blue are the feelings that live inside me

shel silverstein quotes for the signs
  • aries: now i lay me down to sleep, i pray the lord my soul to keep, and if i die before i wake, i pray the lord my toys to break. so none of the other kids can use 'em. amen
  • taurus: oh, if you’re a bird, be an early bird and catch the worm for your breakfast plate. if you’re a bird, be an early bird— but if you’re a worm, sleep late.
  • gemini: do a loony-goony dance 'cross the kitchen floor, put something silly in the world that ain't been there before!
  • cancer: i'll take the dream i had last night and put it in my freezer, so someday long and far away when I’m an old grey geezer, i’ll take it out and thaw it out, this lovely dream i’ve frozen, and boil it up and sit me down and dip my old cold toes in.
  • leo: listen to the mustn'ts, child. listen to the don'ts. listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. listen to the never haves, then listen close to me...anything can happen, child. anything can be!
  • virgo: if we had hinges on our heads there wouldn't be no sin, 'cause we'd take the bad stuff out and leave the good stuff in.
  • libra: i will not play tug o' war, i'd rather play at hug o' war, where everyone hugs instead of tugs, where everyone giggles and rolls on the rug, where everyone kisses and everyone grins and everyone cuddles, and everyone wins!
  • scorpio: she drank from a bottle called DRINK ME and she grew so tall, she ate from a plate called TASTE ME and down she shrank so small. and so she changed, while other folks never tried nothin’ at all!
  • sagittarius: how many slams in an old screen door? depends how loud you shut it. how many slices in a bread? depends how thin you cut it. how much good inside a day? depends how good you live 'em. how much love inside a friend? depends how much you give 'em!
  • capricorn: when the light turns green, you go. when the light turns red, you stop. but what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots?
  • aquarius: there is a voice inside of you that whispers all day long, 'i feel this is right for me, i know that this is wrong.' no teacher, preacher, parent, friend or wise man can decide what's right for you; just listen to the voice that speaks inside!
  • pisces: my skin is kind of sort of brownish pinkish yellowish white. my eyes are greyish blueish green, but i'm told they look orange in the night. my hair is reddish blondish brown, but its silver when its wet, and all the colors i am inside have not been invented yet!
Lipstick Stains On Your Heart

(my first shallura fic~ i feel like i probably flubbed some stuff here, but i really wanted to post something so pls bear with me. i’m also fairly bad at titles soooo sorry for that too.)


In another life, Shiro thinks, this would be a quiet Sunday morning. The window would be open, the sky would be clear and blue, and Allura would be settled at her vanity across the room, doing what she is now.

But he lives in the reality he does, which means he’s inside of a castle that’s also a space ship, he’s one of the leaders of the universe’s greatest hope, and he’s inside the bedroom of the princess of a lost planet.

Still, the moment is terribly domestic. 

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The Hottie Next Door Part Two

Characters : Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : Chris moves in next door. Only thing is, he isn’t alone. *based off my out of bounds series*

Warning : Language?

Word Count : 2K+

A/N : By the way, the reader is in her third year of college! lol. Also, if you’d like to be tagged, let me know! Updates will be EVERY Wednesday or Thursday.

Tagging : @imaginesofdreams @deansimpalaqueen@chrisevansisdaddy04​ @almundbuttercup @sailorchibimoonunicorn@mybucky-yourbucky@theresnotenoughwords​ @hollycornish

Read Part One Here

It’s been a few months since you met the Chris and Jenny, and between all the small chats and neighborhood parties, you grew to like them more and more everyday.

Jenny was pretty amazing, as much as you envied her relationship with Chris, you just couldn’t hate her.

Then there was Chris. He was everything you could ever dream of. He was sweet and caring and all together hilarious. No matter what, he could always make you laugh and smile.

It was hard to hate them. Not that you wanted too, anyways.

Tonight, you were asked to dog sit for them, while they went to a premiere for Chris’ new movie.

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Alone- Steve Rogers

Character: Steve Rogers


88. “Just once.”

96. “Why are you running from this? I know you feel it too.”

99. “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

Warning: Just lots of feels and angst and general sadness…Considering doing a Part 2 to this one if anyone is interested! Enjoy! :)

“I need everybody in one this one, except for Agent Grant.”

I felt my mouth fall open slightly as I met the Captain’s eyes from across the room. Everyone around us shifted uncomfortably. “Excuse me?” I asked carefully, leaning forward in my seat. “Why am I not going?”

“You know why.” Steve went on, his fingertips pressed to the edge of the table. “You’re not at 100% yet, Grant.”

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|| Heathers: The Musical Sentence Meme ||
398 Quotes Send in a sentence or send ♡ for a random sentence.

tw for violence, drug use, suicide, nsfw

  1. “I believe I’m a good person.”
  2. “You know, I think there’s good in everyone.
  3. “I look around at all these kids I’ve known all my life and I ask myself–What happened?”
  4. “We were so tiny, happy and shiny.”
  5. “This ain’t no high school. This is the Thunderdome.”
  6. “Hold your breath and count the days, we’re graduating soon.”
  7. “College will be paradise if I’m not dead by June!”
  8. “I know life can be beautiful.”
  9. “I pray for a better way.”
  10. “If we changed back then, we could change again.”
  11. “We can be beautiful.”
  12. “Wake from this coma, take my diploma, then I can blow this town.”
  13. “Fight the urge to strike a match and send this dump ablaze!”
  14. “What did you say to me, skank?”
  15. “We were kind before; we can be kind once more.”
  16. “We on for movie night?”
  17. “Don’t you have it memorized by now?”
  18. “What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending.”
  19. “He is the smartest guy on the football team. Which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf.”
  20. “I’m sorry, are you actually talking to me?”
  21. “I wanna know what gives you the right to pick on my friend.”
  22. “You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen. A future gas station attendant.”
  23. “Why do they hate me?”
  24. “Why don’t I fight back?”
  25. “Why do I act like such a creep?”
  26. “Why do I cry myself to sleep?”
  27. “Somebody hug me!”
  28. “Somebody fix me! Somebody save me!”
  29. “Send me a sign, God!”
  30. “Give me some hope here! Something to live for!”
  31. “Head cheerleader. Her dad is loaded–he sells engagement rings.”
  32. “No discernible personality, but her mom did pay for implants.”
  33. “She is a mythic bitch.”
  34. “They are solid Teflon; never bothered, never harassed. I would give anything to be like that.”
  35. “I’d like to kidnap ___ and photograph her naked in an abandoned warehouse and leave her tied up for the rats!”
  36. “Maybe you should see a doctor.”
  37. “This is an excellent forgery.”
  38. “I crave a boon.”
  39. “Let me sit at your table at lunch. Just once. No talking necessary.  If people think you guys tolerate me, they’ll leave me alone.”
  40. “For a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure.”
  41. “You have a symmetrical face. If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull, I’d have matching halves. That’s very important.”
  42. “Ya know? This could be beautiful. Mascara, maybe some lip gloss, and we’re on our way.”
  43. “Let’s make her beautiful.”
  44. “Who could survive this?”
  45. “I can’t escape this!”
  46. “I think I’m dying!”
  47. “You hope, you dream, you pray, and you get your way!”
  48. “Ask me how it feels, looking like hell on wheels.”
  49. “I might be beautiful.”
  50. “When you’re beautiful It’s a beautiful frickin’ day!”

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The Other (Bucky x Reader) Part 13

Summary: Being a mutant with abilities is difficult enough, without having all this soulmate business to deal with in addition. Y/N meets hers in the least expectant place, but isn’t necessarily as thrilled as he’d hoped. However, a drastic turn of events require them to go to desperate measures to preserve what little they have.

Author’s Note: This one is so short it’s unreal. Tags beneath the cut. That’s how short it is. 

Chapter List


Part Thirteen

You glanced across the hall as Sam was led back to the opposite cell, and he looked as rundown as you felt. Sighing, you leant back and hit your head softly on the wall behind you as the guard locked him in. Suddenly, you heard the key grind in the lock of your door, and the door swung open.


You heaved yourself up and waited for him to unlock your restraints, before re-locking you to a chain and pulling you out the door. The commotion caused Sam to look over, a soft frown on his face. He held your gaze for as long as you could, but the guard was forcing you forward, and you had no choice but to oblige.

The guard yanked the chain on your handcuffs as he led you along the maze of hallways. You sighed as you walked, feeling tired and drained of energy. Every inmate you saw made you feel more and more dead inside. White walls, blue jumpsuits. Blue to separate you from the rapists and murderers who you shared the floor with. Charming.

You had stopped living, and were now simply existing in the present, floating around like time itself. Although you had no clue what time, date, or year it was, for that matter. You had been here a while. The musty smell of mold filled your nose, but by now you had become so accustomed to it that you simply ignored it. Trudging along, you focused your dreary eyes on the guard.

“And where are you taking me, again?” you asked, and the guard huffed. His familiar odour of cigarettes and cheap coffee attacked you like poisonous mist, but you knew better than to comment. Been there, done that. He was a fat, greasy man, with a thick, bushy moustache on his upper lip. You could have sworn he was the reincarnation of Stalin, only shorter, and not as slender. Plus, he definitely had no chance of getting hold of a job like that. A night-shift at a mutant prison, talk about #goals. The pay must be shit.

“Visitor,” he stated, wrinkling his piggish nose and spitting a huge clump of gob into the hallway. You casually avoided it as you walked past, instantly pitying whoever was living with him. There was no chance in hell this guy was capable of cooking, cleaning, or anything else in the ‘must-know hacks for life 101’ catalogue. Then, you frowned. Visitor?

Entering through a light green door you had never seen before, you gazed upon the sight before you. You know those rooms in American prison movies where there’s a chair on each side of a pane of glass, and there are phones on the wall for people to communicate with? That was exactly what this was. You moved your gaze from one chair to the other, until it landed on a chair in the middle of the row. Sitting there, waiting for you, was the last person you were expecting to see.

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I wrote a thing. It’ll be the beginning of a bigger thing I havent figured out the title for, but here it is. Warnings for the fact that it’s Credence pov and that comes with a LOT of self hate and past abuse issues.

It’s meant as the start of a shippy fic, but this bit can be read either way.

He can feel it now, like he hadn’t before. Like a churning, dark mass of all the anger and pain he had ever felt forced into one place.

The thought occurred to him, once he found himself able to stand on human legs again, to let it take over for good. Let it wipe him away in the black power of it. Credence could take the whole city down before the witches could get him again. Burn it down around him and let it all end.

But it seems so pointless now.

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anonymous asked:

Poor Simon. Graybles 1000+ shows that Betty will never succeeded in freeing him from the crown. I guess Death was right in "Betty" when he said this was Simons only hope to quit being the Ice King.

*cracks neck* Okay. Let’s talk about this.

Last night I was going nuts trying to figure out who was wearing the crown for this to happen, because if I was sure of anything, it’s that the [as the storyboards are calling it] Ice Thing is NOT Simon Petrikov.

Think about it. What does the crown do?

It turns you into Evergreen! Dino boy Gunther was the crown’s first wearer, and his wish was to BE the ice elemental speaking right here. So whoever wears the crown starts to turn into this guy. That *gestures wildly at the Ice Thing* is NOT a step towards Evergreen on the Ice King-to-Evergreen scale. Sure, the crown is corrupting Simon, but it has a strictly defined effect [defects aside, but we’ll get to that].

This might not be a story worth telling, but I was racking my brain trying to figure out who the heck we know about who could become this crazy new villain 1000+ years in the future [since I think Adventure Time’s plot is going to move us INTO this time period, but more on that in a different post]. 

My first thoughts were that its wings flapping are DEAD ringers to the owls on this show, so could it be the Cosmic Owl?? The owl from Up a Tree??? Then I realized that the mouth and nose take up SUCH a large portion of its total body that it’s gotta be just a head? Party God???? The difference between Simon Petrikov as Evergreen and THIS thing as Evergreen are those crazy antennae. So who has antennae?????

I guess I forgot that Evergreen is the owl in this situation. And HE has the antennae-y things. The Ice Thing’s antennae are like lightning bolts though [similar to Ice King’s ice bolts], not wings. Eh. Anyway, the reason why this story might not have been worth telling iiiiiiis that the storyboards did a LOT in reshaping the way I thought about this.

If you can’t read the scribbled notes here, they are: ICE BLADE [note: not nose], MISSING GEM, ALL WHITE, and INSIDE OF THE MOUTH: ROYAL BLUE. The MISSING GEM is a big red flag to me, since I mentioned defects before. You just never know with powerful magical artifacts that can have minds of their own and might try to protect themselves if someone tries to deface them. So all bets are off as to what happened there, but the storyboards also betray a crucially huge piece of info? I feel like it’s basically spoilers

Ice…. crown-dom…. so…. the Ice Thing that’s living in the Ice Kingdom, 1000+ years from now, is the Ice Crown, but alive, without one of its gems. Betty stole it to use its ultra-strong power to save Simon? And the Ice Thing was birthed as a result of the crown fighting back? Spitballing here. Just a possibility. 

That ICE BLADE/not nose comment makes sense now. I mean, it ALL makes sense. The ‘nose’… the beard… the hair… the blue skin… the razor teeth… those are all the physical qualities that the crown changed on Simon Petrikov, and now I guess it’s done it to itself. Cool. Plus! This thing isn’t even wearing the crown!!!!!! ITS EYES ARE THE JEWELS

I mean, I’m ALL FOR the Ice Crown as an actual villain we can fight. Are you kidding? The thing that [saved, but then] ruined Simon Petrikov’s life??? And we can see the gang beat it up? Yeah. I’m TOTALLY cool with it. And I honestly think that’s the case, so long as Wolfhard wasn’t messing with us in this storyboard panel. Whaddaya think?

EDIT: Alright, after You Forgot Your Floaties aired last night, telling us a little bit more about how magic works, we revisited something that we learned from Farmworld that seems like a pretty decent indicator of what the crown is capable of on its own.

Simon died in Farmworld stopping the Mushroom bomb, and then the crown straight-up froze the entire world.

There is absolutely precedent for the crown wrecking stuff in a major way of its own devices.

And Shiba Makes Three

Summary: After moving to a big new house in Brighton, Dan and Phil decide it’s no better time to get a dog, and this rescue Shiba Inu seems perfect. But is Dan really up for the responsibility of caring for a dog?

Word Count: 3543

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: Pets, comfort, domestic

Warnings: Slight swearing

Read on ao3

A/N: Being away from my own dog in college is making me really appreciate her on breaks and I think we can all agree Dan and Phil need a dog. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of domestic Phan? I hope you enjoy!

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Feeling a Bit Woozy Baby?(Pietro x Reader) Part 8/8

»Reader is very close with Pietro but when he is sedated and reduced to acting like a 3 year old she is forced to take care of him. This ensues food, entertainment,keeping him out of trouble, bathing and bed time. And to think the reader is being kept from a mission for this.«  

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8



Thankfully the park wasn’t too crowded or else you’d feel like an even bigger idiot for standing here alone being stood up by stupid Pietro.

‘Honestly, what was i even expecting?’ You told yourself as you tried to disappear into your sweater to avoid being seen by strangers who walked passed the fountain you were waiting by.

It was getting colder as the afternoon sun was blocked by clouds. Each stranger that glanced towards you made you more anxious.

'I probably look ridiculous.’

Pietro had left you a note to meet him here and you agreed without giving it a second thought and now you were starting to regret it. You were cold, hungry and nervous, all for Pietro who probably forgot about it and was watching a movie or something.

'No…i can’t let myself hate him just because he doesn’t like me back. He’s still my best friend and has risked his life for me countless times, i can’t take that away from him, he doesn’t deserve that…’

’…i just can’t believe i let myself get my hopes up that easily just because-’

A cold breeze went passed you and made you turn towards the fountain where you managed to avoid the  splash of freezing cold water of whatever fell in the fountain.

“Aaaaaaaah! That is cold! That is very c-cold!” A sopping wet Pietro sped out of the fountain and stood shivering in front of you

“Oh my god Pietro are you okay? Why the heck did you jump into the fountain?” You said trying to hold back the slight bit of laughter that bubbled up your throat

“I did not jump in, i simply couldn’t stop myself because i came running too fast. I was afraid you had left already.” Pietro gave an apologetic smile in between shivers. He was hugging himself in an attempt to keep warm in his water soaked hoodie.

“Yeah about that, I’ve been out here for like two hours Piet…” You said looking down at your boots and holding your bandaged hand to your chest

“I am terribly sorry (Y/N) i just…i was…am nervous and i didn’t know how i would do this, so i was at the tower driving myself crazy trying to think of a way to explain myself while you waited here in this horrible cold, i am so sorry i just-”

“Pietro it’s okay, you are here now, don’t beat yourself up about it.” You said trying to hide how happy you were that he actually showed up and hadn’t forgotten like you had originally thought

'You fell in on purpose to look cuter didn’t you? You are evil…and adorable.’ You thought as you took a slight step back to avoid getting water on you as he scrunched up the bottom of his hoodie to get part of the water out

“But um…what did you want to explain?” You asked, your curiosity getting the best of you

Pietro looked up at you and his face went all red, partly from how cold he was and partly from how scared he was. “Um…i wanted…i needed…uh i have…”
Pietro closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again. “Do you mind if we do this inside the coffee shop across the street? I wasn’t planning on it being this cold even with my thermal homeostasis.” Pietro said with an embarrassed smile

You giggled at how he always managed to look like a sad puppy, in this case a sad wet puppy who wasn’t happy about being wet.

“Sure Pietro, i don’t want you getting hypothermia or something…”
You said as you began to walk with him towards the coffee shop
“… although itdoes feel a bit like you’re stalling.” You nudged his side with your elbow and he chuckled nervously running his hand through his still wet hair

Pietro put a suspiciously Stark looking credit card in your hand so you looked at him holding it up. “What’s this for?”

“I’m getting stared at for dripping on the carpet, use the card to get us some hot chocolate, i will be getting my clothes dry in the bathroom while you do.” Pietro rambled and zoomed into the bathroom leaving the door swinging back and forth

“Are you sure we should be using Tony’s card?” You called out in his direction

In the split second it took you to turn towards the counter he appeared next to you and whispered into your ear “I insist.” in a deep coarse voice and sped off just as fast leaving you staring red and wide eyed at the poor confused coffee shop cashier “Uh,Ma'am you gonna order?”

After composing yourself you took the liberty of ordering two large hot chocolates with extra mini marshmallows. As you carried them to the table one of them was taken from you and appeared on the table along with Pietro who was giving you a satisfied smile, to which you stuck your tongue out..

You sat down and smiled at your lap. You were happy to have your best friend back to his old self. You looked up at him and he was attempting to take a sip from his mug with squinty eyes while looking out the coffee shop window to look dramatic, but only succeeded in getting a major  tongue burn, which ruined his dramatic movie moment and made you laugh so hard you had to put your mug down for fear of spilling.

You clutched your stomach and managed to calm down. “Ohhmygod Pietro I’m sorry, are you okay?” When you opened your eyes Pietro was  nodding at you while holding an ice cube you assume he got from the back of the shop to his tongue and it took all of your will power not to burst out laughing again

“Okay so why didn’t you just go back to the tower and change real fast, instead of drying your clothes?"You asked before gently blowing on your hot chocolate

"Well first off, i wouldn’t have been able to make you weird out the cashier.” Pietro leaned in on the table and had a toothy grin on his face that just radiated pure sunshine

“Oh,that” You said holding back a smile and jokingly rolling your eyes as you took a sip of chocolate

“Yeah that…well that and the fact that it took me two hours to muster up the courage to come talk to you, if i left it would have probably taken two more to convince me to come back.” Pietro said and laughed scratching his scruffy chin

“Aaaalright that’s enough, spit it out, no stalling, changing subject or location for that matter.Say what you came here to tell me Speedy, you’re taking for ever.” You said putting on a serious face and jabbing the table with your index finger to make your point…even if it meant doing it slightly too hard forgetting your hand was bandaged and having your serious face be replaced by an.'ouchie’ face.

At this Pietro stopped smiling and gulped the mouthful of hot chocolate he had in his mouth.

“I came here… to answer the questions you asked me when i was fixing your bandages, i know it was rude of me to run off without saying anything, when you asked me the questions, when you came to say good morning…it seems like that’s all im good for lately, running away.”

Pietro paused talking and briefly looked up to meet your eyes. You nodded for him to keep talking and clutched your drink in both hands.

“I avoided you because i didn’t want to confront you about what had happened in the past day.”

You tried to speak up but Pietro shook his head.

“Please let me say this… i need to say this.”

You understood the desperate look he had on his face and remained silent, clutching your drink even more.

“Well it’s a bit obvious by now that i remember everything but i don’t think you remember it as i do. First let me say that all day yesterday, you being so kind and caring with me, it was amazing, no one else would have done for me what you did, well maybe Wanda but that is beside the point, my point is that you would have done that for any of us on the team and that you are a wonderful person because of that and so many other reasons. But the reason i  avoided you is because…be-because all day yesterday i had been shamelessly in love with you and I’m so sorry.”

Hearing the words leave Pietro’s mouth made you nearly drop your mug, you had to place it down with a loud 'clunk’ on the table and sat there wide eyed looking at Pietro who looked like he was near tears.

“A-and I’m sorry (Y/N) because i knew i shouldn’t have, i know i could have avoided it when it first happened but didn’t! I let myself fall for my best friend because she’s easy to love, it’s easy to fall for your laugh, the way you tell jokes, your big beautiful eyes, the way your hands hold each other when you’re nervous, the way you get when you’re sleepy and the way you always treat everyone with kindness and love without them doing anything to deserve it…”  

“i don’t deserve it….”

Pietro ran his hands down his face, wiping away stray tears from his eyes in the process. At this point you were in a state of shock, unable to say anything but having everything to say.

Pietro looked at you again giving you view into the electric blue ocean that lies inside his eyes. The corner of his mouth turned up the smallest bit as he looked into your eyes.

“The funny thing is that i thought i could pretend it wasn’t happening, that i thought i could keep living and being nothing but your best friend while pretending i didn’t have feelings for you. And even though every time you went on a mission without me i was reminded of how much i cared about you and how much i needed you to return safely, i still did it, for a long time i ignored how much i loved you. But yesterday that stopped. Having you close to me, being able to hold your hand, to smell your fruity shampoo, seeing you be happy and smiling, every time you hugged me and ran your hands through my hair, all of that, it was too much. I was so happy with you that it felt wrong, like i didn’t deserve to be like this with you, something that wonderful must be earned and i have done nothing to earn your love and affection….but if you let me i would like to try.”

When Pietro stopped talking he sucked in a shaky breath and sat holding his mug in both hands much like you were. His pupils were blown as he sat horribly nervous looking at you waiting for some sort of reply, he was so scared of how you would react that he didn’t know what to expect, he just couldn’t spend another day without you knowing how he felt. He was prepared to face the results, even if it ruined his friendship with you, even if it ruined him.

On the opposite side of the table you sat wondering how the handle on your mug hadn’t shattered into a billion bits from how tight you were holding on to it. You had just basically heard everything you had ever wanted to hear for the past year  and now you had now clue how to answer, it all happened a bit too fast and a bit too unexpectedly. So you spent a few seconds too long in silence putting your thoughts together and trying to compose coherent sentences out of the absolute gleeful mess that was your mind at the moment.

But that was your mistake. The time you took to compose yourself was  misinterpreted, when you looked up from your mug to give Pietro his reply you were met by the most heartbroken eyes you had ever seen in your life, and in a split second they were gone. Pietro disappeared out of the cafe.
You were up to your neck with the situation. You stood up from your chair and grabbed your phone.

'Get your silver ass back here now.’ Sent to Pietro.

Pietro showed up panting in front of you three seconds after you sent it with the reddest and most surprised face. You took a step closer and flicked him in the forehead.

“Ouch! Why did you-?”

“Listen! I’m sorry I’m not good with words but the least you could do was give me the time i need to say it without assuming i don’t have anything to say.” your voice wavered, threatening to crack

Pietro nodded slowly, hanging his head in shame that he was moving faster than his brain, once again.

“Yesterday was one of the happiest and funniest days I’ve had in the past year. I thought i was the one who ruined our friendship…i guess we both sort of did…” You said slightly chuckling and wiping away a tear from your cheek with your heart hammering in your chest, Pietro’s eyes were practically glowing and you could tell he was holding himself off from either running or rambling you couldn’t tell.

“…but now that it’s ruined” you said in a joking tone as you kept smiling and giggling, bringing your sweater sleeve up to dry the mess of tears that was forming on your face “how about we put the pieces back together…but this time to make a relationship?”

As you finished saying it you looked up at Pietro who looked like he was about to explode from happiness, he was wearing a big toothy grin and his eyes were now welling up with tears of joy that would probably never fall.

“Uh…Pietro? Im-im done talking now, you can-”

The end of your sentence was mashed into a kiss that would have lifted you off the ground if you weren’t already being spun around by the most ecstatic sockovian in new york. Well not unless Wanda was getting proposed to which wasn’t happening at the moment.

When finally you pulled away for air your head was dizzy and you didn’t know if it was from the kiss or the spinning. It also might have been the fact that during the kiss you were carried out of the cafe and were now in the middle of the park. Either way you rested your head on Pietro’s shoulder and let out a breathy laugh.

“This is ridiculous.”

Coming to Terms (Kol Mikaelson)

Imagine meeting Kaleb but knowing that another soul is possessing him. You get to know Kol, and you guys fall in love.

           I walked down Bourbon Street keeping an eye out on my surroundings, never knowing when I will be attacked by a vampire. It has happened before. I still have the severe scar on the side of my neck from it. I guess that’s what I get for trying to help a vampire with multiple enemies. I know what a stupid mistake for a young witch like me.  

            I’m more powerful than I look, though. I am one of the few witches capable of using expression without being consumed by it. I have other specific powers that run in my family from my father’s side. My father is what is called a seeker, basically a psychic with a few extra powers. I can feel emotions, see the future, feel vibes, know when someone is lying (although I am still trying to perfect that skill), and the gift of compulsion. It’s a nasty power, but it comes in handy. I do have  multiple drawbacks. I can be compelled, I am unstable, and I have intense nightmares, whenever I am capable of sleeping, which is rare.

           I felt energy swarm around me, and I knew there was some supernatural being close to me. I hope it was that vampire that tried to kill me. My friend Davina’s vampire friend, Marcel, had to rip him off of him. I didn’t catch the name, but I knew it wasn’t one of the originals, the vampire felt young.  

           I turned down an alley in a rush, feeling threatened. I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t as if I was being followed. I would feel the negative and malvoyant vibes of someone wanting to hurt me, or gain information. I have gotten good at reading vibes. When my best friend hangs around vampires a girl tends to learn vibes first.

            Wind rustled my hair and I shivered, that almost felt unnatural. I stiffened as I felt a presence right behind me. I spun around, and I saw a girl with red eyes and veins forming underneath her eyes. She had black hair and pale skin. She must be some newborn passing through, not aware of her enemies.

            “You must be new around here.” I said in a calm voice.

            “Shut up!” she snarled. She lunged at me, without me realizing it, and she flung me to the ground, she landed on top of me, and her teeth sank into my neck, and she made a hungry sound. Another thing: my blood is like a drug to vampires. Panic washed through me, and in an instant my powers snapped like a ripcord, and she was slammed back against the brick wall. I shakily sat up, and I felt blood trickle down my neck. I got to my feet, and she tried to move, but I had her pinned with my magick. The beauty of using expression. You don’t need to use spells.  

            Anger welled up inside of me as my mood shifted. “Take off your daylight item.” I said in a fierce tone, putting all of my emotion into it. She looked confused, but she reached to her neck, and ripped off her necklace. In three seconds flat her skin blistered then burst into flames. Within seconds she was ash. I backed away from the scene, feeling woozy from the loss of blood.  

         A minute later I ran right into someone, and I nearly screamed. “Calm down, darling. you’d think you’ve seen a ghost.” an attractive voice said. I looked up, and my eyes met clear blue eyes. His aura was conflicted.  

           "It looks like a vampire attacked you. Come on, let me clean you up. Where do you live?“ he asked me. I felt the concern, and genuine caringness, so I gave him the instructions to my house. He brought me to my home, and he followed me inside. He went to my kitchen, and got a rag, and I heard him dig around probably finding my first aid kit. How did he know I was attacked by a vampire? Oh yeah, probably because we live in New Orleans. Then it clicked. He’s supernatural.

            He came back into the living room where I was, and knelt in front of me and began cleaning up my neck. Of course the side that was attacked was the one without the scar. Great. Another one. "What are you?” I asked, getting straight to the point.

           "What makes you think that I am something?“ he asked as his eyes locked with mine.

           "The point of how you’re not freaking out over my neck, the scar on my neck, how you said I looked like a vampire attacked me, I feel vibes from supernatural creatures, and the fact that you weren’t confused by my question. Plus I’m not an idiot.” I said. He smirked.

           "Fair point made, darling. My name’s Kaleb. I’m a witch.“ he said. He sounded sincere, and I knew he was a witch, but the conflicted vibe was back. I looked into his eyes, and I felt  deeper presence, and older soul than the guy in front of me. Someone is possessing him.

            "What is your real name?” I asked bravely. His eyes snapped up to meet mine, and he taped a piece of gauze to my neck.  

           "You’re powerful and smart. I’m Kol. I was an original vampire, but I was killed long ago. My brothers and sister buried me and my mother here before the other side collapsed. We became ancestors. My mother jacked the body of a harvest girl, and she brought me back to life, possessing this body, his name is Kaleb. Why aren’t you running away screaming?“ he asked, as he sat next to me on the couch. I stared at the bloodied towel on my coffee table.

           "Because I know you’re telling the truth. I may not have perfected that skill yet, but I know you are. I looked into your soul. I heard the ancestors talking about the hijacking of a harvest girl. They’re angry about it, but they’re not able to do anything.” I said.

             "So how do you know this?“ Kol asked me.

             "Part of my powers. I’m not your average witch. I’m part witch, part seeker. I’m able to use expression without it consuming me. I can do it since my body and soul are used to the extra magick due to me being half seeker.” I informed him. Why am I telling him this? I have no idea. I guess I’m just lonely.

             "Seekers are rare. I haven’t met one in a long time. Even a half seeker.“ Kol said to me.

             "Don’t tell anyone. I’m already under close eye for being an expressionist. I don’t want Klaus to lock me in a tower for being part seeker.” I said, looking down. Feeling dread wash over me. Please don’t let Kol tell anyone.

            “It will be our little secret. Don’t worry, darling. Klaus will never know about you being a seeker. As long as you don’t tell him that his brother is alive and well.” he said. I looked up at him, and I smiled. I felt safe with him, even though I know I should be cautious. It was what my father told me. Don’t let anyone know what I am. It’s how I will stay alive. The thing is, I have been on the verge of death so many times, it doesn’t even matter. No one knew what I was before they tried to kill me, the potentness of my blood was strong enough for them. For someone to be able to keep me safe, they will have to know.

           "Don’t tell your mother either. She’ll play her games, and use me as a pawn. I know of her games. I’ve seen it through eyes.“ I said. His blue eyes gazed into mine, and I felt the formation of a bond. A bond that will never be broken.

           "I won’t tell anyone. Besides you would be safer letting Klaus know what you are versus my mother. At least Klaus has Elijah and Rebekah to reign him in. Mother kills and tortures anyone who attempts to.” he told me.  

           "It sounds like you know first hand.“ I said.

           "You could say that. It’s not as fun as it sounds.” Kol said as he clasped his hands together.  

           "At least your mother is alive. Both of my parents are dead.“ I said.

           "My father hunted my brothers and sister down. My mother tried to kill us. Now she has her sick redemption game. I wish they were dead, and stayed dead.” he said.

           "My parents were good people. They were based on self preservation, though. Always making sure I evaluated every situation carefully, and killed without question if they felt threatened, or even insulted. They said they were tired of being treated as if they were inferior. I just wanted to get by. The Council of my town, where I am originally from, burned them at the stake. They let me live, but banished me.“ I said.

            "Where are you originally from? I can’t place your accent.” he said.

            “Ireland, our town didn’t have a name. It wasn’t even a town really, just a group of people living in the countryside. No one bothered us.” I said shrugging my shoulders. I felt a twinge of sadness about the home that I will never be able to go back to.

            “Why did they banish you if they knew you were innocent?” he asked.

           "Because I was taught my parents’ ways. I was raised on self preservation. They were frightened that I would snap at any moment since seekers are supposedly unstable, they weren’t worried about my expressionist magick. It was used often in my town. Our bodies and souls are different, I guess.“ I said to him. He looked thoughtful, taking in the information that I told him. It felt nice to let someone in. I haven’t told anyone this. It’s still ingrained in my mind to stay in solitude. I doubt that will ever go away. "So, tell me. Where are you from?” I asked.

            “I was born some thousand years ago, in a town called Mystic Falls. We neighbored with werewolves. The locals. Every full moon, we would go down into this channel of caves, and we heard the howls and screams of men. It was forbidden to watch the wolves turn, since when they were in their animal form they were vicious and had no control. Anyways, my mother is a witch, I was always around magic, I loved watching her do spells. It fascinated me. Everything she could do with inner power. When she turned my siblings, and I into monsters, I was devastated that I couldn’t use magick. I have always had a deep respect for witches, because I recognize the sheer strength we posses. I never lost touch with that part of myself while I was vampire like my siblings did. They always thought of me as foolish for it, but many times their lack of acknowledgement for a witch’s power always hurt and nearly defeated them in the end.” Kol explained to me with sincere passion.

           It’s been two months since I have first met Kol, and he kept my secret of me being a seeker. He’s helped me grow with my powers, helping me truly reach my potential, and I have helped him reach within him, pulling power from his sheer will, rather than constant changing items. I have gotten to know Kol, and I have never felt comfortable with anyone else but him in my entire life, and it feels nice letting someone else in. I’m not lonely anymore.  

           I heard a thud come from downstairs, and I jolted awake instantly, my senses becoming hyperaware. I climbed out of my bed, being careful to avoid any creaky floor boards, and I formed a light orb in my hand, ready to throw the energy as a weapon whenever needed. I guess you could say I’m always well prepared for an attack. I walked down the stairs, skipping noisy steps, and I padded down the hallway, and towards the kitchen where the noise came from. I slowly opened the door, and it creaked open, and I sighed in relief once I saw it was only Kol. He turned around, and took in my scared face, and energy ball in my hand.

           I drew in the energy, and he walked forwards. “Are you alright? Did I wake you? Or was it the dreams?” he asked me, as he placed his hands on my face. I had told him about the drawbacks of being a seeker, and I don’t know how many times he has come over in the middle of the night, seeing me awake, or waking me up from nightmares, where I have been screaming until my voice was raw.  

          “Both.” I said. He brought me to his chest, and hugged me close.

          “Come on, let’s get you to bed. I know you can’t sleep well without me here.” Kol said. He lifted me up into his arms, and cradled me in his arms. We had soon learned after first meeting each other, that we had indeed formed a bond that I only get quality sleep or I feel safe and relaxed while he is close to me.  

            Kol carried me up to my room, and placed me down on my bed, and laid down next to me, under the covers. Something felt different, but I couldn’t place it. “Darling, stop stressing. I’m here. I know you are trying to figure out what feels different.” he said softly.

            “How did you know?” I asked.

             "Because I have finally come to terms with my feelings towards you. I love you, and it took me so long to realize this, because I have never felt these feelings before, and they feel so foreign.“ Kol said.

              "I believe it’s called love.” I said.

             "How do you know?“ he asked.

             "Because I feel the same.” I said.

lumi-chann  asked:

Hellooo~ Could I please request a written reaction of bishies overhearing their s/o telling their friend that they like them (the said bishie), but are too shy to tell them, because they don't feel worthy of them? I'd like to include Shinya Hiiragi, Ferid Bathory, Lacus Welt, Shizuo, Izaya, Rin Okumura, Sebastian Michaellis, Levi Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Thank you and keep up the great work! ^^

Shinya Hiiragi: He leaned against the wall and listened intently to the other side where the girl he loved was speaking to his best friend. “I don’t know, Guren…Shinya said some time ago that he was tired of women right? Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a woman so it’s pointless to confess to him….” Shinya brought a hand to his mouth and refrained from pushing the door open but waited patiently. When she finished, ___ walked out the door only to be stopped by none other than Shinya. “___,” he began. Her eyes went from confusion to embarrassment. “You heard?!” She demanded. He nodded. “And you are wrong. I will never tire of you.” He said earnestly, his blue eyes looking to hers.

Ferid Bathory: “No. No.” She shook her head at Crowley. “Not only am I a human servant, Ferid is a long-lived vampire. He has many ambitions and other goals to fulfill then to reciprocate any feelings for me. He would laugh if I told him that I love him. You know this!” She whispered angrily while Crowley just rolled his eyes and began his arguments. Unbeknownst to the both of them, the silver-haired man was just behind the wall listening to their conversation. While on the outside, he looked as carefree as always, on the inside, he wasn’t sure what to feel. He was not sure if he could love yet but…When ___ ran away and walked through Ferid’s direction, he decided to give her a little surprise. “You know, you could have tried me instead of ranting to someone else.” He said nonchalantly out of nowhere. A pregnant pause went by and a mortified yelp was heard throughout the room.

Lacus Welt: Lacus was so bored and the annoying thing was that he was not given any orders to kill time. He thought of targeting on some oblivious humans to have a quick snack, but where was the fun in easy prey? So he decided to stick with his usual hobby. Bullying his crush. Upon entering her room, he was surprised to find the female vampire sitting with…Ferid?! “Don’t be silly, ___.” The vampire said to Lacus’ woman with a dramatic wave of his hands. “Lacus may be clueless and utterly tedious when it comes to many things, but even he can’t resist a tantalizing woman such as you.” Ferid exclaimed. “B-but…” ___ started but Lacus smirked himself before kicking her door open. “Ferid is right. You should listen to him, you know!” He remarked bluntly.

Shizuo Heiwajima: “Shizuo has such an amazing life awaiting him after all the shit he went through. He should not be paying attention to an insignificant person like me that will be just another passing thing.” ___ said to Tom sitting at the bar just as Shizuo quietly walked in, but stopped abruptly in his tracks. Not exactly thinking beforehand, he felt raw anger and most of all, despair at her words. He marched over and held her shocked and scared body still. “You’re leaving me-er I mean…leaving?” Shizuo stuttered loudly. “Why? After all we’ve been though together, I don’t want to walk any road alone anymore. I need you with me, ___.” He said desperately and you wanted to cry.

Izaya Orihara: Izaya smirked as he held the phone beside his ear. ___ was completely unaware that he was listening to her and Namie’s little conversation on the other end as she raved on and on about how the information broker was such a ‘bastard’ and that despite all the annoying and unforgivable act he does on to others, she loved him anyways, but she will never tell him that because he would get ‘big headed’ and use it against her for one of his ‘damn manipulations.’ After her and Namie’s little talk was over, he hung up the phone and sat there in his leather chair, staring at the ceiling for a while. If only she knew…

Rin Okumura: “What the hell are you talking about?!” He shouted and burst into the room as his beloved ___ was crying while explaining things Rin could never comprehend why she would think to his brother, Yukio. Before her surprised and flushed face could blink, the half-demon engulfed her body into a tight and endearing hug. There was a moment of silence before she could hear him sniffing quietly. “How can you think that I’m too good for you when I’m anxious every day that you are too good for me and that I could never have you?” He whispered. “That’s stupid. I l-love you…okay?”

Sebastian Michaelis: Being a demon, his ears can hear anything quite clearly within a two mile radius. One particular conversation above the mansion where he was currently preparing dinner for the young master caught his elusive interest. It was ___ speaking to Meyrin and it seemed to be about Sebastian himself. Humoring the situation, he decided to listen in case the woman he loved thought it would be a good idea to badmouth him. She still doesn’t realize that her voice was a tad bit loud even more than Meyrin’s stutters. “He is an arrogant, insufferable, impossible and admittedly skilled demon. While I’m a talent-less human who probably looks like a worm in his point of view. It will never happen. I’m not saying anything.” He heard her state firmly while Meyrin continued to protest. Sebastian could not help but chuckle at his beloved letting down her pride to confess all her insecurities when he was not ‘present.’ Later that evening as ___ was going about her duties, Sebastian walked by to whisper in her ear: “You are not a worm to my eyes. In fact, you are quite exquisite.” With that, he walked away with a smirk feeling the look of startled mortification behind his back.

Levi Ackerman: Levi was not surprised when he found his crush in his office talking with someone else when she thought he would not come. She had always been naive that way, but what he did not expect to find was her talking about him to that damn Erwin. He pushed through the door. “What are you two talking about, now?” He asked with a sigh, but stopped when he saw ___’s shocked and embarrassed face as the two heads shot up. Without a word, ___ ran out the room with a rushed apology and Erwin glared at Levi. “What happened?” The captain demanded. “I would go after her if I were you.” Erwin warned. “She already has a low self-esteem as it is and if you don’t want to lose her to another man, go now.” Levi needed no other words before taking off.

Armin Arlert: “Wait!” He yelled chasing down ___ as she ran for her life when she found out he heard her tell someone that she loved him, but felt he was too good of a person for someone as ‘weak’ and ‘pathetic’ as her and that she would only ‘slow him down.’ “Wait!” Armin shouted desperately. Eventually, she tired out and stopped for a moment to catch her breath. The blonde seized that chance to sprint to her. Hesitantly, he took her hand. “I said wait. What you said isn’t true. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not pathetic or weak at all!” He could feel a blush rising from his neck and ___ slowly turned to look at him with side eyes. “I-if it’s not too late, I also l-l-like you too.”

S T R A N G E L I T T L E G I R L :: ariana dumbledore

“It destroyed her, what they did: She was never right again. She wouldn’t use magic, but she couldn’t get rid of it; it turned inward and drove her mad, it exploded out of her when she couldn’t control it, and at times she was strange and dangerous. But mostly she was sweet and scared and harmless.”

STRANGE LITTLE GIRL : tori amos | one day you see a strange little girl feeling blue
MAD GIRL’S LOVE SONG : fisher | the stars go waltzing out in blue and red as all my darkness gathers in
VIRGIN STATE OF MIND : k’s choice | where can I run to, where can I hide. Who will I turn to now I’m in a virgin state of mind
KID FEARS : indigo girls | what would you give for your kid fears?
I’M IN HERE : sia | I need you to hold all of the sadness I can not, living inside of me. I’m in here, can anybody see me?
FEAR AND LOATHING : marina & the daimonds | don’t wanna live in fear and loathing. I wanna feel like I am floating instead of constantly exploding in fear and loathing
BUTTERFLIES INSTEAD : k’s choice | I lock the door and lock my head and dream of butterflies instead
SUN FEET : eisley | I’m gonna build a house and hide away. Gather timber from the ground I’ll build a castle that won’t fall down. And when I’m done the clock will stop and from our heads will come bright flowers


USUK XMAS Card Event(25/25): Soulmate for Christmas

All everyone ever talked about was their soulmate. When they would meet them, how they would look, what they would like. Arthur had been the exception. He never spoke about the date tattooed over his heart. December 24, 2015. It was a rather romantic date as far as they went. Christmas Eve of the year was approaching and Arthur would finally be meeting his soulmate. He would instantly know when they would meet as a feeling of air and light, described as floating and warm should accompany the meeting.

It was often written as the meetings of the strings of fate as they tied and intertwined with their partner this feeling transpired until the date would be replaced with the name of your soulmate settling over your heart for the rest of your being.

Arthur had always been wary, feeling somehow that his date was false. He had been born with no date until he was ten. That year he had wished for a date to appear every day until on Christmas Day it had appeared. Arthur had been ecstatic until it had disappeared again ten days later. On and off it had appeared throughout his life only to Christmas Eve’s relatively close to his age. With the exception of once changing to a frightening December 24, 2050 before changing back to the original date and disappearing again. It left Arthur to wonder why he was the only one with this happening and left the Brit feeling his date wasn’t definite could be taken at any moment.

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Thief prompt - ‘Need’


“A-and then there was this other boy at school and Sebastian was trying to break up a fight and I saw the boy grab his hand and squeeze it and when their fingers touched I almost died inside. I almost died.”

Tiny shorts exposed the expanse of smooth legs as they crossed, the thin limbs pale against the dark wood of the floor. Those young thighs pressed against the ground as the boy hunched over with his head in his hands, bitty fingers stuffing into dyed blue locks because he was just that forlorn.

“I froze. I just froze right up for the first time. For the second time maybe. When I saw mom and dad at the funeral, I froze when I saw them too. But it was different then, you know? B-because Sebastian he’s all I have. If some other kid takes him away what do I do? What do you think I should do?”

An enormous mound of fur knocked up against those little legs, the rotund middle of a consoling Nothing plopping right onto his back and answering the boy with a soft mewl.

Ciel sighed and gave a sad smile as he lied down on the floor, curling up right next to the cat as he gave the fattened flesh a pat.

“Maybe you’re right, maybe it was nothing, Nothing. Maybe I’m overreacting. I don’t know, it just hurt…it hurt me, my body even ached, my insides turned! I felt like I could cry right then and there so I dashed into the nearest classroom - embarrassing huh?”

The boy was beautiful when he gave a genuine smile, those pretty lips lifting into smooth cheeks, the way his soft strands of hair cascaded over the floor, the way his blue eyes cheered up as the cat pawed his nose and then gave it a rude shove.

“Hey! Tch, Nothing…you always know how to cheer me up. I’m so sad when he’s not here. I hate when he has to work late and it’s just us - doesn’t he realize we need him to be here?”

The cat huffed and both of their ears pricked up when they heard the rough cough of an engine that was all too familiar. It was Sebastian’s truck and it was pulling right into the driveway, and just as Ciel sat up he barely had even a second to try and hide his anguish before the door flew right open.

And in entered the man of the house himself.

“S-sebastian you’re home.”

Not only was he home but damn was he a piece of work with the way he barged in, slammed the door shut, and walked right on over to Ciel like he had a thing or two to say to the boy.

“Get the fuck up off the floor.”

Ciel’s blue eyes went from looking at polished shoes to long legs to knees and up and up, higher onto that uniformed torso, those broad shoulders, higher onto a tempting throat and the finest jaw imaginable, until finally - right at the top of that tower were the fiercest pair of eyes that could strike fear into the hearts of any human living or dead.

Except Ciel of course.

“No. Nothing and I were talking…”

“Get. Up.”


“What is it now don’t fucking give me this shit I raced over here after work because I knew you’d do this bullshit.”

Ciel gave a small pout and crossed his arms, lifting his chin and closing his eyes and showing every emotion he felt because he couldn’t even hide it.

“I SAID Nothing and I were talking, why don’t you go back to school and hold hands with all the boys for all I care.”

“Are you fucking kidding me…” Sebastian, in all his six-foot-seven glory, dressed like a corrupt motherfucker with a nice badge and bad attitude was having none of any single sentence Ciel spouted.

The man crouched down and got on one knee right by Ciel, grabbing a tiny elbow and giving it a rough squeeze because there was no way in hell he could ever learn how to handle anything gently.

“Ciel…I didn’t touch that kid intentionally, he fucking touched me out of nowhere. I know you were watching me.”

The boy was caught off guard and rolled his pretty blue eyes towards the man over twice his age, licking those young lips and feeling a bit sheepish as he was found out.

“H-how did you know?”

“I never take my eyes off of you.”

Ciel blushed right up and looked to the side, unable to handle such an honest answer.




“Hah, please…I’m going crazy here.”

“Look at me.”

“No, go away, it was just a mistake go away okay.”

“Don’t GIVE me that shit. LOOK AT ME.”


Sebastian couldn’t take it and leaned forward, that enormous body towering over Ciel as the boy was forced into a deep, deep kiss. Their lips locked and their tongues pushed together, both closing their eyes and tilting their heads to the side to get in a nice suck or two.

“Ngh, I love it when you kiss me…” Ciel got a second to breathe and when he did he whispered the words onto his guard’s lips, their eyes opening right up to stare at one another - the man on one knee trying his best not to go crazy on the small thing.


“Get off the floor.”

“Do you like kissing me?”

“I do”

“You do it because you want to?”

“No shit”

“If we never kissed again would you be upset?”

“I would.”

“Would you hurt someone to be able to kiss me again?”

“Of course.”

“Would you kill?”

“With my bare hands.”

Ciel’s lips suddenly craved the man’s touch, but he licked them instead and softly knocked his nose into Sebastian’s jaw just to get a good feel of how hot it was.

“You’d kill for me really?”

“I’d kill for you.”

“Hah - are we crazy?”

“Does it matter?”

“Do you need me?”

“I need you.”

“Are you mine?”

Sebastian grit his teeth and sat on the floor, his big hands grabbing small hips and forcing them forward. The tiny thing practically flew into his arms, and Ciel rested his elbows on each broad shoulder as creamy thighs parted to sit on that lap.

“Mm, Sebastian - you’re mine, aren’t you?”

“What do I always fucking say to that?”

“I don’t know-”

“Yes you do, don’t fuck with me - WHAT do I always say?”

“I…I don’t-”


Sebastian got mean just because he didn’t know what nice even was, their faces close because the one thing he did know how to do was smell that fresh skin and give the fine throat a lick. A suck. Hell he even kissed it because he was that infatuated with it.

“Say it, Ciel.”

Ciel slowly let his head fall back and tried to keep composure, eyes rolling to the ceiling, heart hammering, hips rolling forward just to feel how hard he was making the man who left rough kisses up and down his neck.

“Y-you’re mine…”

“And WHAT else?”

“And…I’m yours.”


“And if anyone ever comes between us we…”

“We WHAT.”

“We kill them, ngh, we kill them.”

Sebastian rolled his tongue over the boy’s Adam’s apple and sunk his teeth into it only for a moment, only to taste that voice, to feel Ciel’s fingers suddenly clench into his hair. To pull back and get a good look at how the boy melted right in his arms.

Melted, that’s an understatement. Ciel was practically spilling his desires all over the place it was that intense.


“D-don’t say my name like that.”

“Ciel, pay attention.”

“I am, I am.”

“Listen to me.”

“I’m listening ah god, I am - I know the rest.”

“Then say it. We’ve gone over it a million times.”

Ciel tried to calm his breathing and closed his eyes when his jaw was kissed, repeating words those lips had spoken a hundred times over.

“We…we will never betray each other.”

“And what else? What happens if you ever betray me?”

“You kill me.”

“And if I ever betray you?”

“I…I murder you.”

“Say it seriously.”

Ciel lifted his head to stare right at those piercing eyes, heart jumping the moment he saw him, the moment he felt those enormous hands sliding up his spine.

“I’ll murder you. I’ll fucking kill you on the spot.”

“Yeah? Are you sure about that, I’m not convinced.”

“I’ll stab you right in the chest.”

“Deep enough I hope.”

“As hard as I can.”

“Twist the blade while you’re at it.”

“I will. I’ll tear out your heart because it’s mine too.”

Sebastian loved that one, the words making those hands stuff under Ciel’s shirt and get a good taste of sweet, sweet flesh.

“Say it again.”

“It’s mine forever, you’re fucking mine Sebastian. Your body, your brain - your heart. They belong to me, I own them, I own everything, every inch of you.”

“That’s more like it.”

“Every inch is mine-”

“Your mouth is mine - give it to me.”

Before the order was even demanded Ciel lifted his little hips and locked both of their lips, kissing Sebastian like he needed it to live, jaws dropping in an instant - tongues suckling by the second.

Ciel moaned and rolled his thin waist forward, getting a good taste of all those inches as he pushed it between his legs. The male kissed Sebastian’s lips and then his jaw and throat, and he was lucky those big hands were bracing his back otherwise he would have slammed right down onto the floor.

“T-take off my clothes.”

Rock-hard and ready to get rough with it, Sebastian jerked his fingers over the flesh and lifted that shirt clear off of Ciel in a split second or less.

It revealed smooth skin and lifted rib-bones, driving the man to a point of insanity it was just that tempting.

“Touch me.” Ciel closed his eyes and leaned back, pleading a second time even though it wasn’t necessary. Teasing by showing off that flawless body. “Touch me.”

He already had those hands all over him.

“Grab me like you mean it.”

“If I grabbed you as hard as I meant it you’d be crushed to death.”

“You want me that bad?”

“It’s not about what I want.”

“What is it then?”

“It’s what I need.”

“You need me? Or just my body-”

“Everything. All of it. Your skin…”

Sebastian pushed those large palms hard against the aforementioned flesh.

“Your bones, your insides.”

Hands slid from spine to belly and soon glided up right over Ciel’s heart, giving it an uncontrolled grope because Sebastian had a thing for feeling it jump in the palm of his hand.

“Your voice. Your mouth. Your eyes. I need it more than anything, look at me. I need it did you hear me? Ciel, open your fucking eyes - I need it.”

Blue eyes never looked so sweet as they opened - as they stared right at Sebastian, as they got lost in that brute of a man.

“I need it to live.”


So instead of sleeping my brain made me do this! I'm gunna sleep now and tag this fucker in the morning but here, no melody or anything just the first bones of a song...enjoy. Or don't, y'know... whatever

Song about Tumblr

So I (found/went inside) a (little/ small)blue house
And inside it (was/i found) a universe
And I began to feel quite small
But I met one little star
And then another and another
And we all fell all apart and put each other back together
Together we are stronger
We are sisters we are brothers
And the house we live in holds us all and all and millions more
Inside it there are galaxies and worlds still unexplored
So if you’ll follow me just down this (little) street
To a small blue house that holds us all with always room for more
You’ll never fight a fight alone or be quite left alone
An army lives here in the stars that fights for love and life
And though we stars seem on our own quite small (quite small on our own?)
on and on we brighter burn and all together turn
For stars make up such galaxies and all the universe
We are bigger in this small blue house
And we can change the world

Ego the Puppet Master

by Saṃsāran

So you’re walking along enjoying the day, feeling the first coolness of summer and the WHAM out of the blue a thought hits you, a negative thought, something you haven’t done, some past failure or embarrassment and just like that  you feel bad. Maybe fear. Maybe sadness. 

What the hell just happened?

Why would you want to make yourself feel bad? You don’t like feeling bad so where did that negative thought and emotion come from? Ego of course. Now let’s look at this shall we? What is this ego? Is it me? Is it other than me?

It is you but, then again isn’t you. Ego is like an artificial intelligence which lives inside of you. It talks to you. It uses anxiety to make you do its bidding. A lot of that is stuff like get up to go to work or study for Friday’s exam. Sometimes it just makes us feel bad for no reason at all. Isn’t it weird to have an inner voice which operates independently of our will?

How do we deal with this puppet master that is pulling our strings?

First off we observe ego. Ego is like a mouse in the kitchen. It hides when the light is shone upon it. So we can say “I am experiencing anxiety” and view it as if we were outside looking in. We can say “ego just produced a thought which resulted in this anxiety I am feeling” and “that’s okay because I have felt this before and it always fades”. Observe.

Of course it is not a good thing to ignore ego entirely. Ego serves a purpose. It drives us to look better, achieve more and to be better but ego can be a harsh critic and when it is harsh it has the opposite effect. It paralyzes us with fear so we can’t do what we need to do. This is where our training comes into play.

Learn to control the puppet master and be your own master.


for @sweetaprilbutterfly, who requested a Modern AU where they confess their feelings for each other.         

          It’s actually a terrible idea, a throwaway Jack Kerouac novel about two misguided kids who spend most of their warm days playing will they-won’t they, and splashing around in the Pacific Ocean.

           Jon tries not to let his unrequited feelings show too much, but it proves challenging. She lives in a blue bikini top, little jean shorts that fray at the ends, and she let’s her hair flow freely outside of the window with her eyes flickering closed because the sun is too bright. He thinks her beautiful, and untouchable, but one night when they are laying in the bed of the truck she finds her way into his sleeping bag. Her body pressed tight to his, and she hums low into his ear, letting her nose nestle into his curly hair.

           “I’m cold.” Sansa whispers.

           “Ya feel warm to me.”

           “Inside.” Sansa replies. “I feel cold inside.” Sansa kisses him then.

           Days remain the same; they explore beaches, and swim as far out as they can into the ocean before their arms are tired from wading through the salty water. Nights are different; they don’t sleep on opposite sides of the truck bed, and pretend the other doesn’t exist. They wrap themselves around each other, warm touches become warmer, and before Jon knows it he’s left wet kisses to every part of her body. Nights have become his favorite.

concept: wandering through a lush garden at dawn, gathering softly glowing lilies and lilacs, the sky a bruised blue with streaks of rosy pink light spreading over the horizon. fairies are curled up asleep inside the flowers and elves watch us curiously from the misty forest. bare feet on dewy grass, white cotton dresses damp from the midnight swim, where water lilies that looked like stars brushed against clammy calves, the water icy-fresh in the humid night. still drunk on honeysuckle wine, tangled hair falling in our faces, singing hymns to the moon, wallowing in the feeling of being born again.