all over. Thunder crashes as you grab me closer. The lights flicker when you move further down my chest. Branches beat across the house when your warm fingers press against my hipbone. Moving up you capture my breath in your lips. You taste like the last days of summer time.