I made these motivational boards for the boys, but they decided to share them with you, too.

You can probably work this out for yourselves, but each brothers’ board coincides with what they were feeling in Episode 18(and Jyuushimatsu’s one comment about the baseball player being the star for today). A lot came to light in that episode, a lot which most of us weren’t expecting - including myself.

It surprised me and upset me quite a bit, so this is how I want to contribute.
I hope my boards will help the boys feel a little better about themselves and their lives. I hope these messages give you the boost you needed today, too~
Let’s all be okay, together xx

Day 656 - Monjara | モンジャラ | Tangela (Shiny)

Monjara has to snip their vines if they grow too long, otherwise they fall to their statistical state of a knot. It is more likely to become knotted than it is to remain solitary. Monjara can’t actually untangle these knots, which is why it is very important to get them trimmed. The only vines they can control are the untangled ones, which means the longer the lines, the less likely it is to have free vines to battle with.

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Studies have found that regardless of gender, whoever makes the first move
is less picky than the people they target
“When we invest an effort, we’re more “into” the people we hit on than we’d be if they approached us first”
-Source : US National Library Of Medicine

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