blue and gold glitter nails

file name: ice gays - all about that bass no treble

this is the cut bit from “I will possess your heart” and will eventually be a real fic of it’s own, if I ever finish the hinky fic?????

Yuri is wearing leggings and a loose shirt since he needs to go to the studio. He looks a little soft in it, he thinks, edging toward girlish. He feels nice in it. It matches the nail polish the triplets had put on him - a light, sparkly blue with gold glitter on top. It’s going to linger for weeks on his nails. Victor has a bubblegum-pink polish with heart shaped glitter pieces, very iridescent, very bright. One nail has peeled already and Victor spent time last night carefully repainting it in a coordinating color.

Victor is not happy about the leggings. He keeps reaching absentmindedly toward Yuri’s back pocket and ending up with a handful of loose jersey cloth. Then he stands around pouting about it. Yuri doesn’t feel guilty about it, because if he felt guilty every time Victor pouted at him, he’d be wallowing in it, just letting Victor steamroll over him even more than he does already.

Yuri slides out of Victor’s way as he tries again and says, “Stop touching my butt.”

“I can’t touch your butt,” says Victor, aggrieved. “It’s all covered up! We’ve talked about this before, Yuri. It’s a sin to cover up your butt like this.”

Yuri opens his mouth to say, ‘what if I grabbed your ass all the time, Victor’ and then closes it again. Victor would like to take Yuri’s hand and staple it to Victor’s ass. He would heave a small, happy sigh and lean right into Yuri’s hand, no matter where they were. It’s not that Yuri would mind, either. It’s that Yuri wouldn’t mind enough.

Finally he settles for “If you touch my butt at the studio, Minako-sensei will tease us about it.”

Victor raises his eyebrows. Yuri remembers when he had rewound a YouTube video of Victor raising his eyebrows at someone - Yakov, probably - at least ten times in a row, sighing at the screen in sweet, frustrated longing to be the one Victor was talking to. Now he understands why the person that Victor had been talking to looked like they were ready to rip Victor’s eyebrows off.

“If Minako-sensei teases me about you touching my butt,” clarifies Yuri, “I’m going to tell Yuu-chan who taught the girls to say 'tough shit’ in English.”

“Oh,” says Victor, and sulks behind Yuri the entire way to the dance studio. He only cheers up at the barre, where he does absurd stretches and peeks in the mirror to watch Yuri pretend not to watch him. Victor’s legs are very long.

Victor says something in Russian that Yuri really hopes isn’t “sit on my face and break my neck”. He isn’t very hopeful.