blue and grey vans

Why?| Bucky Barnes X Reader. (Part 7)

Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected.

Pairing: Reader x Steve, Reader x Wesley, Reader x Michelle

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 1000+

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Lieve Van Gorp autumn—winter 1998—99.

Leather, the material of her first accessories, still features, both in the clothes and in the accessories — bags, wallets, belts, purses, wristbands, ties and other flights of fancy. Predominant colours are pale blue, black and white, as well as a range of greys. 

Lieve Van Gorp’s collections blend icons of Catholicism with rock star cult. This mixture is carefully expressed in the ‘merchandising’, which always accompanies her collections. Posters, pins with skulls, the letter ‘L’, exemplify her universe. True to her statement “In my dreams I’m a rock star, but unfortunatly I can’t sing”, Lieve Van Gorp mentions as sources of inspiration rock ‘n’ roll and country & western music, headstrong women like Madonna, Courtney Love, K.D. Lang, Patsy Cline, Skunk Anansie and Patricia Hearst, and men like Jesus Christ, Che Guevara, Willy De Ville and Elvis Presley. 

Working with diversity within one creation is Lieve Van Gorp’s strength. Emotion and agression, softness and bondage, films versus real life, male and female and everything in-between, conservatism and avant-garde, tradition and innovation, leather, love and trust, Gothic rock and classicism…, all these are parts of the Lieve Van Gorp puzzle.


Heeey! My favourite colour is blue and I made some blue aesthetics because It’s a beautiful colour, isn’t it? I hope u like them guys💙💙
Tell me if u want lyrics or aesthetics about someone✨ — lau🐼.

Wrapped Around Your Finger (Luke Hemmings) - Part 1

it’s punk luke just so you know


Hey, Y/N? This is Luke

You stared at the message on your screen for about a minute before replying.


Hemmings? We went to high school together

I don’t remember, I’m sorry

He sent you a photo of himself and your heart skipped a beat. Of course you remembered him. Luke Hemmings was the bad boy every girl had a crush on - never seen in anything other than skinny jeans and his favorite leather jacket - but now, his arms were almost completely covered in the tattoos he’d collected since graduation and you were sure he had more scattered across the rest of his body.

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