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“And where was her pearl!?”

Judging by their faces, the pearls must’ve known where pink pearl was during the murder.

That, and they’re realizing that things aren’t adding up.

It almost looks as if Yellow Diamond shattered Pink, since she’s almost too eager to shatter steven and every single rose quartz to “put this whole thing behind” her.

I’ve heard people say, “only a diamond can cut a diamond.” I’m beginning to think that’s exactly what happened in the show.

Zircon isn’t getting the credit she deserves. It must take a really good lawyer to get saddled with an impossible case and still push to win the case anyway.

She manages to lead to a possible conclusion under credible circumstances.

She got this information from actually listening to her client, and realized none of it made sense. Knowing what we know now, it doesn’t make sense, and Zircon realized it was the reason why the Diamonds chose for a trial instead of instantly shattering Steven..

Better yet, when those circumstances led to suspected high treason from her boss/leader/judge/RULER, Zircon straights up accuses instinctively. 

She was immediately poofed for her heat of the moment action, but that takes a lot of guts for her to even think of doing it.

Zircon is a beast in the courtroom. I can’t wait to see her again.