blue ball jars

What my friend thinks an anime is about just from the title

Dramatical Murder: “murder by chicken.. Cause you know, being murdered by chicken is pretty dramatic”

Tokyo Ghoul: “Tokyo drift”

One Piece: “One piece of cake”

Bleach: “people with lots of Hair dye”

Naruto: “a show about nachos”

Fullmetal alchemist: “Walter White on crack”

Wolf’s Rain: “Raining on wolves”

Attack on Titan: “Hercules and Xena fighting the Greek Titans”

High school of the dead: “living
undead at high school”

My neighbour totoro: “I have a
neighbour named totoro

Haikyuu!: "A show about people’s IQ

Kuroko’s Basketball( Kurkoko no basuke): "people eating fruit baskets”

Free! Internal summer!: “a man with internal bleeding in summer”

Blue exorcist: “a guy with blue balls exercising”

Durarara: “jar of dirt”

Sword Art Online: “men playing with saw dust online”