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“A Mermaid Tale” Supernatural One Shot

Title: A Mermaid Tale

Author: Lana (pineapplegirl123)

Original Imagine Link: Imagine Sam and Dean finding out a witch turned you into a mermaid when they find you sitting unhappily in the bathtub.

Word Count: 825

Warnings: none


“Dean! Sam!” I yelled from the bathroom, hoping I was loud enough for them to hear my call.

It was the end of a busy, stressful day and I was just trying to relax. A nice, warm bath usually helped calm me. However, this was not my idea of relaxing.

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Black Fuel & Bikes

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None for this chapter.

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Notes: So this idea has been floating in my head for a while. Hope you guys like it. If anyone wants to be added to the tag list, let me know. :)

Chapter 1 - The Meeting

Shannon was grateful for the break from all the craziness touring involved. It also meant he could focus on his coffee business, a passion he’s had since forever.

He was supposed to meet with Travis in one of the shops Black Fuel had. It was one of the smaller ones and also the place they handled the website orders.

Everything seemed to be running smoothly and he was grateful at Travis for keeping everything in order while he was away.

He entered the shop through the front door, grabbing a coffee on the way to his and Travis’ office.

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Daddy’s Little Girl (Peter ParkerxStark!Reader)

Author’s Note: Second series I will be starting. I hope you like this one–I’m already having a bunch of fun writing this!

Warnings: Physical fighting at the beginning, and then an argument.

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

  You were screwed–no, more than screwed. Sweat dripped from your forehead. It stung your eyes. Your muscles cramped up, bruised from all of the hits you took, and you held your fists up.

  “I could do this all day,” you panted. Your knees yearned to buckle, but you used your last bit of strength in order to keep standing.

  Another fist landed in your side, causing you to grunt loudly. But then you kicked a gut, then slapped your hands against two ears, causing a scream of pain.

  And a roundhouse kick finished it off. The teenage boy stumbled back into crates, collapsing into them and breaking them. That was the third and final of them.

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Stand Master: 「MABEL PINES」
Stand Name: 「WONDERWALL」
Stand Origin: Wonderwall, by Oasis

Appearance Classification: Natural Humanoid

Stand Type: Close Range

Stand Appearance: Wonderwall looks like a young woman with pink skin wearing a paint stained blue smock and black beret and a pair of black leggings and purple shoes. It holds a paint pallet in one hand and a brush in the other. It wears its long green hair in a single braid at the back. Every time one looks away from the Stand and looks back, the paint stains will have arranged themselves in a new pattern, sometimes resembling actual symbols and icons.

Stand Parameters:

Destructive Potential: C
Speed: C
Range: D
Durability: D
Precision: B
Developmental Potential: A

Stand Ability:
Stroke of Life: Wonderwall is able to create objects by painting them in the air. However, it cannot create anything electronic or with moving parts.

True Art Demands Recognition: By painting a large mural, Wonderwall can hypnotize anyone who looks at it for a short time before becoming temporarily immune. Those affected are completely fascinated by the mural and believe it to be the truest definition of art. However, painting the mural takes time and exhausts Mabel.


Mabel would get her stand through her twin connection to Dipper. She would also initially freak out, but then would happily use her stand to have fun, often attracting enemy Stand Users in the process. Mabel is utterly clueless about why she keeps running into people with weird powers like her when she’s not even looking for them.

Sleepless Nights

Characters : MGG X Reader

Plot : Reader and Matthew have been up all night as their twin children (babies) have been teething. Matt falls asleep in the most unusual place.

Rating : M

( It contains literally 1 swear word so idk what to rate it as)

A noise sounded through the baby monitor again as you had just calmed one of the twins down, her slowly drifting off to sleep. “Matt take her please, I’ll go and get Noah” I say as I hand him Amelia, him taking her without any trouble. You walk into the twins shared room, embracing Noah in your arms as you slowly rock him from side to side. “Shh bubba, everything’s going to be ok” I say as I kiss his small forehead, him suckling on his gel covered dummy to help soothe the pain my poor little man was feeling. As he fell back asleep, you heard Matt shout but then mutter a “Fuck sake” under his breath. You placed Noah down in his crib and then walked back to him, seeing a distressed Amelia in his muscular arms. “Go and watch Noah babe, I’ll sort her out” I said, kissing his cheek and then seeing him leave the room to stand on guard with our child. The teething stage had only just come about, however it was really bad tonight, and neither you or Matthew could get a wink of sleep.

Matthew had no clue what to do, neither did you to be completely honest, but you could call it a mothers instinct. He was being so amazing, not getting angry at you slightly or being annoyed with you when you had sudden outbursts when you were stressed out. Amelia had finally gone back to sleep and Noah hadn’t woken up yet, but you knew that as soon as you shut your eyes it would be back to square one again. The whole scenario carried on for around another 2 hours and when you had finally but Noah back down again, the sun peered through the window. “Oh my gosh Matt! You need to get to work” I said, looking at the clock that read 8:00. Matthew walked into your bedroom and got changed into some new clothes, before he would have to again on set into his costume. He walked out of your bedroom in a pair of shorts, showing off his toned and tanned legs, and his purple, blue and pink shirt that you loved on him.

“Y/N I only have two scenes to shoot today, I did the rest yesterday. I will be home as soon as possible so you don’t have to deal with the kiddies on your own!” He said as he embraced me into a hug. “You’re the most amazing mother, you know that right? They’re so lucky to have you. Screw that! I’m so lucky to have you!!” I smiled at him, hugging him as he placed a kiss on my forehead. “I love you so much Matt, I’ll see you later” I said, placing a kiss on his plump lips. “I love you too little one” He said, leaving you in the house with your little devils.


Last night was absolute hell!! Noah and Amelia kept me and Y/N up all night. I could barely keep my eyes open, but I need to shoot these scenes and then I can go home and sleep, or at least help with the little rascals. I arrived on set, parking the car, and then scanning my I.D card to get into the building. “Gube, what took you so long?” Shemar asked as I grabbed a hold of my script. “The kids kept me and Y/N up all night, crying” I told him and he laughed, patting my back. “Oh boy, good luck” He says, walking away to which I shake my head.

I walk over to the costume department to get changed into my alter ego, Dr Spencer Reid, and then walk out to set. “Gube and Shemar on set, now!” I hear the director shout.


I had just finished filming the first scene and I was stumped. I walked over to what is Reid’s desk and soon after I fell into a slumber on the floor.


“Gube and Shemar to set, Second Scene” I heard the director shout. Gube was almost always the first person to arrive by the scene as he would want to go home to Y/N and the kids. But where was he? He had just disappeared.

“Gube! Gube!” I shouted, but still no reply. I walked around the set and made my way over to our desks, suddenly tripping over something. I looked down and saw a sleepy Matthew, asleep on the floor under his desk. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I said, laughing. I didn’t want to get onto the wrong side of the sleepless monster that lay before my feet. Let’s just hope it didn’t happen again, but I should text Y/N.

- Y/N POV -

I had finally got at least an hours sleep when I felt my phone vibrate with a message from Shemar.

From : Moore

Pretty boy is napping on the job (photo at top)

I smiled at my sleepy husband in aw. Oh how I was going to tease him when he arrived home, lets hope it was soon…