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Life Of A Lover
Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III & Blu
Life Of A Lover

I promise, we all fall to the sun goddess some time on this planet. Damn it. And I was granted the stain of the pomegranate. Love branded on my brain. Damaged from the Jane. Dames falling all lame, wonder why I need breaks to explain. Don’t matter when they after that change. Go figure like a sister with a gold toned figure. No figures, counting love with my bucks instead of fingers.


Tony Goldwyn in The Pelican Brief 

It’s only Fem-Sniper who I’ll draw with long hair, since I think the rest of the mercs would only have trouble with them, getting in the way in combat etc.

Spy’s probably a little bitter about that since she’s really vain - but long hair under a balaclava would be a disaster. So I headcanon she’s secretly really fond of Sniper’s unkempt mane, likes to take care of it (since Sniper certainly doesn’t) and when she’s in a good mood, maybe she even braids it. Hehe.

Ghostbusters - Deleted Scenes


Beasts of Mayhem

Bennie & Erin

Bring it In

Car Trouble


Erin Gets Fired

Erin Walks to Class

Evacuate the City

Mrs Potter

No Graffiti

Past Lives

Patty’s Car

Phil & Phyllis

Protect the Barrier

Rebecca Gorin

Sale on Bonsai

Secret Handshake

So Glad You Came Back

Soups & Salad


The Breakup

The Dean

The Duke

The Longest Job Interview Ever

The Mayor’s Office

The New Book

The Singer Gets High

Tired Shanks

Uncle Bill


Where Are You?

Where’s the Walkie


Hi, I’m new to tumble. Just wanted to say a few things about myself. 1. Self-proclaimed procrastinator. By nature 2. Love Bts and apink 3. Naruto is life. 4. I need to finish Gundam iron blooded orphans. Also self- proclaimed Gundam fan(after watching 1 Gundam show lol) 5. I luv luv luv to draw. (Hit me up if u wanna do a collab) 6. Cats are life 7. Family is related to everything I do 8. High school life is lit. 9. Dancing is my fav pastime 10. Reading is my fav pastime 11. Used to be a writer. 12. Oh , and I am kinda slow. As in it takes me a whole minute to process a joke…..why I have no friends. 13. I’m not a social butterfly. And u know what. That’s ok. I’m glad I’m me. 14. I’d rather sit by myself than try to keep up with your jokes and memes. 15. JK. No but seriously. I’m not good at keeping up with the jokes. I’m good at listening tho. Any problems u got, throw em at me 16. My fav color is blu 17. 80’s and 90’s is life 18. I love to bake 19. Time to go to sleep

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