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Third Date - Zach Werenski

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Notes: Hi again!! So here’s another cutie Zach W one, that I love. I have another Zach one coming up soon that may connect to this one some how, but we shall see. Hope you enjoy!! Also italics are flashbacks!

Mentions: Dylan Larkin, Auston Matthews

Warnings: None!

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Teaser: “I really wanna kiss you right now.” He leaned down to murmur the words in your ear, a gentle blush taking over your cheeks that was hidden by the darkness of the room.

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Dutch TV Vocabulary.📺


  • The television (TV) - De televisie (TV)
  • The DVD player - De DVD speler
  • The Blu-ray player - De Blu-ray speler
  • The disc - De cd, schijf
  • The remote - De afstandsbediening*
  • The programme - Het programma
  • The show - De show
  • The soap - De soap
  • The documentary - De documentaire
  • The series - De serie
  • The season - Het seizoen
  • The episode - De episode, de aflevering
  • The TV guide - De TV gids
  • The television company - De televisiemaatschappij
  • The channel - Het kanaal, de zender
  • The network - Het netwerk
  • The movie - De film
  • The comedy - De komedie
  • The animation movie - De animatiefilm
  • The children’s movie - De kinderfilm
  • The drama - De drama
  • The action movie - De actiefilm
  • The thriller - De thriller
  • The fantasy movie - De fantasy film
  • The science-fiction - De science-fiction
  • The horror movie - De horrorfilm
  • The porn movie - De pornofilm
  • The actors - De acteurs**
  • The directors - De regisseur
  • The camera man - De cameraman


  • To watch - Kijken
  • To play (a DVD) - (een DVD) afspelen
  • To switch (channels) - (van kanaal) verwisselen
  • To change (the channel) - (het kanaal) veranderen
  • To enjoy - Genieten (van)
  • To relax - Relaxen, ontspannen
  • To act - Acteren
  • To direct - Regisseren
  • To film - Filmen
  • To record - Opnemen


  • I love this show! - Ik hou van deze show!
  • The film is very interesting - De film is heel interessant
  • The show ‘Familie’ is on VTM every night at 8 o’ clock.- De show ‘Familie’ is elke dag op VTM om 8 uur. 
  • I have all of the seasons of this series on DVD - Ik heb alle seizoenen van deze serie op DVD.
  • That actor is really good! - Die acteur is heel goed!
  • May I change the channel? - Mag ik de zender veranderen?
  • I want to watch this. - Ik wil dit kijken
  • Julie hates horrormovies! - Julie haat horrorfilms!

*: “De afstandsbediening” litterally means “The distancecontrol”
**: An actor is called “een acteur”. An actrice is “een actrice”.

COVERT AFFECTION | Bucky x Reader - Part 2

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A/N: It will probably make sense stand alone, but I encourage you to read Part One before this!

A few days had passed since your mission and you hadn’t seen Bucky since. Why would you expect to? It’s not like you suddenly had become best friends after that. What would he want to do with a young recruit anyway… and why were you feeling this way?

You sighed, internally punching yourself. You couldn’t help but feel this way. He smiled at you, he never smiles at anyone, you thought. Well, no one except Steve. You remembered your days in training. Bucky helped a lot during the fighting stages. He was mostly silent, never showing any emotion.

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It’s been announced that Perfume’s latest and first international Tour will be released in physical form on April 5th in both Limited / Initial Press (left) and Regular (right) Editions.


3 Blu-ray Discs – ¥9,990 (tax in)
3 DVD Discs – ¥8,910(tax in)

  • Disc1
    Perfume 6th Tour 2016「COSMIC EXPLORER」Dome Edition
  • Disc2
    Perfume 6th Tour 2016「COSMIC EXPLORER」Standing Edition -Live Experience Edit-
  • Bonus Disc:
    ・U.S.A. TOUR 2016 ULTRA DIGEST <main and commentary-audio>
    ・ご当地P.T.A. & MC
    ・3:5:6:9 Shuffle player. 


2 Blu-ray Discs – ¥7,020(tax in)
2 DVD Discs – ¥5,940(tax in)

  • Disc1
    Perfume 6th Tour 2016「COSMIC EXPLORER」Dome Edition
  • Disc2
    Perfume 6th Tour 2016「COSMIC EXPLORER」Standing Edition -Live Experience Edit-

anonymous asked:

Darcy/Bucky- wait so you were hanging out with me because you like ME not Steve?

“Y’know, Steve picked Sharon up for a date an hour ago…” Bucky said, watching her face as he sat in the corner of the couch, a beer balanced on his knee, where his pinkie occasionally picked at a hole in his jeans.

“Yeah, I know. They’re cute, right? I mean, if you don’t think about the ick factor with her being Peggy’s niece…" 

His brow furrowed. “She’s good for him, I guess…”

"So? You ready for a movie marathon, Buckstser? I’ve got so many comedies here, you’re going to bust a gut laughing, and then Fury’s gonna slap me with a bill for the medical charges, all while giving me the stink-eye… which doesn’t wander far from how he usually looks, but you know what I mean." 

He stared at her, lips pursed. “You still wanna watch the movies?” 

Confused, she turned to him from where she was kneeling in front of his television, the Blu-ray player open as she dropped a disc in. “Uh, yeah… Unless you had something else you wanted to do?” 

"No. Just… I thought… After Steve…” He reached up, tugging on his ear uncomfortably. “He’s probably not gonna be back ‘til late… If at all." 

"Okay…” she said slowly. “And that matters because…?" 

He blinked at her. “‘Cause you like Steve.” 

"What?” she laughed, her eyes widening. “No, I don’t. Well, I mean, aesthetically, sure. He’s nice to look at. And he’s a good guy. Maybe a little too good. I’ve always kinda had a thing for the bad boy type, which usually gets me in trouble. In fact, my mom would probably weep tears of joy if I told her I’d hooked Captain America. But…” Her mouth screwed up. “Yeah, no, not interested." 

He stared at her. “But this whole time… With the movies, and lunches, and you hanging out with me…” 

"Yeah…” She shook her head, confused, wondering where he was going with this. 

It hit him suddenly, something he’d never actually considered. He couldn’t let himself go down that path, not when it seemed so obvious that, in comparison to his best friend, he was broken goods. Not someone anybody signed on for willingly. So, when Darcy - gorgeous, smart, funny Darcy - started hanging around, asking him if he wanted a tutor in acclimating to the 21st century, he figured she was trying to get into Steve’s good books. And if she hung out at the apartment he and Steve shared even when Steve wasn’t around, he figured she was hoping she might see him before she left.

“Wait, so you were hanging out with me because you like me, not Steve…?”

“Wow, my game sucks if you thought I was trying to hook up with Steve this whole time. What do you think the low-cut tops and flirting was for? Shits and giggles?" 

He shrugged. “I don’t know… Make him jealous?” 

She quirked her head curiously. “And you flirted back anyway?” 

"Felt good. Even if I thought it was a show for him, getting a little attention was nice… Helped that it was someone I liked." 

Expression softening, Darcy crossed the room, taking a seat beside him on the couch. “Steve’s a good guy. Sharon’s lucky to have him. But I didn’t come here to talk about Steve or to hit on Steve or because I think Steve looks particularly good when he forgets to shave and has hobo-stubble I’d like to chew on…” She reached over and scrubbed her fingers down his cheek. “I like you. I like hanging out with you. And I definitely like flirting with you. Where that goes…” She shrugged. “We’ll figure it out as we go. If you’re up to it.” 

He stared at her searchingly, and then nodded. “Yeah.” 

She smiled. “Good.” Reaching over, she grabbed up a remote and flicked it at the TV before she turned and wiggled herself in next to him, tugging his arm up and over to rest around her shoulders. “Prepare to laugh your ass off,” she told him. 

He half-smiled down at her, relaxing as her head fell to his shoulder. It took him a few minutes, but eventually, he relaxed, letting his cheek rest against her hair. Yeah, he could do this.

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would you mind posting the full quote from bryan saying they struggled to fit korra in?

So, I’m going to be perfectly honest here and admit that, when I got this ask, I had no desire whatsoever to go back to the disc and actually transcribe stuff.  I’ve got three Blu-ray players, but two of them are Playstations and the third is an external PC drive with less-than-ideal software, so I expected this to be a pain in the butt.

But it turns out that the PS4 controller, unbeknownst to me, made brilliant use of its trackpad, allowing me to drag the time bar along the way I can on a laptop.  (Thanks, Sony!)  And I ended up only needing to rewatch this twice for accuracy, anyway.

Mike: We should point out, this is the brief appearance of the Fire Lord, who is Zuko’s daughter.  So we – this season, we had talked a lot about the Fire Nation’s potential role and her character and it was just one of those things where, like, we just didn’t have time to, like, do a whole episode about her or, you know, Zuko and her relationship and I’m sure people will be disappointed, but, you know, sometimes you’ve got to make some choices about what to focus on and –

Bryan: This episode hasn’t been released yet, at the time we’re recording this, but, yeah, we already know that you’re going to be disappointed.  *laughs*  

Janet: Welcome to the future, we know we let you down.

Bryan: But, I mean, I look at this season, and there’s a lot that /Korra’s/ not even in, and not just 401, which was an intentional thing, but there are so many characters and so many storylines we could barely fit in our – the main character that the show was named after, let alone, you know, the Fire Lord for a country that’s really barely involved in this.

Mike: Yeah, we added so many characters over the seasons, but it’s great, it’s kind of like we have this great, like, team that you can pull some reserves off the bench when you need a certain storyline.

Janet: You remember when we were signing something, David, we were signing a Nickelodeon poster for Season 3, and you signed it, and then you looked at it, and you said, “What?  I’m not even on this poster!  There’s like, eight characters on here, and I’m not on here!”

David: I know… I know… I was pretty upset about that.

So… yeah.  Everyone kind of assumed that Bryan was the bad guy here, but Mike was the one who seemed more than happy to let Korra play second fiddle in her own show.  =/