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About the Ferguson thing: The cop was severely beaten and even suffered a major eye injury, which many people think caused him to miss Mike Brown so many times. And there are also many witnesses who claim to have seen Mike Brown rush back at the cop after assaulting him in the car (and I know this is pretty much irrelevant, but just to let you know, some of those witnesses were black). So can't you at least give this guy the presumption of innocence please?

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On the right is the image right-wing pundit Jim Hoft used to prove that Darren Wilson had an orbital blowout fracture. On the left is a CT scan of a blowout fracture, taken at the University of Iowa in 2008 and used on a website explaining what orbital blowout fractures are. If you look carefully or casually or at all in any way using eyeballs of any kind, you’ll notice that they’re the same image, except that the one on the right has been edited so that it no longer includes the date or location. That’s because the story was made up.

In video taken after the shooting, you can see Wilson walking around uninjured. His eye socket is not busted, nor is his jaw (an addition to the story I’ve seen since it’s been on its telephone game journey across the internet). In addition, Michael Brown’s autopsy showed no sign of struggle. And the claim that over a dozen witnesses agreed with the cop’s story were fabricated, made up by either police or a local journalist who has been on leave since March and is not reporting officially or unofficially on the situation in Ferguson. None of the actual witnesses (the ones who exist and are not made up) agree with the cop’s story.

Given that everything so far in defense of Wilson has been made up, police have been intentionally spreading lies to make Wilson look better and Brown look worse, and they deleted Wilson’s social media presence and helped him flee town before revealing his identity (making it impossible to know what he may have said about the case or comments he may have made about other subjects that could paint a picture of who he is as a person), it’s pretty hard to presume they’re not hiding something.

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I'm getting a lot of hate from family for supporting the flag burning. Could you possibly help me by making a master post of what's happened in the last two months? Like accurate articles for each of the murders. Count of people arrested for protesting. Count of people harmed in protests. I know it exists because I've seen it on tumblr I just want to find the sources. Thanks.

What’s going on in Ferguson:
basics by clehmentine
livestream of Ferguson
live twitter feed of Ferguson
live CNN coverage
live updates from NY Times
live updates from Ryan Schuessler
A breakdown of the arrests in Ferguson
‘Shaw shooting’ of Vonderrit D. Myers

What the police are doing:
rubber bullet attacks
told off someone asking for help
removed their badges and id tags
false accusations
slurs and threats
more slurs/insults over phone
tear gas violence
arresting/threatening news reporters
faking blowout fracture injury
gassing neighborhoods
tons of different reports on twitter
using LRAD sound cannon
curfew showdown (peaceful protest vs police)

How you can help:
help remove support officer Wilson fundraiser
food/meal drive for Ferguson
Michael brown memorial fund
help pay for legal fees
what you can do to help post
find contact info for your local reps
protest/fundraiser info
help Ferguson links
help Ferguson (outside USA)

twitter posts of riots
parallels, then and now
video of tear gas violence
video proof police attacked peaceful protesters
video of Greg Thomas speaking with vice
video of Micheal Brown paying for his cigarettes

tips against police brutality/tear gas
Barack Obama’s statements
by-the-numbers look at Ferguson
about the community

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Yes I totally talked to a grapevine and ran with a story. Okay, if that is 100% truth that his eye socket wasn't broken. Okay. Great. No where in that article did it not say the kid robbed a store and shoved the store owner. No where did it say that the officers jaw wasn't broken. No where did it say that anything else I stated wasn't false. So? You still have nothing other than a not broken eye socket.


The same way you typed me this stupid ass message, you could have searched for information yourself. You obviously don’t care about this issue, as you just want something to justify Brown’s murder.

Michael Brown’s autopsy shows no sign of struggle

Wilson’s orbital blowout fracture is fake If they’re going to fake injuries that’s a red flag right there, but you don’t care.

Brown reached for his gun is false, no gunpowder residue on Brown.

Store didn’t call the cops on Brown because he didn’t rob them Surprise!

Here he is paying for his stuff

The Ferguson PD has effectively manipulated the situation at every turn that they’ve convinced the general public that everything you said previously is true.

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