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A commission for @secretlystephaniebrown based on the first scene in her fic Kiss My Bright Red Ass, Sir which is a super cute fic about Sarge adopting Carolina after they lose Alison and the og Church/the director turns into the world’s shittiest dad. You should all check it out. It is such a sweet fic. Anyway, thank you for commissioning me! I love me some sarge and red team Carolina so I really enjoyed drawing this!

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Follow up to the cockroach thing, Carolina sends Wash to kill it and the minute he sees it he's like "HELL NAH" because it really is FREAKING HUGE. By the time they find someone willing to kill it, Locus maybe, Caboose adopted it as his new pet and named it Locust Jr. Locus does not approve.

Second part of this

Locus and Wash redemption

If you like it or not, Locus seems to see Wash as some kind of role model for how to turn your life back around. Wash manages to be better again so Locus came to beliefe that, maybe, he can too.

But there is a difference between their situation i didn’t see people pick up on yet.

Like, Wash has been OFFERED a new chance. I mean

- he had nowhere to go anymore but prison (or exicution maybe at that point)
- he had no one left to have his back or care
- he gave up but the reds and blues saved his life and put him in churchs armor
- they gave him a new home, a place where he was welcome to stay and save
- he had to grow on them, sure, but they cared from the beginning to a degree about what would happen to him
- it wasnt easy but wash had this people by his side offering him a new start and what he had to do was pull himself together and make something out of it

Locus on the other hand

- he had (relative) freedom at hand and places to go to that were mostly save
- he had someone watching his back (regardless of felix selfish reasons)
- he had come to realize and accept his own position and mistakes and make the very conscious decision to step away from it on his very own
- when he turned on felix, there was no place he was save or welcome waiting for him
- he was going to be out there with no friend, not even felix or any other allay only people wanting his death (justified, but still)
- he needed to betray the only person that has been by his side and cared about him in a very very long time (as selfish and manipulating felix has been, he was at least there)
- morales not taking into account, by turning away Locus was going to loose the few things he had and win nothing in turn.

Wash had nothing ahead of him and was ready to die when he was offeret a new chance and got a couple colorful hands helping him take it

Locus had to make the decisio give up the, lets say relative easy live, he could have had after this and let go of the only person that stayed by his side (selfish, cannot say this enough) to go out there and do the best he can to make things better

Wash had people by his side

Locus had to do it all alone


Agent Washington throughout the seasons

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