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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it. . . (Ch. 3)

Chapter 3 – Trust Building Exercise #1:  

Chocolate Bars and Classic Movies

Bucky x Reader

Summary – You are an agent who has been training for a specific mission for years.  Your boss finally informs you that Bucky is heading back to the States, so your mission is about to begin.

Warnings – Only one cuss word! A tad bit of angst toward the end.

Word Count – 1,795

Notes – This started out as a lighthearted chapter to help Bucky and the Reader become acquainted with one another, but I love angst, so I wrote some in at the end to help move the story along to where I need it to go

·         (Y/F/C)– Your favorite cereal

·         (Y/F/M) – Your favorite movie

·         (Y/C) eyes – Your color eyes

·         (Y/F/S) – Your favorite scent

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You spent the rest of the morning, afternoon, and evening getting all of your equipment unpacked and ready to go for the next day, stopping only to grab a quick bite to eat in the kitchen.  By the time you finished, it was close to midnight.  You didn’t bother unpacking your personal belongings, just digging for your toothbrush and some pajamas before you passed out on the unmade bed.

The next morning you awoke at your normal time, even though you hadn’t set an alarm.  Since you were awake, you decided to unpack your room before your scheduled appointment with Bucky.  Once your room was set up to your satisfaction, you made your way to the kitchen, hoping to find a box of (Y/F/C).  

As you approached the kitchen, you heard movement, but whoever was there was leaning down looking into the refrigerator, the door blocking them from view.  

You cleared your throat and offered a casual “Good morning” to whomever was behind the door.

Sam Wilson poked his head around the door with a huge grin on his face.  “Well, good morning to you, too.  I was wondering when you were finally going to grace us with your beautiful presence.”

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Today we’re excited to announce home video and streaming rights for “Wanna Be the Strongest in the World!” Known as “Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!” in Japan (or “Sekatsuyo!” for short), this no-holds-barred sexy wrestling series comes to you from the studio behind Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny and Queen’s Blade.

The series will release on Blu-ray and DVD in 2015. Fans will be able to watch the entire series with English subtitles on our site at 12pm CT today. FUNimation subscribers will be able to watch episodes in HD! Click here for info.  

The eye-popping world of women’s professional wrestling is sweaty, sadistic, and savagely sexy. Famous Japanese pop idol Sakura Hagiwara is better suited for the dance floor than the wrestling ring, but this ravishing songstress is about to put her body to the ultimate test. When she and fellow idol Elena are assigned to pose as wrestlers for a very special show, a vicious lady brawler by the name of Rio decides to teach the girls a lesson they won’t soon forget. Rio unleashes a flurry of ferocious of attacks on Elena, contorting her divine female form into an array of very naughty positions. Shocked by the blush-inducing beating taken by her friend, Sakura vows to get her heavenly curves ready to rumble and redeem the good name of idols everywhere by becoming a bona fide diva of the pro-wrestling world!


DEADPOOL Cast Interviews - Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Tim Miller - Blu-ray/DVD Global Press Day

sukekiyo 1st mini album 『vitium』 (2015.2.4 release)

sukekiyo will be releasing their second work, 1st mini album titled “vitium” on February 4th of 2015.

Title means in Latin “abnormal, defect, fault”, the poetry world of this release will include such issues which society is turning a blind eye to like “kinky hobbies” or “abandoning a baby”, it will reflect the ambiguity of “border between normal and abnormal” in humans. This music presenting the unconventional will continue to build the deep world of sukekiyo.

Kinky sound which could be found in their previous release “IMMORTALIS” is still strong in the vocals of Kyo which are bizarre and changing greatly/phantasmagorical, in the guitars, bass and drums which can easily transform the color of music. From the new music which is both easy to listen and nostalgic through the strangeness, to the songs full of emotions or grief of ballads, it’s work that will let you see the another hidden side of sukekiyo.

1st mini album 『vitium

release: 2015.02.04

Versions that will be sold at Kyo Official Store:
Limited Deluxe Version/Blu-spec CD2+Blu-ray+T-shirt+Special Booklet/¥9,259+tax/PZSK-0007〜8
Limited First Press Version/Blu-spec CD2+Blu-ray+Special Booklet/¥6,944+tax/PZSK-0009〜0010

General sale version:
Limited Version/2CD/¥3,000+tax/SFCD-0150〜151
Normal Version/CD/¥2,500+tax/SFCD-0152

※details, content, price might change.