blue and rust


eBay Roundup

I went on a bit of a vintage Polo Ralph Lauren binge last night. You can find the awesome vintage RL teddy bear items you see above in today’s roundup (among many other things). For more menswear finds, try using our customized search links. We’ve made them so you can easily hone-in on high-end suits, good suits, high-quality shirts and fine footwear.

Suits, sport coats, and blazers


Sweaters and knits

Shirts and pants



Bags, briefcases, and wallets


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NEW Art Print hit our Etsy Shop.

Watchers in the Woods - Limited Edition Screen Print

Inspired by hiking the deep woods…this art print is spooky and playful…showing what might happen when the trail mysteriously ended…and you want to explore more!

Poster details:
5 color screen print
16" x 20"
Edition of 50

*Note: This screenprint was printed with 3 different transparent inks. I love how the grey, orange, and aqua layer (there’s a blue, a rust, a deep plum, and more)…creating a depth of color I couldn’t have reached otherwise. These are the true joys of printmaking!


Desoto by Bruno Laplante
Via Flickr:
1956 Desoto FireDome Route 66 Hackberry, Arizona


I need to free up some space, so I’m selling 10 gen 1′s for 35k each on the AH/30k by CR! They all have pretty good colors, I just can’t afford to keep gen 1′s I’m not completely in love with right now! Most of these have gene/breed suggestions in their bios, though a few don’t.

Story Time

While at the clinic yesterday, we had a little puppy from New Mexico check in for a surgery recheck. First we were all excited about a puppy, then my techs and doctors got word that it was for an ear cropping recheck.

And suddenly ALL my vets are pissed, most of the techs as well. All kinds of bad words and judgement flying around the clinic in regards to how cruel and ugly cropping was (meanwhile the puppy is super freaking happy, not a care in the world with his satellites). And I’m just sitting there like “Woah guys, jesus.”

They actually bring the puppy back and the first thing I see is that he’s a blue and rust color.

Then I get pissed.

While everyone is agonizing about the “brutality” of the ear crop and tail dock, I’m sitting there fuming about the blue doberman and the crappy breeder who the poor owners bought from. I sent up a pray that this pup wouldn’t get CDA.