blue and red

As someone who loves Wash, I will look you in the eyes and tell you he is a piece of shit. But you know what? I would be to if right now I was struggling with a violent streak, with clearly no proper care or knowledge of care. Or if I wanted to defend my brother in arms from certain death, fearing death myself. Or if my so called friends pushed me away and made sure I had no confidence every chance they got, even the ai. Or if I was subject to possible brain damage and a deadly secret. Or if I watched my friends die around me. Or if I finally felt I fulfilled something and was ready to risk my life for it only to fail. Or if I was sent to jail. Or if my once friend and I were forced to work together. Or if I was saved by strangers only to stand as a replacement. Or if I was so desperately trying to fit in I lied constantly. Or if I just didn’t know how to interact with people. I would be a complete ass if this was my life. I would absolutely never trust any one, I would lie, kill, accept death itself yet want nothing but to live. I would be a scared man trying to play soldier.