blue beaded earrings


I’ve tried uploading this post nearly a dozen times now, so here goes with another attempt. I’ve started making and selling jewelry! Bracelets, like these shown in the photos, as well as earrings and necklaces. I have a small container filled with jewelry in my desk now, though I have slowly been selling things as I go. Bracelets are $6, earrings are also $6, and necklaces are $10. Everything is handmade, and shipping in the states is free. Colors and charms do vary, so request what you want, and send me a message if you are interested. Of course, feel free to contact me with any questions, or request a painting commission, or a dreamcatcher, etc. I make and sell a wide variety of things. 


Wore some handmade earings today that my grandpa gave me just after i graduated. They’re long blue beaded earings with a few black beads and a single feather in them. Very obviously native themed. Got harassed at the mall for “appropriating culture to be trendy.” Looked them dead in the eye and said “Miss. My family is alaska native and these were gifts from my grandfather. These are from my culture.” Lordy was it satisfying to see her run off.

etsy find of the day | EVENING EXTRAS 1 | 2.4.14

japanese clematis tensha bead earrings by fershdesign

ok, so i know this was one of my ‘suggested shops’ post earlier, but i just HAD to show off my new favorite pair from there! check out all of fershdesign’s sweet beaded jewelry :)