Disappearing church

blubelle submitted:

So this story is a story my mum has told me many times and has always creeped me out every time. 

When my mum was about 13 she was at her grandfathers birthday party, they had rented out some sort of venue in the welsh hills (somewhere). As a 13 year old (nosey) girl she was bored and decided to go exploring outside. 

She was looking around when she came around a corner and saw a church in the distance in the middle of a paddock. She begged first her grandfather to go with her, after he said no she begged her mother,sister,auntie etc. until her dad agreed to walk up the road with her to have a look at the church. 

As my mum and her dad walked up to the church they noticed white objects kinda floating around the church walls and it kinda looked like people were sitting on top of the walls, not really paying much attention to this, they crossed though the old church gates into the graveyard. As they were looking at the old headstones my grandfather (in a shaky, terrified voice) said “alyson… we need to go. right now.“ 

As my mum looked up she saw a figure, a black figure, kinda floating towards her. At this point “her feet were glued to the ground and her eyes glued to the figure approaching her”. Her dad was long gone, running back down the road back to the party. The figure got closer and closer until she could almost hear it “breathing” and then she ran, like her father back down to the party. ( not mentioning anything to anyone else) 

Heres the part I’ve always found creepy and very weird: 

The next day they went back to the venue to clean up the mess they had made. My mum looked out the window to recall the night before at the old church, only to see where the church had stood the night before, was gone. Being pretty confused she ran back up to where the church had stood. 

By the gates of where the church stood was a plaque saying something along the lines of “Remembering the old ‘something’ church burnt down 1921” The church had burnt down at least 40 years before then. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 I wonder what that spectre was! Spooky! Thanks for sharing the scares!

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