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His red henley behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016) as requested subconsciously by @hisredhenley all day every day. 1

The world of Pixar’s Cars is pretty much exactly like our own, but with one key difference: Humanity has been replaced by sentient cars who murder the ozone layer with every breath. Other than that? Same shit, different body shapes.

Now, consider the backstory of one character in particular: Sarge. Sarge is an Army Jeep who was built (Born? Bred?) for war. Specifically, World War II. His primary purpose is slashing the tires and fuel lines of German Panzers. According to the Blu-Ray extras, Sarge loves talking about his WWII days, “Like the time his tank friend lost his track in the Battle of the Bulge, and Sarge had to tow him to safety.” That means even the battles are the same across worlds. Even Sarge’s license plate refers to the year of the Pearl Harbor attack – the year America officially became part of the war effort.

And you can see that, apart from the fact that it was fought entirely by motor vehicles, everything about WWII appears to be exactly the same. Which … very strongly implies that all of the atrocities of WWII also happened, only to cute whimsical cars. Nazi Volkswagens rounding up poor, innocent Opels and sending them to the scrapheap. Vintage Mazdas, their paint still scarred with radiation burns some 60 years after the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings. Even airplanes are sentient in this universe, which means some of them personally dropped those bombs.

A ‘Cars’ Holocaust? 5 Insane Implications In Famous Movies 

Pitch Perfect 3 Ending..

With the ‘BeChloe’ hype taking over the PP fandom it occurred to me today.. do you think there’s any chance the Pitch Perfect 3 team shot more than one ending to try to keep it from being leaked?

I mean, the best way to keep an ending from being accidentally revealed by cast and crew is by shooting alternative endings so that only the director, editors and producers know what will end up in the final edit..?

Works for me if it means we get an ‘alternative BeChloe ending’ in the Blu-Ray extras :)

What do you guys think an 'alternative BeChloe ending’ would have in it?

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I can't with the imposter theory. I guess if there is a 2% chance this could be true would be because shows like this one love the idea of a "shocking" twist but how much of a twist this would be if it's been discussed on plenty of articles and much more important it just doesn't make *any* sense, I don't get believing this because it's the only way they can ship them, just write AUs because guess what even if they weren't blood related they still would never be *romantic* involved on the show.

yeah, I tend to agree on that last part. Even if he’s not her father, Liz has spent four seasons wondering on and off about it, and now believes he is. Even after she thinks she killed her father and they’re on the run, her reaction to Red admiring her hair is to assume it’s because she looks like her mother. Way before she reads the diary, she guesses he was in love with her mom.

I’ve always leaned daddygate. But I still wouldn’t ship it if it turned out he wasn’t. Just cuz if I had to come up with a romantic partner for Red, it wouldn’t be Liz. lol

I do want him to see him get a love interest next season. With all of the plot issues, that’s like, the top of my wish list. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen flirty and sexy Red. 

One thing everyone wants. Red Reddington taking back his empire and slaying the ladies.