blubber colors


Blue Blubber Jelly

Ranges in color from white to light blue to dark purple

This venomous jelly can be safely eaten once it’s been correctly dried and processed. Dried jellies are popular in many Asian countries, especially Japan. They’re sold as the “rubber band salad”  in China. The Chinese believe eating jellies will reduce high blood pressure.

The blue blubber’s bell can be up to 16 inches wide

They’re found in the coastal waters of eastern and northern Australia.

A Note From a Caretaker:

“ Blue blubbers often come to us with tiny symbiotic copepods that eat dead tissue off the jelly and usually don’t harm the animal, as long as it is healthy. However, if the animal’s delicate tissue rips even slightly, the copepods begin to feast on the jelly, often leading to its demise. The aquarists work diligently to keep these copepods to a minimum. 

#AshtonOneShot (smut)

This as well i wrote originally for myself but decided to share it.

warning: sexual contact, colorful language, killer Ashton feels. you’ve been warned.

reminder: this is smut, if you don’t like these kind of stuff, don’t read.

(sorry in advance to all Ashton girls including myself.)

I look deeply into his soul, taking a glimpse of the magical world that lay hidden behind a sea of jade eyes.

He is beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid an eye on. He had the most enchanting laugh, a breath taking smile, the most beautiful eyes.

His beauty is angelic, inhuman. It makes me speechless, tongue tied. I was never able to understand how a human could manage to be so inhumanly beautiful.

It’s like he was crafted with the hands of an angel, so beautiful, enchanting, and precious.

His skin is soft, as soft as silk, so smooth and pure, delicate.

His golden curls are soft as well, too soft that running your fingers through them feels magical.

His jaw is well defined and beautiful. His lips are rosy and plump, they’re mouthwatering, delicious.

Kissing them makes my toes tingle in pleasure, they’re soft and smooth; it’s like brushing your lips against a baby’s skin.

They’re so attracting, it just makes me want to run my tongue over his lower lip softly, to nibble on it so I could hear his sexy deep hoarse voice, and it makes me feel hot between my thighs.

His abnormally big hands are beautiful and soft. They feel like silk against my bare skin as I shiver under his delicate touch.

His fingers would slowly rub my clit through the soft fabric of my panties causing them to pool with the sticky white liquid I’m already too familiar with.

Everything about him is so inviting, he’s my drug, I never seem to get enough of him, of his beauty, of his delicate touches, of his soft lips, of his passionate kisses.

My love for him is indefinable, and so is my lust for his touch.

I lean closer to him, carving the feeling of his lips on mine, wanting to feel them against my skin.

I softly press my lips against his fluttering my eyes close at the magical sensation feeling my arms automatically warp around his neck and tangle their way through his soft messy golden locks.

The kiss went slowly with passion that could set this house on fire; it made my toes curl in pleasure.

I title my head to the side as he hungrily trailed kisses down my neck, sucking and nibbling causing numerous sighs and moans of pleasure to fall from my lips.

He trailed kisses to my ear softly nibbling on my ear lobe then the space beneath my ear.

His hands making their way to beneath the oversized tee shirt I’m wearing which is originally his to urgently cup my breast messaging them roughly.

The action sent waves of pleasure down my body, but I wanted to feel him against my skin, to touch me.

Slipping my hands up the back of my shirt I unclasped my bra. He takes my shirt off letting it fall to the ground along with my bra.

He eyes my naked upper half, biting his lower lip, a small moan escaping them. “Goddamn you’re so hot.”

His hands reaching to cup my breast again, this time with no fabric in-between my skin and his touch.

His hands moving from my breast to my back to rub my warm skin, his lips finding mine again to share yet another passionate kiss, my moans coming out muffled by his lips.

Playing with the hem of his shirt I lefted it up his head breaking the kiss for mere seconds before I could feel his lips on mine again.

The desire to run my fingers down his abs overpowered me and I found myself trailing my pinkie down his toned torso till I reached the waistband of his boxers.

Him not wearing anything on his lower half helped, i proceeded to roughly palm him through the soft fabric of his boxers while sexy hoarse moans fell from his lips against my neck causing me to shiver in delight.

His hips thrusting against my hand in pleasure while I palmed and rubbed him through his boxers smirking at how hard he was going for me.

Slipping my hand in his boxers caused louder moans to fall from his lips making me rub my thighs in need.

I somehow managed to slip out of my panties while palming him then proceeded to rib his boxers of him and pushing him down on the bed and startling him with my hips.

I nibbled on his neck while forcefully grinding against him trying to satisfy both of our needs, both of us groaning in need and pleasure.

My hand slipped in-between us to message his balls while he threw his head back in pleasure moaning out my name.

It made me horny, I love it when he moans my name with his deep sexy hoarse voice, I wanted to hear it again.

Without warning him, I took his shaft positioning it in front of my entrance then sank on it moaning out his name and throwing my head back in pleasure while he groaned loudly digging his fingers in my sides.

We breathed heavily for a moment, I placed my hands against his chest feeling his heart beat under left hand; I started rolling my hips against his using his chest to support my weight while both of us moaned in pleasure.

Missing the feeling of his lips against mine I dived down to them capturing them between mine.

“Ugh babe, faster!” He moaned digging his fingers deeper in my side that will surely leave a mark tomorrow.

I complied increasing my speed until I couldn’t go any faster, moving my hips in eight fingers and messaging his balls, both of us panting, sweating and groaning loudly.

“Fuck! This feels so good!” He groaned throwing his head back in pleasure while thrusting his hips up to meet mine half way.

The sound of skin against skin felling the room, He held my sides tightly flipping us around without losing contact.

His hips slammed against mine with a delicious force while I blubbered out colorful words at the blinding pleasure I was feeling.

I felt myself tighten around him and I knew I was close.

“Ashton!” I moaned. “I’m so close.”

I warped my legs around his waist allowing him to sink deeper into me and giving me him more access to my sweet spot that he hit rapidly causing me to moan loudly and dig my nails in his back.

“I know babe, me too.” He moaned out increasing his speed even more if that was possible.

He hit my sweet spot against pushing me over the edge as I came screaming his name.

Five seconds later he groaned my name emptying his load into me then collapsed above me breathing heavily.

His curls stuck to his forehead, he rested it against mine looking deeply in my eyes.

“I love you.” He breathed.

“I love you too.” I breathed out still trying to regain my normal breathing.

He leaned down to softly peck my lips then pulled out of me to fall on his back beside me.

We stayed like that for a moment, silently regaining our breath before he turned his body to face me and pulled me into his chest kissing my forehead softly.

I relaxed into his chest tangling our legs under the covers.

I listened to his heart beat and eventually fell asleep in his arms, the angel that managed to take my breath away in every single way.

sorry again!