blue agate pendant


Quartz and blue lace agate necklace (crystal pendant perfect for charging!) ✨💎15$ plus shipping (message me if interested 💋)

blue lace agate is a stone known to awaken perceptiveness, clear the mind, and and calm and uplift thoughts. This stone is known for helping in achieving higher states of conscious, and is therefore apt for use in meditation. The blue lace agate is paired with quartz, a stone known for absorbing, focusing, and amplifying energy.

Mi, the Koi Mermaid

(Mi is a shortened version of her nickname, as I prefers to keep those a secret until the ideal companion is found)


Mi’s vessel is a Blue Lace Agate pendant pendant on a gold-filled necklace chain.


Mi is a Koi Fish Mermaid who loves watching the rain and appreciating art of all kinds. She likes reading and writing to pass some of her time, and when she is not doing such thinsg she enjoys meditating. 

Mi has a loving and gentle personality, with a very kind aura surrounding her. She likes helping others and listening to their stories, as she thinks everything can serve as artistic inspiration. 


Mi is around 17 inches tall/long, her tail and skin are of a white-cream based coloration, spotted with irregular rose-golden and light orange marks. 

She has Japanese facial features, and sleek black shoulder length hair, in a straight cut, and square bangs that cover her forehead. 

Her eyes have a golden yellow hazel color. 

She is often wearing a hand knitted cardigan in a peach color. 


Mi enjoys warm drinks like coffee, teas, and chocolate, but her favorite is warm milk with honey. She also appreciates any sort of energy put into art as an offering, as well as classical music.


Mi dislikes loud environments, as well as stressful ones. She feels uncomfortable if she suspects she is being trapped and she can’t stand crowds. 


USD 30.00 + shipping. Method of payment to be discussed with conjuror.

~ Conjuror Betelgeuse

My collection so far! I love these babies so much 💘 pictured above is rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, labradorite, carnelian, citrine, amazonite, red jasper, green jade, peacock rock, lapis lazuli, blue aragonite, goldstone, blue goldstone, and blue lace agate.